How Do I Choose Candle Wall Sconces

Candle wall sconces are quite popular since people love how they look in the house or office setup. They are quite good at providing ambient lighting or, better still, ornamental decoration in any space, including the living room, bedroom, and sometimes outdoors.

People may still use candle wall sconces for various applications, including reading, task lighting, and much more. However, do you choose the best candle wall sconces? We help you pick the right one considering there are so many options in the market.

How Many Sconces Do You Need?

You will have to know how many candle sconces you need to buy to light or decorate a room correctly. It is advisable to install the candle wall sconces around 6 feet from the floor. Also, you need to install the candle wall sconces 8 to 10 feet apart. So, a location such as a hallway would need more sconces than a bedroom which might only need two.

So, look where you want to install the sconces and decide the number of sconces to get.

Wall Sconce Style

Styling will always be an important feature since different people want different looks in their space. Some common styles for candle wall sconces include contemporary, rustic, retro, modern, art deco, transitional, industrial, and more.

The contemporary style comes with some of the best styles many people use in their homes. Most of them have geometric shapes and glass finishes giving off a contemporary look.

The rustic candle sconces are also popular in country home designs. They tend to have organic shapes plus textures to give the room a relaxed look. Expect to see them made of glass, wood, and metal.

You can use the retro style if you want to travel back in time with candle wall sconces. In such as case, the sconces have curved frames, bronze finishes, and frosted glass.

The idea is to check out different stylings to understand what each can do for your space.

black candle wall sconces
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The Type Of Wall Sconces

Now that you have the right style for candle wall sconces, you need to consider the type. Candle sconces are available in different types, including uplights, downlights, flush mounts, swing arm lights, vanity lights, and picture lights.

The uplight type is mostly for giving your ambient light that fills the whole room. They are different from downlight candle sconces, whose job is to provide brighter light focused more on a specific area and not the whole room.

In case you want flush-mounted candle wall sconces with no swing arms, then you pick the flush mount type. Of course, this would be the most common type you see in the market. Its job is mostly for illumination and might not necessarily draw attention to itself.

Picture lights and sconces with candles are all about drawing attention to a specific item hanging on the wall. This will mostly be wall pictures and art.

As you can see, the type you pick largely depends on your needs and applications.


You might not be sure which material to choose with so many market options. Most candle sconces are made of iron, glass, wood, and brass. You can still get some made of plastic too.

Since candle wall sconces do not receive a lot of wear and tear, it is possible to choose any material and install one. However, durability is still important based on where you install the sconces. If you install them outdoors, choose sconces made of materials that can withstand the elements such as metals.

Installation Process

So, you have seen several candle sconces and are wondering if you should get one. Well, remember the installation process too. You may like how good it looks or performs, but you might need to remember that it also needs to be installed.

If you have to do the installation yourself, you need the candle wall sconces with the right instructions. You can always hire someone to install it, but the idea is to get a product whose installation process is simple enough.

The Price

Buying the candle wall sconces can also be based on the price. Not all candle sconces cost the same. The cost largely depends on functionality, type, design, style, size, and other factors. The good thing about such sconces is that you can get some as low as $20.

If you are looking to spend more, that should be fine as you can get fancier models with a price of more than $1,000 per set sometimes. However, most of them will cost from $20 to $150, and they should do a good job of decorating and illuminating the space.

Consider that if someone has to install the candle sconces, you may have to add the installation cost too on the price.

Candle-Specific Wall Sconces

You are likely to come across different types of candles. They will vary based on shapes and sizes. It is the same thing with candle wall sconces too. You have to use the right shape, or else they won’t hold the candles correctly.

A good example is when you have taper candles, you cannot use them in holders meant for tealight candles. So, go through the product description to see where best you are supposed to use the sconce.

Glass Or No Glass

You can still consider whether it should have a glass chimney or not. The glass chimney might be vital for preventing the soot from going onto the wall and also contains the flame better in a place with many drafts. It is also good for keeping the dripping wax in one place.

An open flame is not encouraged near flammables, children, and curtains. That is why depending on where to install it; you may consider having one with a glass cover or not.

Candle Wall Sconces Ideas

Sziqiqi Wall Decor Black Candle Holder For Pillar Candles

black candle sconces
Source: Sziqiqi

It is hard to go wrong with these black and beautiful wall-hanging sconces. They can create a retro atmosphere in any space while still looking good. Expect them to be eye-catching each time someone gets into a room. We recommend it as a nice gift for a friend looking to decorate their home.

Sziqiqi Metal Wall Candle Holders With Glass Cup

candle wall sconces for tea light candles
Source: Sziqiqi

Such an elegant and stylish design is what you need for your home today. Having a clear glass cup makes it important for catching any dripping wax and contains the flame better. The design is best suited for tealight or votive candles. As a result, you can add a nice ambiance to the room. The color also allows it to work with any decor, so expect it to be a suitable interior decoration piece.

Sziqiqi Gold Metal Wall Candle Holder

candle wall sconces with glass cups
Source: Sziqiqi

Gold is one color that says all about the best look. That is what you get with these candle holders. In addition to color, the design is also great for making it versatile for different spaces. You can expect it in spaces such as a spa, reiki, patio, dining room, and so much more. Being made of metal makes it a good choice for outdoors since it can withstand the elements.


The best candle wall sconces largely depend on how they are used. Sometimes the flush mount is better, and sometimes, those with a swivel arm are better. The same goes for style. Now that you have this guide deciding which would be great for your application is easier.

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