Guide On DIY Metal Candle Wall Sconces

Metal candle wall sconces are some of the ways you can decorate any room. Once they are loaded with candles, expect to experience a warm ambiance in the room. The flickering glow of candles would make someone feel welcomed in a room and simply there to relax after going through tough days.

It is possible to develop a DIY metal candle wall sconce if you have all the right parts. For this case, we have the right guide for you to end up with your own candle wall sconce. We cover that and many other things in this guide for you to easily create a wall sconce for your rooms. 

Inspiration and Design of Candle Wall Sconces

Before diving deep into making a DIY metal candle wall sconce, we will first share tips on finding inspiration for the wall sconces. Several resources are available, including websites dedicated to DIY projects. You can also check out Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media sites to see which would be the wall sconce designs to try. 

You may also browse through home decor magazines. They will likely have the latest trends for you to gain insights into the various candle wall sconce designs. Pay attention to the various elements used in the designs to come up with the most appealing wall sconces. 

As you keep searching for the best design and inspiration, make sure to also consider what you want the overall aesthetic to achieve. If you want a sleek and minimalistic design, consider the designs that complement the existing home decor. As such, you end up with harmony in your home. 

The size is also an important consideration. Where do you want to install the candle wall sconces? Is there enough space? These are the questions you ask yourself so that the DIY metal candle wall sconces can suit the space available to set them up. 

Make sure not to skip this part, as it sets the pace for building the best candle wall sconces. 

Materials and Tools

Of course, to make the candle wall sconce, you need the right tools and materials. Here is a comprehensive list of what you will need. 

  • Metal pieces such as copper, brass, aluminum, and steel
  • Candles that will fit in your wall sconces once done
  • Screws and brackets for attaching the sconces to the wall
  • Paint (optional)
  • Decorative accents (optional)
  • Hacksaw 
  • Drill 
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape 
  • Sandpaper
  • Safety equipment 
  • Pliers 
  • Clamps or vices
  • Level 
  • Paintbrushes or spray gun 

With the list of materials and tools above, you are ready to work on your candle wall sconce. 

Cuffup Modern Candle Wall Sconces

The Most Complete Process

This is the part you convert the basic sheet metal into a beautiful design for a wall sconce. Check out the steps below. 

Preparing the Metal Pieces

Start by measuring and marking the places you want to cut on the metal sheet. This should be based on the design you had chosen. Use a pencil or marker and ensure there is accuracy with your measurements as they impact the final product. 

Start cutting the metal once the pieces are marked. We recommend using a hacksaw and cutting accurately along the marked lines. You may have to wear protective gear and clamp the metal piece if necessary. 

Smoothen the edges after cutting so that it is not too sharp or rough that it can easily cut you. 

Shaping the Candle Wall Sconces 

This is the part that helps with shaping the metal sheet into a beautiful candle wall sconce. You may have to perform several shaping techniques to achieve your desired design. The techniques include folding, hammering, and bending. 

Let us take bending as an example; you use a pair of pliers or hands to gradually shape the metal and make it conform to specific curves. Folding is done to create folds or creases vital for adding dimension. If you want a textured effect, you can use hammering. 

During this entire process, you should always consider balance and symmetry. You could use templates or measuring tools where necessary. The templates are key for achieving consistency throughout the wall sconce project, especially if you have to make several candle wall sconces. 

Assembly and Mounting 

The next step in making a candle wall sconce is component assembly. Attach brackets, screws, or any other fasters to the metal pieces to do this. A drill can be good for making pilot holes where necessary. Secure the components together firmly to keep them from falling apart easily. 

Finishing Touches

With the assembly process done, you can make the final touches if necessary. One of the options is painting. Whenever you paint the metal candle wall sconce, you give it a pop of color to complement the current color scheme in your space. Make sure the metal surface is free from dust or grease before painting. 

Staining is another choice for finishing touches. This would be the best for those who want a more natural and rustic look. Use the right metal stain and follow the manufacturer’s guide on applying it for the best results. 

The protective coating is also a good part of finishing up the design and building of candle wall sconces. The protective coating is expected to increase the lifespan of the sconces and protect them from potential rust or corrosion. The coating can be clear lacquer, sealant, or varnish. 

Mounting the Wall Sconce

At this point, the candle wall sconce is done, and you can go ahead to mount it on the wall. Mounting can depend on the size, weight, and other factors of the wall sconce. If it is a heavy wall sconce, use the screws for mounting it onto the wall. The small, lightweight sconces can be held with adhesive only. 

Double-check the stability of the mounted candle wall sconce so that it does not fall off the wall when you add candles. 


You have created your own candle wall sconce with the help of this guide. Do not stop there; try different projects as much as possible to ensure you are good at them. Try working on intricate designs now since you know all the right steps to take. Go through different finishing processes to always have the right wall sconces you like.

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