Where Should Candle Holders Be Placed in a Home?

Candle holders are one of the most versatile and visually appealing ways to light up any room in your home. By switching out the holders you use and arranging them in different locations, you can create a new lighting experience in your house without buying any new furniture or decoration pieces. Candle holders can make an excellent addition to any household. But if you don’t arrange them properly in your home, they can take away from the overall aesthetic. Fortunately, plenty of enchanted locations in your home will ensure your candle holders fit in nicely with the rest of your décor. It will also bring an air of tranquility to any room.

Different Enchanted Locations in Your Home to Arrange Candle Holders

Here are different enchanted locations in your home to arrange candle holders.


The bedroom is an inviting and intimate space. Fill it with candles of varying shapes, sizes, and scents to set the mood for your and your partner’s evening together. There’s a candle holder, whether you want a romantic setting or a light touch of fragrance. Round holders reflect light and add a touch of vintage charm. Square holders, meanwhile, offer modern simplicity. Their geometric shape adds interest and their simple lines are easy on the eyes. If you’re looking for something that can fit into any style, try a candelabra with its old-world charm.

It will look perfect next to your bedside table. You’ll also want to place one in the living room. Placing a few tall holders around the bedroom creates an ambiance without too much space. You can also scatter votives throughout your house to create warm lighting anywhere you need it. Finally, make sure to include one near where you work to have a relaxing atmosphere while working away on projects.

On the Sideboard

The sideboard is the perfect place for a more fanciful arrangement of candle holders. It can hold everything from delicate candlesticks and hurricane lamps to glass globes. Keep these arrangements low, so they don’t block out any light from windows that may be nearby. A combination of black, red, and gold colors will have everyone talking! Place small, individual candles on top of your existing pieces to create an extra layer and take advantage of this wide surface area. You can add other decorative items like ribbons, bows, garlands, or figurines. Be sure not to fill up too much space; there should always be room left over for you to set down your beverage tray!

Living Room

Living Room candle holders

It is always essential to have enough light, no matter what room of the house you are in. The living room may be an excellent spot for candle holders if you do not want them distracting from your other decorations. If you prefer candles in this area, they can work with any style of décor. You could also place a single candle holder on an end table next to a chair and use it as an accent piece. Or, if you’re feeling more whimsical and crafty, get creative by making a set of shelves lined with wine bottles.

Place one small candle inside each bottle and the whole arrangement on a side table in the living room. If you’d like something more extravagant, fill empty bottles with water and flowers, then place one large candle in the center. Keep the wicks trimmed so they don’t stick out too far past the top of the water (you don’t want it to look like lit matches are sitting on your coffee table). With some creativity, these two ideas will give your home a nice touch of enchantment!

On a Low Console Table

candle holders On a Low Console Table

Adding a candle holder to a low console table is an excellent way to create a romantic atmosphere. The table gives the candles a feeling of being embedded in a delicate frame while providing an essential surface for keys. Adding one or two more holders would be a great idea if you want your guests to feel like they are walking into your enchanted domain.

Make sure that the height difference between tables balances out so that someone can walk through it. If you’re looking for a quick fix, try adding candlesticks on top of stacks of books on side tables to make them seem like elegant pedestals.

Study Room

candle holders for Study Room

Place one or two candle holders in the study room on a side table. Leave them unlit for now. As soon as you walk into your study room, light the first candle and enjoy the soft glow it creates. This will help create a calm and inviting environment perfect for studying and relaxing! Consider placing a few books by the candle holder so that if there is an outage, you can still read.

If your windows overlook the street, make sure to position yourself so you can see what’s going on outside. It would be nice to include a comfy chair nearby where you can take breaks from reading or writing. If not, add soft pillows near the candle holder and relax while you work!

Dining Room

The dining room is an important area of the home, which is often used for formal gatherings. The table provides the perfect platform for candleholders dining with friends and family. Use appropriate different sizes of candle holders, from tall and slender ones to short and round candle holders. Place a few different types of candles around the table’s perimeter for an eclectic and welcoming look. Keep some on the table as well. Be sure not to put candles in front of guests’ seats or by a door where people may bump into them and knock them over!

Dining Room candle holders

Alongside the candles, be sure to have several unlit candles that can be lit throughout the meal. You want to provide enough space, so you don’t need to lean across the table and blow out another person’s candle just because they’re sitting next to you.

There are two reasons why this might be necessary. If someone leaves the table for any reason (such as going to get more wine) or if someone wants their candle at their seat. Lastly, it’s nice to have one long candlestick near the center of the table so that every guest has access to a lit candle at all times.

Up on Open Shelves

Are you looking for a place to display all your cute candle holders? Well, we have just the thing for you! With this quick tip, finding that perfect spot to set up your collection has never been easier. Just put up shelves anywhere, and voila! You can show off your collection without needing any unique furniture or equipment. We recommend placing them high enough, so they are easily accessible but not too high where they are difficult to reach.

