Easy Guide To Hanging and Decorating Wall Candle Sconces

Wall candle sconces generally give you an elegant and timeless addition to home decoration. With many design options in the market, finding the best wall sconces should not be a problem. Not only do the wall sconces help improve the home decor, but they can also illuminate the space. We want to see how you can easily hang and decorate the wall sconces in any space and make them look beautiful. 

Preparing for Wall Candle Sconces Installation 

You cannot just install the wall candle sconces on any wall. You must assess it to ensure it is in good condition to hold these add-ons. 

The first thing is to check the wall material. A good example is the drywall, brick, or plaster materials commonly used to make walls. Ensure the chosen wall can support the wall candle sconces without falling off. 

Still, in preparation, check the height and visibility of where you want to install the sconces. Make sure to account for the furniture height and your height too. This ensures you can have a better visual impact and still illumination in the room. 

Proximity to other objects is also important. Consider things such as paintings, mirrors, or furniture. There is a distance you have to maintain from these objects. An example is installing wall sconces at least 10 inches from a painting that can easily catch fire. The same applies to the furniture and mirrors too. 

What You Will Need

  • Wall anchors 
  • Screws
  • The wall candle sconces
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Level
  • Measuring tape 
  • Marker or pencil 

Hanging the Wall Candle Sconces 

  1. Prepare the wall surface where you want to install the wall sconces. This includes cleaning the surface and ensuring it is free from dust, dirt, and other debris. You may sometimes have to patch any holes or imperfections in the wall where necessary. 
  2. Next is to mark where you would like the sconces to be installed. We recommend using a tape measure to get the right height, especially when installing several candle sconces. They need to be at the same height. Make sure that you use a pencil or marker to market these locations.
  3. Drill pilot holes where you have marked on the wall. Make sure to use the right drill bits so that the screws can hold quite well once the candle sconces are mounted. Once you are done drilling the holes, insert the wall anchors into them and gently hammer where necessary to keep them flush with the wall. If you have to drill multiple holes for one sconce, use a level to ensure they are on the same level. 
  4. Now it is time to mount the wall candle sconces onto the walls. Hold the sconce against the wall while aligning the holes on it with those in the wall. Insert the screws and use a screwdriver to tighten the screws into place. You should be done by now mounting the wall sconces.
wall candle sconces
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Decorating Wall Candle Sconces 

Now that you have installed the candle sconces, what next? It is time to improve the visual appeal of the candle sconces and have a captivating display. We recommend carefully choosing the right candles and other complementary accessories, ensuring you get the best look in your space. 

So, how do you choose the right candles? 

The first consideration is the size and shape. Make sure the choice of candles can fit in the sconces and still complement the design. You can consider the tapered, pillar, or votive candles. 

The colors and finishes of the candles are also key in harmonizing the room’s color scheme and making the color pop. We recommend metallic, textured, or matte finishes for a nice visual interest. 

Who would not want some nice scents in a room? That is where scented candles come in handy. You can also use them to decorate your space and have something that looks and smells nice at the same time. Good scents are good for adding aroma to your space. 

The flameless candles are also good for those that might often leave the candles unattended. A good example is using LED candles that mimic real flames’ flickering. They are also mostly affordable, and you do not have to worry about the wax mess. 

Still on decorating wall candle sconces, consider decorative accents too. Accents aim to enhance the visual impact. An example is to use small framed artwork, mirrors, and other wall decals close to the sconces to enhance them. 

Maintenance and Safety 

You need to keep the wall candle sconces looking good to appeal to anyone entering the space. 

The first thing to do is dust the candle sconces. You could use a soft dry cloth to remove dust and debris from the sconce surface gently. 

You may also clean the surfaces using a mild cleaning solution. This is for removing tough stains. Ultimately, you should have a shiny candle sconce that works great for you. 

Still, removing the candle wax is highly recommended. Once the wax has cooled and hardened, use a plastic or wooden tool to remove it. Try to remove it as often as possible. Avoid sharp objects as they can easily scratch or damage the surface. 

Another thing is to check and replace candles where necessary regularly. This is not just for visual appeal but also for safety. If you notice the candles have signs of damage, such as cracks and uneven burning, discard them and use quality candles. 

On fire safety precautions, you should never leave the candles unattended all the time. This is vital to ensure you do not end up burning the house. Also, keep the candles far from flammable materials. This ensures you avoid easily starting a fire in the house. 


Hanging and decorating wall candle sconces is often easy, as seen from the guide above. We always recommend taking your time to hang the wall sconces correctly if you want them to look good, also. Remember to clean and maintain them for the best looks properly. If you also use the right candles, expect a beautiful overall look.

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