Can Wedding Centerpieces Be Tall and or Short?

Wedding centerpieces can be either tall or short. The choice between the two often depends on personal preferences. However, sometimes you would get people going for both and just make their wedding look the best.

One thing you should understand is that whether tall or short centerpieces, they all have their own applications. So, it is vital to understand more about the use of these centerpieces in this guide to now use them effectively.

How tall should a centerpiece be at a wedding?

Wedding centerpieces can be of different heights. It will largely depend on the type you want and also the overall theme of your wedding.

A tall centerpiece would be around 30 inches in terms of height. As much as it can be this tall, it should be placed correctly so that it does not obstruct the guests.

Expect the height of such centerpieces to reach up to 36 inches in some cases. Of course, do not forget to factor in the height of the vase too.

Tall wedding centerpieces

Metal Flower Stand

People often consider using tall wedding centerpieces simply because they are elegant. It can also capture your attention even from a distance. That being said, once the guests sit, they can lose sight of the centerpiece. As such, there are several pros and cons to using such types of centerpieces.

  • It can help show off the venue better.

Tall centerpieces would generally make people have more visual interest in a wedding venue. In places where the ceilings are high, you need something filling the middle void. That is where the tall centerpieces can do a good job.

You should still be careful with the arrangement of these centerpieces. This is because too many tall centerpieces can make a wedding venue look too formal.

  • Good for repurposing for other decorations.

Let us assume the wedding is over; what would you now do with the decorations? People have found it is easier to repurpose the uses of tall centerpieces. Other than using them at the reception, you could also use them at home once all the ceremonies are over.

It is surprising how guests can easily forget the tall centerpieces. It could be because most of the time they are above their eye level when they sit. Most guests would opt to take the short centerpieces with them after the wedding.

  • Good for filling empty spaces.

Sometimes you may notice that your wedding venue has a lot more space than the number of guests invited. For this reason, you might want to consider a way of filling the empty space. That is where the tall centerpieces can come in handy.

Not many people would notice the empty spaces. However, you should not set them up on small tables. This can potentially make them look too bulky.

  • Tall wedding centerpieces can be dramatic.

Consider yourself getting into a wedding setup; one thing you can notice from a distance would be the tall centerpieces. Of course, you might even be intrigued to get a seat at a specific table because of the centerpiece.

However, these centerpieces might easily get dismissed once the guests become many and everyone is sitting. No one now has the perfect view of the centerpiece.

Short wedding centerpieces

Short wedding centerpieces are also quite common in the market right now. This is because people are always looking for ways to change the norm. So, rather than picking the tall centerpieces all the time, it might be time to use the short centerpieces or a combination of both. Expect the short pieces to be around 15 inches or lower in height.

Wedding Table Centerpieces
  • Save money.

The most common reason people may opt for short centerpieces is that they are more affordable. Considering less material goes into making them, it means they also cost less.

You will notice they also need smaller vases and fewer flowers to set them up.

  • Guests can talk to each other.

Tall centerpieces are good, but sometimes they can be an obstruction between the guests. It is why sometimes the short centerpiece can be good to consider as it allows for the guests to converse across the table.

Of course, the short centerpieces would also bring more attention to it as it is within eye level. Each time you look at the table, you will see it.

  • Long tables look better with shorter centerpieces.

If you have ever sat at a long wedding table, you know how a short centerpiece will do better as a decoration. It will also blend with the other flowers and decorations on the same table.

The best part is that you can still talk to the other guests at the table too.

Choosing Between Tall and Short Centerpieces

Now that you know more about what you would get with both tall and short centerpieces, which one would you choose? Here are ideas to help you in choosing between the tall and short centerpieces.

  • Look at your wedding day vibe.

You always have to consider the overall vibe or theme of your wedding day. A good example is when you want a low-key wedding, then going for the tall centerpieces would not make sense. Also, tall centerpieces would not be ideal for an outdoor wedding as they would easily topple.

Those who want an elegant and grand reception should definitely consider the tall centerpieces. This is when the wedding is being held inside a ballroom or even a hall to transform the space.

  • Look at your budget.

Every couple would have a budget for a wedding. As expected, the tall centerpieces would be more expensive than the short centerpieces. However, sometimes they can cost relatively the same depending on the add-ons to the centerpieces.

It is important to work on your budget to see how best to utilize it. That is how you find a wedding with a few tall centerpieces combined with short centerpieces. So, it is all about proper planning.

  • Wider or taller.

The tall centerpieces are often narrow, while the shorter centerpieces are mostly wider. So, which one would you want?

The best way to use the tall centerpieces is if there is enough space on the table. Sometimes you may have to consider the shorter centerpieces because the tall ones would make it feel crowded.

  • Height of the bride.

Surprisingly, it is possible that the choice between the two would be based on the height of the bride. The last thing you always want is to outshine the bride.

It is advisable that for a tall bride, having the taller arrangement would make it quite suitable. Short centerpieces can still be a good pick for those who are short. Of course, the flowers in season should also be considered so that they can fit into the theme better.

Here is a video with more comparisons between the tall and short centerpieces


There can be a number of options when it comes to centerpieces in the market for a wedding. The most common choices would be tall or short wedding centerpieces. We can see that each would have a perfect application depending on your needs. The short centerpieces will be great for those who want to keep the budget low and still have a good wedding. Of course, you can still combine the two to get the best of both worlds.

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