How Can I Make My Wedding Stand Out

Hurray, it’s finally your day; getting married is a massive day in each individual’s life. We’ve all been dreaming of this gorgeous day for so long. And we girls have been planning it for years. A wedding day is unique, and to make this day stand out, one needs to set the target and work on the objectives.

Are you getting married? Are you wondering what would make your wedding stand out? Worry not; we’re here to guide you on making smart preps and tips for your big day.

A Guide About Centerpieces

Whether grand or small, intimate ceremonies, centerpieces are integral to every wedding. It derives its name from its location i-e in the center of the wedding table. There are usually two kinds of centerpieces, tall or short. Which one you’re planning to use depends upon your budget and your choice.

The rule of thumb indicates that tall centerpieces are a bit expensive. Due to their large and dominating size, they go with the head table in a large venue wedding. While the short centerpieces are usually inexpensive and appealing to the eyes.

Their small size complements well with the sweetheart table. In the end, it’s all about your preference. Whether tall or short, centerpieces would be the best option to make your wedding stand out.

centerpieces for wedding table

9 Types of Tall Centerpieces

The decor is one of the most vital parts of your wedding day. What flowers to use, what theme to go by? What colors to try? Chandeliers or centerpieces? A huge part of the wedding is all about decor and theme. Want to be fancy? Go for some tall centerpieces to add drama and cinematic touch to your wedding.

Make sure to complement the size. Choose head tables for tall centerpieces instead of sweetheart tables. Tall centerpieces will be a fantastic option if your venue is a large place with high ceilings. They would add festivity and beauty to your event. Are you looking for some creative ideas? Let us give you a little insight about the tall centerpieces idea to make your wedding stand out.

Botanical Centerpieces

Are you a plant lover? Are you planning a botanical wedding theme? Try mixing and match of some flowers and plants like peace lily, baby’s breath, roses, etc., for a misty touch.

This inclusion will give an exquisite magical touch to your wedding. Be a bit artistic by matching these florals and Botanics. Match them with tall glass centerpieces to make your wedding stand out.

Candles and Flowers

Candles and Flowers

How about a movie like a fairy tale day wedding? Where your aisle is all surrounded by flowers and minimal candle lights. Make this beautiful day more memorable by combining flowers with candles. Try using tall centerpieces with taper candles. If you love colors, match taper color candles with your wedding theme.

Use Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms are beautiful flowers. They can make any event magical and ethereal due to their colors and beauty. Keep a light and subtle wedding theme. Use and match the cherry blossoms wedding theme with tall centerpieces.

These beautiful florals know how to complement the soaring trumpet-shaped centerpieces. This would not only prove to be an entreating sight but would also exude a pleasant fragrance.

Manzanita Tree Centerpiece

If you’re an admirer of woodland wedding themes, this one is for you. Try adding a manzanita tree with votive candles and tall glass centerpieces to see the magic. It works best if you’re a fan of foresty weddings and planning your ceremony on your patio. Use a manzanita tree with flowers, or crystals, for the most significant effect.

Tall Candelabras Centerpieces

Tall Candelabras Centerpieces

Add tall candelabras for vintage and classic weddings. You may combine them with taper candles, votives, or floras for a magical effect. You can also go for faux blooms paired with hanging crystals or pearls. Using candelabras on every table would be a lovely addition to make your wedding stand out.

Wisteria Tree Centerpiece

Are you a lover of plants and trees? Then it’s ideal for adding a wisteria tree as a centerpiece for your lovely union. Add a fairy tale touch to your wedding by adding these gorgeous tree centerpieces. You don’t need any candles or other decor, as wisteria can culminate in your wedding attire.

Tall Stem Flowers

If you’re a minimalist wedding fan, we’ve got you covered. Adding tall stem flowers with tall candlesticks or glass centerpieces would look great. This wedding decor is best for people who’re not fans of big decor or flowers.

Minimalistic Tall Centerpieces

Add white, cream, navy, or black with minimalistic centerpieces for a little effect. Try adding some blooms and greeneries with minimalist centerpieces. You can complement them with tall mason jars and taper candles. This would help you keep a subtle and more straightforward approach.

Tall Glass Centerpieces

Tall Glass Centerpieces for wedding

For a grandeur wedding touch, add tall glass centerpieces. Try mixing them with roses, orchids, gardenias, and baby’s breath to make your wedding stand out. Incorporate this wedding attire with votives to give a royal touch to your big day.

10 Ideas of Short Centerpieces

Short Centerpieces for wedding

Are you planning an intimate wedding ceremony only with your loved ones or a low-key wedding on a budget? We’ve got some fantastic ideas for you. Tall or short, centerpieces are the most integral part of a wedding.

It’s beautiful and reusable, and you can use it for years. Short centerpieces are usually preferred for sweetheart tables to complement their smaller size. Even after the wedding, use them as a piece of decoration. You can put these on the coffee or dining table as a gift or candle holder.

Short centerpieces are usually preferred over tall ones due to their affordability. They can go with candles, flowers, faux blooms, greeneries, flower balls, etc. Their subtibility and compactness help them in making a wedding stand out. Check out the following short centerpieces for your lovely union.