The top bookcases also make excellent displays, especially if they’re visible from below.

Put them on your mantelpiece as well if it’s long enough. Why not mix different heights and designs on one shelf for a fascinating look?

While open shelving is easy, it is essential to remember that these items should be displayed out of direct sunlight so the wax doesn’t melt over time. Consider using artificial lighting such as chandeliers if there isn’t an open window nearby.

Above the Fireplace Mantel

candle holders Above the Fireplace Mantel

One of the most desired spots for a candle holder is atop the fireplace mantel. With such prominence, you don’t want anything too high or heavy-looking. Make sure you get one appropriate for your style and size of space. Candles on this mantel should be scented and low-profile candles. It is because they won’t cast light onto the wall behind them, making it harder to see the beautifully framed art above.

Many different kinds of candle holders would work well here, but I like this one because it has some height and a swirled design. It would also work well if some frame were sitting beneath it.

The Kids Room

Candle holders placed in a place like the kids’ room can remind children to be thoughtful and mindful of their surroundings. The candlelight provides a warm glow and a comforting space. Place the candle holders on a table or shelf, accessible but out of reach from curious little hands. You could also find decorative dishes or jars and line them up to display your candles. Remember that smaller containers may better suit this arrangement if you have small children. Be sure to include safety instructions such as Do not touch! Children will want to see what is inside, and there’s nothing wrong with giving them an explanation. After all, this is their home too!

The Garden

Often neglected due to their ability to grow plants, gardens can be a natural haven of textures and colors. Combine this with the vast assortment of outdoor plants and flowers, and you’re set to make any room burst with life. Having a garden in your home or backyard can help you enjoy nature and its beauty all year round! A small sitting area nestled between potted plants is a stunning addition to any home’s decor. With some fairy lights and candles, you can create a serene setting perfect for reading and relaxing. Keep plants as low as possible, so they don’t block too much light from entering the space.

A simple white vase near some tall plant stalks makes a beautiful centerpiece at dinner time. Use less water than usual, so it drips over the vase’s edges and down onto the greenery below for an ethereal feel during dinner parties! A tea party outside on the patio? The magic never ends! Fill your tabletop with succulents and tie white bows around each chair to add a touch of whimsy.

The Guest Room

candle holders for The Guest Room

A guest room is about creating an inviting space for your guests to enjoy. Start by selecting the perfect bedding set and adding a few travel-size toiletries to create a welcoming space. Then get creative with your candle holder arrangements! Here are different enchanting design ideas to decorate your guest room with candle holders:

  • Line up three cylindrical or square holders on top of each other on the mantle.
  • Place a square table in front of the fireplace and put two containers on either side stacked atop it.
  • Put a candelabra or pillar near the window to create ambiance while reading.
  • Add four tapered candles to the end of your bed’s headboard and let them light up when you sleep at night.


Entryway candle holders

The entryway is a great spot to make your home feel cozy, not to mention you’ll want something that welcomes guests as they enter your home. Add soft lighting with candle holders placed on either side of the doorway. Place a delicate-looking set on one side and something more extensive and rustic-looking on the other. You can also layer different heights in an asymmetrical pattern. A group of mismatched candlesticks all placed together works well too!

Or, if you’re looking for something even simpler, try placing them in three evenly spaced rows across the hallway or entryway wall. Hang some above eye level to give it depth, and others lower down so you can enjoy mixing colors, textures, and shapes.

The Office

Don’t let an empty, boring cubicle fill you with dread. This could be the most productive place in your home with a few thoughtful, decorative touches. Start by decorating your desk area and surrounding space. Add fresh flowers to your desk (or even a tiny plant) to create an ambiance. Place small candles or tea lights on the edges of surfaces and shelves to give off light and atmosphere. Replace standard office supplies like pens and pencils with more colorful versions. Keep a clear jar filled with snacks nearby to energize you throughout the day.

And finally, don’t forget about color! Use vibrant colors such as blues, greens, reds, and purples to bring life into the space. Find candle holders that match these hues and experiment with different arrangements. Continue your efforts until you find something that fits the theme of your area.

In an Empty Wall Space

When we’re feeling extra creative, it can be nice to combine art with décor, which is why this space makes for a perfect spot. Add a few candle holders, watch as the light cast by the candles licks at the walls, and gently warm up the space. It may seem like an odd location at first, but believe us when we say that candlelight looks breathtaking here. Plus, if you want to switch out the decoration seasonally, you won’t have to change your candleholders!

This bedroom gives off such a tranquil vibe that it’s perfect for reading or meditating. A few strategically placed candles will only enhance this ambiance. Adding warmth and light into the living room can make all the difference during wintertime. Just put a couple of attractive candlesticks on your mantelpiece, and voila! Instant elegance and charm!

