The Groom’s Guide to Managing Wedding Party Size

Getting married is usually very exciting. Yet there is so much hassle when you, as a groom, are responsible for managing your wedding party size. All these responsibilities mostly muddle you up. Whilst that, it is important to go through a groom’s guide to help you manage your wedding party size. If you are looking for such guidance, we have got you covered here.

According to an online survey, the average wedding party size is 50 to 60 guests. However, people also arrange larger wedding parties with 150 to 200 people. This usually depends upon your social circle. If you are an outgoing person, you will probably have to invite more people. With the question of guests comes the question of how many groomsmen you should have for your wedding party. We will talk about this and further related questions in the article below.

Choosing the Right Number of Groomsmen for Your Wedding Party

You might have a question in your mind about how many groomsmen you should have. The number of guests may give an answer to this question. You can see that your wedding party will have an imbalance if you have eight groomsmen, and you invite 20 guests. 3 to 4 groomsmen sound like a decent size if there will be 50 to 100 attendees. You might need to have 6 to 8 groomsmen after you have at least 100 attendees. If 100 to 150 guests sound too small to you, you should plan to have 8 to 10 groomsmen for a party size of over 150 guests.

This is all that matters in the end. List those who wish to serve as groomsmen. You bear some of the questions in mind while doing so. Who has supported your relationship over the years? Who would be the most appropriate for the job? When you have the list, consider if it fits with the marriage, you and your fiancée have in mind. If everything seems right, you are good to go.

Sometimes grooms have a hard time finding their groomsmen. In that situation, thinking about the choice for a while is preferable. You should not make a quick groomsman proposal that you’ll later regret. Take a moment to reflect. Later, pursue your choice. We are certain you’ll decide well.

The Groom's Guide to Managing Wedding Party Size

What Are Some Extra Responsibilities of the Best Man and Groomsmen?

According to the rules, you have to select one best man from the group of groomsmen. Extra members of the groom’s group are groomsmen. While both sound the same, there is a difference in the responsibilities of the two.

Duties of a Best Man

It’s important to know that a best man handles everything before the wedding day. He leads the group of groomsmen. He handles organizing their wedding attire and the wedding reception. At times, he is even responsible for arranging their transport to and from the event. He is also in charge of helping out during the ceremony and the activities before the wedding. All in all, it’s the best man’s duty to lead the groomsmen and make sure that everything goes without any problem.

Duties of a Groomsman

There is a list of responsibilities for which a groomsman is responsible. To begin with, a groomsman handles making sure that the pre-wedding events go as planned.  Another big responsibility of a groomsman is to plan the bachelor party with the best man. He should abide by the things the best man has assigned him. Additionally, being there for the groom-to-be is the most important groomsman’s role. He should make sure that there are no problems for the groom.

The Groom's Guide to Managing Wedding Party Size

3 Things You Need to Include in Your Wedding Etiquette Booklets

Your marriage is the most exceptional moment in your life. While it’s understandable that you are very excited, there are a few things to take care of and add to your etiquette booklet. The following three rules should be added to your wedding booklet:

Take Care of Your Expenses

You should always make sure that you don’t act extravagant when it’s your marriage. Make sure to arrange everything but do not overspend. It’s your wedding and, in the end, what matters the most is you and your bride. People will remember how you and your wife get along instead of how much you spend. You should keep this in your mind while you are getting married. You can spend the money post-marriage to make your moments memorable.

Don’t Leave Everything to the Groomsmen

Though groomsmen are supposed to handle things for you, it is advised to make sure that you are in the loop too. You should know what’s going on. At times, it becomes hectic for the groomsmen to handle all of your things. Besides, since you know your choices, you should help them arrange things according to your choices. This should be added to your etiquette booklet.

Treat Everyone Well

Since it’s your big day, everybody wants to meet you properly. You should make sure to meet everyone properly and greet them. At times people get disheartened when they come to your party but don’t get to see you. This is one of the etiquettes you should be aware of.

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