How Do I Fix My Dented Metal Vase

Flower vases are a delightful addition to home decor, and they can elevate the appearance of the house. Moreover, they come in a wide range of fabulous materials like metal flower vases, which are awesome decor pieces for home interiors.

Flower vases come in intricate shapes and designs that match any home setting. Besides, such flower vases are remarkable showpieces for center tables, dining tables, shelves, and TV units. But, these vases may easily get a dent and spoil their structure and beauty, so it is important to handle them with care.

However, if you already have a damaged metal flower vase, then going through this article, you will find some incredible ways to fix it. Additionally, you will get some great advice on keeping your metal vase safe from children and pets who can make the vase fall while playing.

8 Easy Ways to Fix Dent of Your Metal Flower Vase

Here are some useful and hassle-free ways to help you fix the dent on your metal flower vase. Besides, it does not need professional skills or complicated tools to fix the dent. So, get ready to fix your dented flower vase simply by yourself at home.

1. Using Magnet and Steel Ball

You can get a strong magnet and steel balls from a local hardware store. Its magnetic force will help you pull the dent from your metal flower vase.

You need to place the steel ball inside the metal vase on the dented area and then line up the magnet on the place from the outside. You need to pull the magnet slowly from outside, and its force will attract the steel ball resulting in bringing out the dent.

2. Use Hot and Cold Water

This is another easy method to remove the dent from a metal flower vase. You can use hot boiling water to heat up the surface of the vase. Further, the heat can be enough to make the metal expand itself. 

However, if it does not work, then soon after heating the dent, you can apply icy chilled water to the area. Then clean your flower vase with a dry piece of cloth and apply gentle force from the inside to get rid of the dent.

Metal flower vase

3. Using a Small Plunger

You can use a plunger to remove the dent from the metal flower vase. To do the same, you just need to make the plunger and vase wet with water. Further, place the plunger on the dent and apply gentle pressure to make the plunger stick to the vase. The suction force of the plunger will help you to pull out the dent.

4. Compressed Air and Hair Dryer

Blowing compressed air or using the hair dryer to heat up the metal vase from the inside can also help you to remove the dent from the metal flower vase. Besides, the work will be easier if you can get a hot air gun. After heating the metal vase, hold it wearing gloves and try to push the dent out from the inside.

5. Bossing Mallet

Bossing Mallet is a type of hammer made with an egg-shaped wooden head that is used to repair dents from curved surfaces of metals. You can easily find one in a hardware store or tools shop. Further, you need to gently hammer the dent of the metal flower vase with the bossing mallet to fix the vase.

6. Using Hot Glue Sticks

Hot glue sticks are another easy way to pull the dent out from the metals. For this, you need to heat the stick and quickly place it on the dented area of the metal flower vase. Once the glue stick cools down, it will be stuck to the surface of the vase. Further,  pull the stick outside, applying some force, and the dent will come out with the stick. 

7. Use Dry Ice

Dry ice is one of the economical and easiest solutions to remove the dent from metal surfaces. For this, you need to heat up the flower vase surface and apply dry ice quickly until the dent pops out. Moreover, make sure to wear gloves and use tongs when handling dry ice to fix your dented metal vase.

8. Use Dent Remover Kit

A dent remover kit can help you fix the dent on a metal flower vase, as it comes with some simple tools that anyone can use. The kit can include a glue stick, smaller hammers, suction cups, and other equipment that will be helpful for you to remove the dent.

Quick Tips to Prevent Children and Pets from Knocking Down the Vase

Flower vases are really fragile home decor items and can easily get damaged by children or pets if not taken care of. Here are some tips that will help you to keep the vase safe from them.

  • Keep the vase at a height that children cannot reach.
  • Using sticky paw tapes around the vase will help to keep the pets away from it.
  • Put some lemon or orange peels inside the vase; pets do not like the smell of these.
  • Make sure that the table on which the vase has been placed has proper leveling. So that it does not fall if the children or pets collide with it.
  • You can also place the vase in covered showcases to keep it safe.

These are some quick tips that will help you to avoid pets and children coming close to the vase and knocking it down.


Flower vases are awesome centerpieces for home decoration, but due to their fragile nature, they must be handled with care. Vases made with glass or ceramic cannot be fixed, but metal flower vases can be repaired due to having tensile characteristics. Hence these were some easy and hassle-free ways to fix a dented metal flower vase on your own. Also, tips for keeping it safe from pets and children will help you to prevent it from getting damaged further.

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