Among Pictures on Plain White Walls

It’s simple enough: an unused space on a plain white wall can be transformed into a center of energy. A living room or bedroom window facing south provides plenty of natural light. You are making it easy to find candle holders that match your decor, from earthy terracotta pots to vintage green glass jars with metal lids. For a more dramatic look, hang votives at various heights. They cast different shapes of light on your walls.

If you’re hanging them high near a ceiling, try tucking tea lights inside milk-glass cups for a glow. Place a set of three tea lights along one edge of a shelf in a hallway or over the mantel. Then fill it with framed family photos. Or use long tapered candles as a backdrop for vases filled with blooming flowers. To add height to tablescapes, arrange candle holders of varying sizes down the center of the table. Get creative!

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

A vanity mirror in the bathroom is prime real estate for displaying your most attractive candles. The light from the lamps will help shine on them, making them more eye-catching and noticeable. It also gives a bit of mood lighting if you have candles with no electric lamp (or an oil lamp that needs some more light). Be sure to put a coaster or something under it, so they don’t leave a mess. If you want the candles to serve as decoration only, rather than be lit during use, this is a great place to do it.

Just be sure not to set anything too close to the candles so they can’t reach their fuel source and start burning down your house! With many people using fragrance as part of their beauty routine, consider adding small tea lights into this area. Fill up all those nooks and crannies on your countertop with scented warmth.

Wall Sconces

You can use your candle holders as wall sconces to add beauty to your home. If space is limited, place candle sconces on the wall at least 12 inches apart. Alternatively, place one sconce above each end of a sofa table. To complete this look, position them to hang over the edge or rest on top. It will be worth it when you can see the candlelight flickering and dancing off their surfaces. For more dramatic effects, stack them with alternating heights and colors for a captivating vignette.

A coffee table also makes an excellent location for placing two candles in front of two chairs. Place smaller-sized candle holders on either side of bedside tables or atop dressers for night-time use. Smaller ones can be used as accent pieces by setting them up in groups (of three) on tabletops and mantle tops.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is an excellent space for displaying your candles. As long as you aren’t constantly using the area, there’s plenty of room for a few candles to sit on or around the island. If you want something other than candles, find a pretty bowl or vase to fill with flowers or stones. It’ll add a little bit of color and interest to the space! Plus, it will remind you to light them every time. Lighting brings joy into our lives, so get creative and show off your favorite accessory.

One thing I love about candles is that they can create a warm atmosphere, just like home does. If you’re looking for a soft ambiance during your morning coffee, lighting a candle can do the trick! Now I’m not going to tell you where to put all your candles, but here are some ideas from my house that might help give you some inspiration.

Corner Shelves

The edge of an entryway or corner of a room makes an excellent spot for keeping your candle holder safe. Adding some greenery or attractive décor can create a welcoming and aesthetic space while providing safety from the elements. Once you make it home, position it on the shelf before blowing out your candles. Not only will you have something to admire after dark, but it won’t get forgotten and left out where someone could knock it over accidentally.

Another thing that should be noted is that you want to keep your hands away from the candle. To avoid this, use something sturdy and level, like a book or piece of paper, to place them on until they are cooled enough to move. It’s better to err on the side of caution!

Don’t use glass containers directly on carpeting and fabric furniture upholstery.

Bedside Table, Headboard, or Nightstand

candle holders Bedside Table, Headboard, or Nightstand

If you’re looking for a place in the bedroom to show off your candle holders, consider adding one or two to the bedside table. If you have a headboard with shelf space above it, that’s also an excellent spot to put one or two (be careful not to overcrowd the shelves). One of my favorites is placing a couple near the foot of my bed as nightstands. These often get turned on at night and cast just enough light around the room to make it feel cozy. They can also look great next to a favorite chair in the living room, den, or family room if you want to create an ambiance for reading and relaxing. The kitchen counter might seem like an unusual location for candles, but it’s an excellent option for hosting dinner parties. The dining room table is another attractive choice, especially if windows let in natural light during the day.

It’s an excellent way to set the mood for entertaining guests. Outdoor spaces are also ideal because they allow the light from candles to fill up a larger area and create instant warmth when it gets dark outside. Finally, if you’re feeling adventurous, try adding one or two candlesticks to your bathroom vanity. They can scent the air while giving off some gentle illumination.

Decorating Inspiration with Candle Holders

Candle holders are inexpensive and quick to add atmosphere to your home decor, but they aren’t always safe to leave lit overnight or when you’re away from home. Luckily, plenty of stylish candle holders are as beautiful as they are functional! Here are some best candle holders for home decor and find the one that best compliments your interior design scheme.

