How Many Flowers Are Required for a Wildflower Centerpiece

A room looks dull and empty without freshly bloomed, well-placed flowers in vases or vessels. That is where we need wild flower centerpieces. A centerpiece with fresh blooms can change the whole attire of a room. It brings colors and adds freshness to the environment.

Did you know there are different centerpieces made for various events? Whatever type of centerpiece you choose for your big day, make sure to see if it’s either a low flat base or a tall skinny centerpiece. Why? Because both of these centerpieces won’t block the eye level of your guests.

While choosing a centerpiece, be sure about the diameter of your table. A large number of roses with a unique round centerpiece would look great for a small round table. While for a long narrow rectangular table, use a similar type of centerpiece to accommodate the size and shape of the table.

You don’t necessarily need the help of a florist; you can easily make your wedding centerpiece by following our floral guide. Now you can make perfect wild flower centerpieces like a professional florist; It’s all about the technique.

wild flower centerpieces for table decor

How Many Flowers to Use for Making Wedding Wild Flower Centerpieces?

If you love flowers and running short of cash, selecting some wildflowers for your event would be an exciting and innovative idea. It would not only look beautiful but will save you loads of money. To make a unique centerpiece, you can also make a beautiful bouquet by incorporating wildflowers with roses, hydrangeas, etc.

How many flowers you choose to make wedding wild flower centerpieces depends upon the size of the centerpiece. Let our guide helps you in finding the correct number of flowers.

ArrangementNo stems (small centerpiece)No stems (medium centerpiece)No stems (large centerpiece)
Centerpiece (4×4 ‘’)1015-2025-30
Mason Jars6-810-15Not advised
Wildflower Centerpiece8-1516-3031-50
wild flower centerpieces for wedding

How to Make Your Own Wildflower Centerpiece?

Did you know the average cost of wedding flowers in Australia is 2.19 thousand AUD? One cannot differ from the possibility of a wedding without flowers. But how do you manage such huge expenses when you’ve to manage other wedding errands too? Have you thought about using wildflowers from your backyard or lawn? Sounds crazy, right, but interestingly it isn’t. We’ve compiled a free-of-cost and creative wedding wild flower centerpieces to be used for your wedding. All you need to arrange is some centerpieces and wildflowers from your backyard. But first, let’s learn which flowers you can use for your wildflower centerpiece.

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What Are Wildflowers?

Wildflowers are the flowers you can easily find in your backyard or lawn. Wildflowers are made for your free-spirited soul if you’re a woodland nymph or a boho girl. Wildflowers are not confined to Queen Anne’s lace, thistles, daisies, spray roses, etc.

You can also go for linden flower, echinacea, and primrose.

Instead of flat leaves, go for greens like eucalyptus, herbs, grass, wild ferns, etc.

The best thing about using wild flower centerpieces is adding as many flowers as you want and colors matching your wedding theme.

wild flower for centerpieces

What you need:

  1. Centerpiece (of your choice)
  2. Selected wildflowers- 6-7 large wildflowers with 2-3 sprigs/ twigs
  3. Flower stem wrapping tape
  4. Sharp scissors


  1. Put out your plants, and arrange them according to their colors and size. Cut any extra greens near the stems and arrange them.
  2. Once laid out, arrange the flowers one by one. First, display a layer of bigger blooms, then bind them with wrapping tape. Now add extra blooms and greens outside the wrapped flowers. Keep adding until you get your perfect size.
  3. Now trim the stems, ensure they’re all equal lengths and do not cut them too short before displaying them in the centerpiece.
  4. Place the wildflowers inside the centerpiece. And voila, you’re all done with your perfect wildflower centerpiece.
wild flower centerpieces vase

End Note

You can use red roses, sunflowers, artificial blooms, or free-of-cost wildflowers for your wild flower centerpieces.

As soon as you decide on your date, hire a florist to avoid last-minute mishaps. Be honest with your florist about your requirements and budget. Have some homework about what you want with your wedding reception, the types of wedding bouquets, the most popular flower types, etc.

There are plenty of ways to save up your costs on wedding flowers. Talk to your florist about reusing your wedding florals. Once the guests are seated, you can reuse the bridal arch as a backdrop for the sweetheart table or the reception.

Always discuss your budget and the number of flowers you want, like flowers for decoration, wedding bouquets, etc.

We hope our guide assisted you with wild flower centerpieces and how you can make one. Let us know in the comments below.

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