Guide to Halloween Centerpieces for Table

Halloween parties are not just fun and scary; they’re also about the atmosphere and decorations. While many people like to go all out in terms of decorations, others may prefer to keep their Halloween party decoration costs down so they can spend more on snacks and costumes. But that doesn’t mean you have to have a boring Halloween party just because you’re on a budget! Here are 12 super creative Halloween centerpiece ideas to add great ambiance to your Halloween dinner table or party scene.

Get Ready for Halloween with These Spectacular 12 Halloween Centerpiece Ideas

A Dark Wood Octagonal Tray

A dark wood octagonal tray is a great way to serve snacks, drinks, and more on Halloween night. This Halloween centerpiece features a distressed wood finish that can be placed in the center of your table. The tray has plenty of room for goodies. It also makes a thoughtful gift option because it’s so versatile! Whether you’re looking for something understated, simple, elegant, or bold, this stunning piece will not disappoint.

Creepy Crawly Candles

Creepy Crawly Candles

Creepy crawly candles are a great Halloween centerpiece idea. The candles come in various colors, and the spiders are easy to assemble with the included ribbon. Use these as table decorations or light your path on an evening walk. If you’re throwing a party, you can arrange them around the food and drinks area. These candles are not only festive but functional! They’ll provide ambiance throughout the night.

Skeleton Hand Jars Halloween Centerpiece

Halloween Centerpiece

This idea is perfect for the more creative of us. Look for urns, vases, or anything similar to hold your flower arrangements. Then fill them with water and add a hand to each one. You can make it easier by using fake skeletons if you want, but adding some old books or leaves to make it look like they are coming out from the ground will give it an extra realism that your guests will love. There’s no limit to how many you can do either! If there’s enough space on your table, you could have ten or even 20 different jars with their own little skeleton hands. These would be perfect for any party, especially Halloween!

Bloody Cupcakes Halloween Centerpiece

These bloody cupcakes will give your guests a startle for a spooky and gory centerpiece. You can make them by adding red food coloring to a chocolate cake mix. Bake as you normally would and then frost with cream cheese frosting and add some crushed Oreo cookies for the ‘blood.’ Add more blood with a piping bag if you want to create even more impact! These could also be made in a larger form for table decoration.

And if you don’t have time to bake, go to the grocery store and pick up some pre-made white cupcakes. Frost them red (try using vanilla icing) and buy black sprinkles or Jell-O Instant Pudding powder in cherry flavor. The two items together will provide enough blood for these quick but impressive-looking centerpieces.

Candy Corn Dip Halloween Centerpiece

This dish is as simple as it sounds- make a dip of cream cheese and sour cream, then add in your favorite candy corn! This is the perfect dish for all ages, young or old. The great thing about this dish is that it can be served in a small bowl for those who don’t need too much sugar after trick-or-treating, or it can be served in a giant bowl for the adults at the party. One way to top off this yummy treat is with some rainbow sprinkles on top to give it that extra pop of color. Serve this dish alongside some pita chips or pretzel sticks.

Giant Skull Cheese Board

Giant Skull Cheese Board

This DIY Halloween centerpiece is the perfect option if you’re looking for a centerpiece idea that will give your guests nightmares. The best part about this project is that it can be made from things you already have around the house! You’ll need a string or some other kind of sturdy material to tie together all of the materials, and once it’s complete, you’ll have one incredible centerpiece with minimal effort.

Giant Pumpkin Halloween Table Centerpieces

Pumpkin Halloween Table Centerpieces

If you’re hosting your party outside, you have plenty of room to use something like a giant pumpkin as a centerpiece (or inside if you don’t have much space). Fill in the gaps between the seeds with green tissue paper, spooky leaves, or whatever else looks tremendous, and voila – instant centerpieces everyone will love.

This Halloween centerpiece is perfect for any DIY project. From tablescapes to centerpieces, these little guys will be sure to make your guests go aww. All you need is some old jars and some string!

  1. First, find an old jar. Any kind will do, but try and find one with a wide mouth for easier access.
  2. Next, wrap the jar in a string to create a spiral around the glass. Secure the end of the string on top of the jar by tying a knot or taping it down.
  3. Once finished, grab some brown paint and paint bat wings onto the strings and inside your jar for an extra spooky look.
  4. Place your bats into the jar and enjoy this adorable Halloween centerpiece!

Black Widow Jar Vases

Jar Vases

We all know that a spiderweb is one of the most popular and traditional Halloween centerpiece. But you don’t have to stop there! These jars are perfect for displaying any seasonal flower. They’re also great for storing things like pens and pencils on your desk throughout the year. Plus, they make great gifts. A spider web kit will run about $4-$6, so each vase will cost about $2-$3.

Vintage Halloween Table Vases

Nothing says Halloween like a vase filled with fake blood and toy spiders. If you want to up the creepiness factor, add a bunch of flowers to the mix. You can also use DIY tricks to make your centerpiece more festive, such as painting skulls on votive holders or adding creepy candlesticks on the side.

Mason Jar Guts

Mason Jar Guts

Guts are a simple but effective way to get people into the Halloween centerpiece. If you want to make your own, you only need an assortment of mason jars and some artificial organs. You can even add little LED lights inside them, so they light up. You can also buy pre-made ones at your local craft store if you don’t feel like making them yourself. When it comes to what’s inside the jar, anything goes!

Natural Potpourri For Fall Tablescapes

Natural potpourri is a great, inexpensive way to add fragrance to your fall tablescape. We love using cinnamon sticks, cloves, and orange peels. Try adding some apple pieces or cranberries for an even more festive touch. Please place them in a bowl on the table and sprinkle liberally over the top of them. The scent will fill the room as people walk by. You can also make up little sachets and place them around the house so that they permeate throughout your home when you aren’t there!

Spooky Web Halloween Table Centerpieces

If you’re going for more of a spooky look, spider web decor is sure to get everyone in the spirit. To do this:

  1. Use tinsel or craft wire from dollar stores, black yarn from old stockings, and clear plastic wrap – all things that can easily be found around your house.
  2. Just hang it above your table like so.
  3. For extra flair, add some spiders made out of black pipe cleaners (another easy find at your local store).

You have yourself one scary centerpiece that will keep guests on their toes. The best part? It’s easy and inexpensive to make, so you’ll have enough cash left over for other party essentials. Enjoy!


Halloween is one of the spookiest times of the year, and what’s more fun than celebrating with friends or family? It also gives you the perfect excuse to get your creativity flowing and make some pretty spooky decorations for your house. Whether hosting an epic Halloween party or having an intimate gathering of ghouls and goblins, these 12 incredible Halloween centerpiece ideas will wow your guests!

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