How Big Should Taper Candle Wall Sconce Be

Are you in the market for sprucing your home? With so many things to do, sometimes you might be overwhelmed by the options. However, that should not be much of a problem when you can consider candle holders.

Candle holders are available in different designs and use. We will focus more on the taper candle wall sconce because of how good it will make a taper candle stand out and still illuminate the room better.

The big question is, how big should a taper candle wall sconce be?

It largely depends on how you want to design your space. Sometimes it might be necessary to get thinner candle wall sconces or other times, get something larger. What is important is that it can still hold the slim taper candle correctly while also blending in your existing decor.

Taper candles are long and slim, so the manufacturer has to get the measurements right. They mostly have a standard base size of ⅞” or ½”, making it easier to choose a candle holder that would keep them upright.

What Makes Taper Candle Wall Sconces Good

With many options for decorating your home, why would you still consider wall sconces?

The wall sconces have been around for many years, with their designs changing. Some now have LED lighting, but you can still get new and creative designs for holding candles. That is why we want to see why someone would consider wall sconces.

  • Style and Design

If you look at different providers who sell a taper candle wall sconce, you will like the variety available. Since they know people want their homes to look great, they will do everything possible to have designs that stand out.

Of course, you have to consider the shades as part of the design. This often determines how much illumination you get from the candle. Since candles have soft light, correcting the lighting should not be hard.

You may also come across different styles of taper candle wall sconce. They include flush style, swing arm style, and more. With some tweaking and design changes, you can still find quality candle wall sconces that will not exceed your budget but make your house look good.

  • Finishes

Like other lighting fixtures in your home, a taper candle wall sconce is also available in different finishes too.

Multiple finishes are vital to coordinate the different looks you might have in mind and make the room well-coordinated.

Here is where you must engage your creative mind to ensure you get the best look once the taper candle wall sconce have been installed.

  • Smart Accent Lighting

You might find candle wall sconces as good accessories to your home or space. Even if they had a primitive origin, it is impressive how we have adapted the candle wall sconces in our modern world.

If you have wall art, this can be a great addition to ensure your artwork looks good. It can also be used for highlighting other architectural features of the building.

  • Save on Floor Space

Floor lamps or table lamps are good for anyone who might be interested in using them to light up a room. However, most of the time, you find the wall space remains unutilized. What if you use more of the wall and save yourself some space?

That is where a taper candle wall sconce can be a great idea to free up the floor space. You will no longer have clutter on your desk if it is an office.

gold taper candle wall sconce

How Best to Utilize a Taper Candle Wall Sconce

A taper candle wall sconce will serve many uses in a home. It can be for illumination, decoration, statement piece, and so much more. So, it depends on how best you utilize it.

Here is how to utilize the taper candle wall sconces better.

  • Hallways and Staircases

If you want to illuminate hallways and staircases with candle wall scones, consider installing them 66 inches from the floor. It can be more depending on the ceiling height.

It is best to use a 6-foot rule where you use it as the space between one wall sconce to the next. This often helps in proper illumination without necessarily crowding the space too.

  • Bathroom

It is no surprise having the wall sconces in bathrooms too. They do help set the mood for a good shower or romantic relaxation in the bathtub.

For the bathroom scenario, install the wall sconces on either side of the vanity if you have one. Or you can place them in a space that illuminates the bathroom better. For the bathroom, have them installed at 6 feet from the floor. This can definitely be adjusted based on your eye level.

  • Bedside

Having the wall sconces installed by your bedside is something many people would want. The best part is having scented candles in them to make it a romantic bedtime.

When you are trying to sleep, the last thing you want is intense lighting. That is why you might want to light the candles to enjoy the warm and soft light first. Just make sure to turn off the candles before sleeping.

In the case of installing the tape candle wall sconces, we recommended keeping them 36 inches above the top of the mattress. This a great option that allows you to easily turn off the candles as much as enjoy the light.

  • Living Room and Fireplace

Having wall sconces for candles in your living room would be a great light source, even for large rooms. We mostly have overhead lights as the main way of lighting your living room. However, that can change if you have the right wall sconces too. They do not have to be the main lights, but secondary and only used when necessary.

So, how best do you install the candle wall sconces in the living room?

We recommend installing them at around 60 to 72 inches from the floor. Of course, the room’s height can be a big determinant too.

  • Entryway

An entryway is likely to have its primary light source as a chandelier, foyer pendant or others. However, is it possible to have a taper candle wall sconce, too as one of the lighting options?

Because of the potential draft in such a place, you can still have a candle wall sconce but make sure it is covered. It can be the lantern style so that you can still use a candle without worrying that it will not last long because of the draft.

You can have two or more, depending on the size of the entryway. However, we recommend keeping them on opposite sides so that you have better lighting. Just make sure the lighting does not interfere with the door movement.

black metal taper candle wall sconce


A taper candle wall sconce should be within the right size of the taper candle diameter to hold it better. However, we expect the design to be different and look good based on your current decor. Do not be afraid to try out different designs and finishes to achieve the best look you may be going for. Also, make sure you get quality products always to ensure durability.

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