Compote Vase

Compote Vase

A delicate and gorgeous compote vase with a flower ball adds beauty and enhances the auras of the event. Go with some burgundy roses and some wild thistles with a gold compote vase for simple yet classic decor.

Tropical Centerpieces

Mini Candelabras wedding Centerpieces

Suppose you’re planning an intimate ceremony on a lovely tropical island. How about some gorgeous mini vases with seasonal flowers and tropical fruits? Incorporating fruits and flowers would add colors and festivity to your event. Try some mini glass vases for a steamy touch.

Bud Vases

Bud Vases

Bud vases with a few fresh bloomed red roses, and a white tablecloth is a perfect example of a classic wedding. If you’re not in favor of bold colors, try some lilies with pink roses and pink table linen to keep it simple and minimal.

Lanterned Wedding Centerpieces

Another lovely addition for a minimalist wedding is using short centerpieces with lanterns. Lanterns will add a classy and gorgeous touch, especially for an evening wedding. Copper or hurricane lanterns go best with white roses/ lilies and garlands.

Taper Candle Centerpieces

Taper Candle Centerpieces

What to do when you’re low on the budget but want your wedding to stand out? Try using taper candles with long glass-covered centerpieces. Their delicacy and intricateness make them vital to stand out on your wedding day.

Head Table with Small Centerpieces

This combination would be an excellent choice for the lovers of a big wedding with many guests. Why not make your whole family and closest friends sit with you and your significant other on a vast head table? At the same time, you can also put small centerpieces or mini vases to compliment the table size.

Pampas Grass Centerpiece

For modest wedding decor, go for something more horizontal rather than vertical. How about some pampas grass with vintage compote vases? Use burgundy roses and lilies for an impression of a massive wedding. Pampas grass would be an ethereal addition to make your wedding stand out.

Matching Tablescape with Centerpieces

When they say size doesn’t matter, it’s true. Even the tiniest details can be enough to accentuate a more considerable impact. Try little centerpieces with blooms and candles. You can also match the tablescape with the colors of flowers would look simple yet gorgeous.

Flowered Table Linen

Flowered Table Linen for wedding

Have you tried thinking about table linen? It doesn’t always have to be a cloth. How about using mini vases, mason jars, and mini candelabras? Use them as table runners with flower balls and bouquets. Whether a head table or a sweetheart table, It works for both. It saves the decor cost and looks more aesthetically appealing to the eyes.

Mini Candelabras Centerpieces

No doubt, candelabras are expensive. They still save you the cost of decor and centerpieces. You can use them with candles, flower balls, or faux blooms. Using candelabras will give your event a rustic, vintage look. It would be an excellent option to make your wedding stand out.

Mini Candelabras wedding Centerpieces

How to Stand Out with Tall and Short Centerpieces

Some are a fan of tall centerpieces, while some fancy shorter ones. Have you thought about combining these two? Let’s look at some splendid ideas to blend short and tall centerpieces to make your wedding stand out.

  1. Neutralize the floral arrangements:

Using tall centerpieces with short ones creates a sense of style and innovation. But, it blocks the guest’s view, usually at the head table where all family is sitting and dining together. Try minimizing the floral arrangements to offset the size effect between these two. Let the centerpieces do their magic. With that, your guest’s view won’t get blocked, plus let the decor give a subtle impact.

  1. Compensate with votives and tealights:

Avoid using flowers if you combine tall centerpieces with shorter ones. Let the centerpieces leave their impact. Try votives and tealights as candles can change the aura and ambiance of any event.

Instead of a random display, try placing them with a pattern. Use tall ones on either side of the table and, at the same time, keep short centerpieces in the middle.

  1. Change the decor pattern:

Avoid monotony if you’re planning to incorporate tall centerpieces with shorter ones. Try creating different decor patterns to make it look appealing. Like on one table, combine tall and short centerpieces with taller ones in the middle and shorter ones on either side. While on the other table, use shorter centerpieces in the middle while taller on either side, etc.

  1. Use objects to compensate for the different sizes:

Use various objects like sea shells, fruits, votives, etc., to minimize the height differences. Avoid using blooms in tall ones to avoid the hindrance of the eye line. Instead, use votives or tea lights. At the same time, try using flower balls or planters for the shorter centerpieces.



Making a wedding stand out isn’t a piece of cake. It requires planning, budget, and some brilliant tips and tricks. While planning your wedding, always have a backup plan in case things don’t work out. Be a little creative with the centerpieces. When you plan to buy something for your wedding, consider its repercussions. How often will you use it after the wedding? Using mason jars, vases, and planters would be easy on your pocket and beneficial in the long run.

Invest smartly! Don’t spend all your money on expensive decors; save some for your honeymoon. Even if things don’t work out the way you planned, relax and enjoy your day. What matters the most is that it’s your day, so cherish every moment. We hope our guide has enlightened you about centerpieces. What can you use as centerpieces to make your wedding stand out? Do you have some other ideas? Let us know in the comments below. Happy wedding!

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