How Many Roses For A Wedding Candelabra

As part of coming up with a wedding decoration, the chances are you may want to use a wedding candelabra. When someone sees a candelabra, they will most likely think of candles only being used to decorate it; however, there are many ways of decorating the candelabra, including the use of roses. 

You might be intrigued to consider using a wedding candelabra now that it can also use roses. However, what is the right number of roses for such a decoration?

The number of roses you can use for a wedding candelabra depends on the size and the type of floral decoration you want to achieve. You may need at least 10 to 12 roses to create a lush floral in case you use a medium candelabra. This would be the most common in the market. 

What Kind of Rose is Suitable for Wedding Candelabra

You will likely come across many types of roses in the market right now. Not all of them might work with a wedding candelabra, but the majority do. We have done an analysis and found the best options you can consider. Here are a few examples. 

Hybrid Tea Roses 

These are some of the best options to consider for wedding candelabras. Such roses are great for their large and high-centered blooms. They also come in various colors to match your wedding decoration. 

These roses also feature long, sturdy stems, which can easily work well with different types of metal candelabras. Expect to end up with a traditional wedding aesthetic. 

Garden Roses

Another choice would be the garden roses. They have become quite popular in recent years thanks to their looks. They offer a natural romantic look that couples would love. Ruffled petals and sweet fragrances also characterize them. 

Garden roses are still available in multiple colors, including pastels and even deeper hues. The result is having a more organic-inspired aesthetic for the wedding. We recommend pairing them with greenery to get a lush and textured look. 

Spray Roses 

Spray roses are a nice addition to a wedding candelabra, especially if you have a smaller metal candelabra. This is because they are smaller than garden roses but will offer multiple blooms per stem. Having many blooms makes them good for creating a full and abundant look for a wedding. 

You may not have to worry much about the colors because these roses are also available in various colors. This includes soft pinks and bold oranges. We recommend using them as filler flowers for those with larger arrangements. 

Make sure to take good care while handling them since they are delicate. The sweet fragrance they emit should leave you loving them even more.

wedding candelabra with flowers

English Roses 

If you want something more traditional, you can consider the English roses. They come with a vintage look, and their full rosette-shaped blooms make the decoration for wedding candelabra even better. 

These roses also have a romantic look, even with their old-world feel. As such, they are perfected for a classic metal candelabra design. 

The English roses also have a lovely scent to pair with their appearance. You can use them to make the wedding reception smell amazing. We advise pairing them with other classic wedding flowers, such as hydrangeas and peonies, for a timeless and elegant look.

Climbing Roses

The climbing roses feature long, flexible stems that can be trained around the metal candelabra. You will like them for their color variety and wild natural appearance. Because of such, they add a whimsical touch to the wedding decoration. 

You can use them on their own or combine them with other flowers to have an eclectic bohemian look for a wedding. 

Floribunda Roses 

These are roses known for having clusters of small blooms on each stem. The clusters make them good for styling a wedding candelabra even better. We also like them for being available in various colors, including orange and yellow. 

Because of their size, you can use them as filler flowers when working with larger flower arrangements. They can also be good for providing a cheerful and playful appearance. 

We recommend looking at the other types of roses to find the ones that can be good for your wedding decoration.

Metal wedding candelabra

What to Consider When Deciding the Number of Roses

A wedding candelabra can only look good if the decoration is done right. So, what should you consider when choosing the number of roses? Here are some factors for consideration. 

Candelabra Size 

Of course, the size of the candelabra is vital in determining how many roses you can fit in or around it. The aim is to create a balanced floral arrangement and not overpower the candelabra look. 

Using only a few roses should be enough if you have a small candelabra. You will, however, need more roses for a large candelabra. 

Level of Floral Decoration 

Wedding aesthetics are important in determining how many roses you need. Let us assume you want the candelabra to be the focal point; then, you should use many more roses to attract the guests’ attention in the reception space. However, you can use fewer roses if you have other prominent centerpieces at the venue. 

Rose Size

How a rose looks can also be vital to choosing how many roses to use. Taking hybrid tea roses as an example, we see that they have larger blooms with longer stems than spray roses. As such, the rea roses can create a full look, while you would need more spray roses to achieve a similar look. That is why some smaller roses work best as filler flowers for others. 

The Arrangement Design 

The design you hope to achieve with the flowers can determine which rose type to use and how many to buy. A simple but elegant design can use a few roses combine with greenery. However, a more elaborate arrangement would need multiple layers of roses and other decorations. 

Your Budget

You will have a budget for decorating your wedding candelabra. This determines the number of roses you will spend on the decoration. If you need more roses, it means spending more money too. So, work with a professional like a florist to identify the best roses for your candelabra and match your budget. 


Roses are fun to use as decorations for a wedding. We recommend always analyzing your options regarding roses and how well roses can work with your wedding candelabra

With such in mind, you would also know how many roses to buy for the decoration. Also, working with a florist can help decorate the candelabra even better.

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