Guide to Candle Sconces and Wall Sconces

Should Wall Sconces Face Up or Down

When you get wall sconces, you might not be sure which is the best pick, whether you want one that faces up or down.

Candle sconces’ orientation largely depends on the lighting you are looking for. This is because wall sconces that face up are designed to diffuse the light and create ambient lighting filling the whole room.

What about the wall sconces facing down? In such a case, the work of such candle sconces is to create directional lighting. This is the kind of lighting suitable for accomplishing a certain task.

For illustration purposes, we will consider a bathroom setup to explain why some wall sconces may face upwards while others downwards.

Wall Sconces Facing Up

When the wall sconces in the bathroom face up, they create a more diffused ambient light. This kind of light easily radiates throughout the room, creating a warm atmosphere.

The main reason someone would opt for sconces facing up is to bring more light into the room. You may also notice that such an arrangement of wall sconces leaves you with light filling the entire room.

Still, wall sconces facing up are ideal for lighting a large space. Even if it is not the bathroom, you can use it to light the living room and dining room.

Wall Sconces Facing Down

When you opt for sconces facing down, you are hoping for the opposite effect of wall sconces facing up.

So, you end up with a stronger directional light rather than a diffused light. It is more about focusing the light on one position.

The result of directional lighting is that it works great for applying makeup or styling your hair in the case of a bathroom. It is also a good lighting choice for creating brighter lighting to complete daily tasks in a bathroom.

The good thing about such lights is that you can use them in the bedroom too. Let us say you want wall sconces for reading at night before sleeping. Such would be a good use of the wall sconces.

You may also find it a great choice for creating flattering light when placed over a piece of art or any other decor. The focus now will be on such a piece of art, ensuring that people take note of it.

candle wall sconces
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Candle Wall Sconces And Color Temperature

The color temperature is an important aspect of lighting a space. It can be the bathroom, living room, bedroom, or any other application.

The color temperature is simply what color hue you get from a light. Expect it to range from red, orange, yellow, white, and blueish white. That is why some light can be considered good for setting the mood while another is great for overall illumination since it is bright.

The color temperature and type of candle wall sconces you use largely depend on the type of lighting you are looking for, plus the size of the bathroom. You are advised to strive towards natural daylight lighting. This means not too bright and also not too dim.

The color temperature is measured in terms of Kelvins (K), and varies from 2000K for the warmer light to 6500K for the cooler blue color. White color is in the middle with 3500K.

The ideal color temperature for your bathroom should be around 3000K which is bright light. This should allow you to apply makeup better or style your hair without imperfections. However, you can still check the color temperature depending on the application.

Where To Put The Candle Wall Sconces In The Bathroom

Now that you know more about choosing candle sconces based on the color temperature, you also ask yourself where best to hang the candle wall sconces to get the maximum effects.


We find it much easier to light bathroom mirrors than in other spaces. This is because you would spend a lot more time in the mirror. The shape and size of the mirror may determine how you end up lighting it.

In case you have a wide mirror, put the candle sconces above the mirror. Do the same concept when it is an oval mirror, only that you will need fewer candle sconces.

When You Need More Light

If you want more light in the bathroom, you will want to opt for candle wall sconces facing up rather than down. It might not be the brightest light, but it can cover a wider space ensuring the whole bathroom is lit.

You can also put light close to the mirror to reflect more light into the room. Even having small mirrors can do a lot in ensuring you get more light into the bathroom.

How High To Mount Candle Wall Sconces

People tend to make mistakes when mounting the candle wall ounces. They would either mount it too high or too low.

As much as there is no exact height to mount the wall sconces, we recommend keeping the sconces at 60 to 80 inches from the floor. The way would be to keep the sconces at eye level or slightly above, depending on the room. The most important part is to ensure no one is looking over the candle sconce.

The other option would be to mount the sconces above the mirror. This is probably the highest you can mount the sconces. This would be around 75 to 80 inches from the floor.

You can expect to find bathroom sconces above the mirror to face down. They should provide enough directional light to look at yourself in the mirror while applying makeup or other things.

Another common location is to mount the sconces on the sides of the mirror. Expect such a mounting location to keep the sconces for candles at 65 to 70 inches from the floor. Keep the sconces also 4 inches from the sides of the mirror. Make sure there is also enough space from one sconce to another in the bathroom for the best lighting.

Candle Wall Sconces Ideas

  • Sziqiqi Wall Candle Holder for Pillar Tea Light
metal black candle wall sconces
Source: Sziqiqi

Using such a candle holder can make any space look beautiful. Mounting it is easy, and you should be done in no time. Other than using this source in the bathroom or living room, we find it also good for wedding decorations and other venues. Such versatility is what you need for a beautiful candle holder.

  • Sziqiqi Wooden Wall Candle Holder
wooden candle sconces for wall decor
Source: Sziqiqi

Other than being good for illuminating some spaces, it should be a great option as wall art. This is because of the creative, eye-catching look it places in space. You will also like the craftsmanship that comes with the candle holder. It is also affordable to make you do not have a problem adding it to your home. You can potentially use it as a gift for someone who enjoys such types of decorations in the house.


Choosing whether the wall sconces should face up or down largely depends on which type of lighting you want to achieve. If you need the lighting for the whole room, the candle wall sconces facing up will do the job. You can still consider using those facing down if you want a brighter light focused on one spot. So, always look at the application to know which option to consider.

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