Large Candle Holder

Large Candle Holder

This candle holder has a straightforward and traditional style that would work well in any house room. The white body is made of durable stoneware and has an urn shape with a long handle. While this may not be a subtle piece, it can be used significantly as part of your holiday decorations or any time you want to create an elegant ambiance. You could also use this candle holder as a centerpiece for a romantic dinner for two! It is perfect for showing off candles of all sizes.

Glass Ball Floor Lamp

The Glass Ball Floor Lamp features a hand-blown glass ball that can hold candles, incense, and other things. This is a stylish way to bring light into your space while having room for decorative elements. And because it’s made of glass, it will last you for years. Make sure to keep the area around the lamp clean and free from combustible materials such as papers or books. If you have pets, they should be kept away from this kind of candle holder, so they don’t knock over the lamps by accident.

Crystal Table Lamp

The table lamp is a great way to enhance the ambiance in your space. The classic crystal glass style allows soft, ambient light to fill your room with warm and welcoming vibes. It can also double as a nightstand or desk lamp if you don’t have one already! Be sure to turn off the lights before bed so that your room has a calming effect on you. If you’re using an alarm clock, put it across the room, so it’s difficult just to reach over and shut it off. You’ll be more likely to stay asleep. Keep any electronics away from your bedside so they won’t interfere with your sleep quality.

Chandelier Candle Holder

Chandelier candle holders make great nightlights and add a touch of charm. They are ideal for home decor because they’re typically so large that you can easily display a few jars. Tie up the chandelier by tightly wrapping its metal rope with twine or electrical tape. Wrap it around at least five times. Now take two pieces of thick cotton and place them over the strings where they connect at the top.

Place your jars on the cotton pads and tie them down with string. Use wire or ribbons instead of yarn to secure your pots even more. For an extra dose of style, fill each jar with a different color votive. You can also light up any other bare spots in your home with some lit jars. We recommend checking out the side tables next to your bed or sofa.

Floor Candle Holders

Consider using floor candle holders in your home if you’re displaying candles on the floor. While placing a candle on the floor, ensure the carpet is large enough to protect it from spills. In addition, be mindful of placement as it may not be possible to get close enough if more than one person is trying to light the candles. Furthermore, we recommend keeping these candles away from heat sources and vents as they will eventually burn down and go out.

However, there are many pros to using floor candle holders, such as how affordable and accessible they can access when an emergency occurs.

Also, by placing your floor candle holders in front of an open window with no screens or curtains, you can allow for airflow, making them last longer. We recommend only having 2-3 lit at a time because if they are too close, some may go out before others. Finally, place your candles at least 3 feet apart so air can flow freely between them.


Candle holders aren’t just for the dinner table or outside on your patio. They can add loads of character to any room in your home, from the foyer to the bathroom to your bedroom. They are part of home decor, and having them around the house can make it feel warm and welcoming. That’s why many people ten one of these decorative items whenever they have extra cash to spare in their budget. However, as cute as candle holders are, most of us worry about them too much. And we usually place them on our tables or mantels without thinking about whether we could put them around the house.

Candle Holders for different rooms

5 FAQs on Using Candle Holders in Your Home

What Kind of Candle Holders are There?

Candle holders come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the type of candle you want to use. For example, most candle holders are designed for pillar candles because they’re more stable and taller than tealights. Some styles fit tea lights, votives, and tapers. Some holders are explicitly made for jar candles, and many people like the rustic look of those types. The holder you choose depends on your preference and what kind of candle you plan to use. You might want to invest in more oversized holders if you have a bigger space. If you live somewhere in humid weather, it’s essential to buy one with some ventilation so that moisture doesn’t build up inside the holder.

How Do I Choose Candle Holders for My Room?

Keep the colors of your room in mind when choosing candle holders to place around. Mixing and matching different colors, materials, and textures is easy if you want a more bohemian feel. Either way, candle holders will go a long way in making your room inviting and comfortable. If you have trouble finding something that feels right for your space, use what’s available to make it work!

Which Lighting Works Best With Candle Holders?

While most candles are safe for any kind of lighting, specific setups can create a more natural feel. For example, if you’re using candle holders to light up your dining room table at night, go with softer bulbs and lower wattage options.
Use brighter lights with higher wattages if you need the light for reading or other activities. Another tip is to place one candle holder per person, so each person has their light source. You should also ensure the flame never touches anything else and keep an eye out for drafts from open windows or doors.

Who Is the Most Demanding Customer When It Comes to Candle Holders?

The most demanding customer when it comes to candle holders is the person that loves candles. And wants the best-looking experience in them. This customer needs their candle holder to be aesthetically pleasing to get the best feel of a home while beautiful scents surround them. This customer will also want a variety of holders, sizes, and shapes to mix up their experience with candles. In this instance, these customers don’t care about cost as much as about getting the look that makes them happy.

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