What Is a Good Vase Size for a Centerpiece?

One thing you should know about a centerpiece design is that a lot of math goes into choosing the right one for a table, wedding theme, and many other considerations. The idea is to ensure the vase size complements the flower size for the best look.

So, how are the vase sizes and flower sizes picked? We want to look at that in this guide to fully understand how best you can set up your wedding centerpiece next time.

Balancing Vase Size With Flower Size

Even if it is not a wedding decoration, you will usually receive flowers alone without the vase. This means now you have to look for a vase that can work with the flowers you already have. Unfortunately, sometimes you may be limited to only a few options which would make the flowers not look their best.

The basic math is that you first get the height of the flower stem and then divide this value by 2.5. This would give you the recommended height of the vase you should be having for the specific flowers.

Taking flower stems with a height of 20 inches, divide this by 2.5 to end up with 8. As such, a good vase for the bouquet should be at least 8 inches in height to make the flowers look great.

The constant 2.5 is recommended for the medium to tall vases. However, the small fish-bowl vases could use a constant of 1.5 to get the ideal height of a vase.

Setting up the flowers in the vases is not an exact science. This means that you can be off by an inch or two, and the flowers will still look good. It is all about how you balance the vase with the flower size.

It is possible to come across different shapes of vases and flower types. Thus the rule can be bent a bit to ensure the flowers still look good. An example is when you want to set up flowers with a strong rigid stem; then, the fish bowl vase will do a good job. Here you have to cut based on the height of the vase rather than doing a lot of calculations.

The thin and narrow flowers look best in a narrow neck vase. As you can see, it is all about finding the right balance too between the flower and the vase size too.

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Centerpiece

things to consider when choosing a vase

Now that you understand how well to balance the vase size with the flower size, it is time to look at how to choose the right centerpiece. With the right calculations in mind, you can generally have one of the best centerpieces.

1. Consider the event

Centerpieces largely rely on the type of event. You cannot expect weddings to have the same centerpiece as a funeral. So, first, what kind of event are you designing the centerpiece for, and what is the overall theme?

Like for a wedding, the centerpiece is expected to have romantic flowers, mostly white to make the centerpiece timeless. That is why you would get roses at weddings as they are associated with romance.

Celebrations such as graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays can also have centerpieces. The only difference is they would be colorful and fun. You can also get personalized centerpieces based on the guest’s preferences.

Somber events need a lot of seriousness. That is why the centerpieces might not be as colorful. You may also find the jewelry used has a darker tone generally. The flowers also contain a lot of greenery to keep the pomp and color minimum.

2. Shape of tables

Most people might not have known that the table shapes also affect the centerpiece design. The most common shapes at a venue can include round, square, oval, and rectangular.

Round tables need round centerpieces too. This helps the guests to have a good view of the centerpiece from all angles. As for the square tables, they can do both round and square centerpieces. Such would be great, helping the guests have a clear view of the centerpieces even when seated at the corner of the table.

Of course, we cannot forget the oval and rectangular tables. This will be a long table in most cases. In such a case, you can have several centerpieces on a single table. Make them with varying heights to ensure they also remain aesthetically pleasing too.

The vase shape should also be considered even while looking at a table shape. As for the round vase, create a round arrangement to suit the round table better.

3. Your budget

Of course, a budget would be important to consider. The number of centerpieces for a wedding or anniversary will largely depend on the available budget. First, look at the options available, determine how many you need, and then divide the budget appropriately.

Most people would spend less on centerpieces meant for guests and more on tables meant for the bridal party. The aim is always to give the bridal party a grand arrangement worth their money.

4. Table capacity

The table size determines its capacity. Of course, it is also important to consider it. As you can see, having a large centerpiece on a small table will not make sense. The table still needs to accommodate plates, water pitches, guest place cards, and much more. Having a centerpiece that is too large would make the table appear crowded.

5. Overall ambiance

The overall ambiance can determine how well you set up the centerpieces. First, you need to visualize the room with the centerpieces arranged. This includes the centerpiece design, shape, plus the flowers arranged too.

Does the area look congested, or is there enough space left to make the room airy? These are some of the questions to ask yourself.

Also, looking at the ambiance is when you can decide which size of centerpieces to use. Sometimes the shorter ones are better and vice versa.

6. Vase choices

Now that you have the vision in your mind, it is best to get the right containers or vases to hold the flowers. Understand that the vase size and shape would determine the flower arrangement’s shape, size, and overall vibe.

So, what are the common options? Depending on the supplier, the most common option for vases include ceramics, glass, metal, and glass. Some often want a rustic look, so a bit of customization would go into making such vases.

7. Guest preference

This will be hard when you are looking to set up a table for a wedding. If it was a family member’s only gathering, you could easily set it up based on preferences. As for a wedding, you have to go the extra mile of making it random while maintaining its elegance too.

Take note that some people can be allergic to pollen. So, play safe by not having flowers that would easily trigger allergies in people. The same applies to scents. Getting flowers with a weak scent is best to avoid triggering allergies.


Centerpieces will only be good if you take your time to think, craft, and execute your plans better. This is where the balance between the flowers and vase sizes comes in handy. Make sure you fully understand how best to set up the flowers, and you should have a good centerpiece or several that people enjoy looking at generally.

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