Choisissez votre date de mariage : ce que vous devez savoir

Choosing a date for your wedding might seem like an easy thing to do, but it’s not. If it comes off as easy as pointing to date on your calendar, it might come laden with complications or regrets.

Trouver la date de mariage idéale est une décision importante et vous devez la traiter comme telle. Il y a plusieurs facteurs à considérer et des discussions avec la famille et les amis.

But you don’t need to panic. That’s exactly why we’re here. This post will introduce you to some factors you should consider before choosing a wedding date.

8 éléments à considérer pour fixer la date de votre mariage

The factors involved are as many, but some are more important to the wedding than others. We’ll list 12 of the most important factors below.

1. Budget

You cannot ignore the financial aspect of a wedding if you want to have a memorable event. This is not about having an expensive wedding. It’s about deciding how your partner wants the wedding to look. You both can then combine efforts to bring it to life.

Don’t ignore the relationship between your wedding date and combien you spend on the wedding, especially if you’re planning on a tight budget. July, August, and September are peak periods for weddings. Weddings are more expensive than other months. Whatever your budget is, you can plan something nice and lovely for you and your guests.

2. Saison/Météo

What have you always imagined your wedding would be like? Have you always pictured yourself in an indoor wedding with the snowflakes falling outside? You’ve always seen yourself in a garden in springtime or at an outdoor wedding with the sun going down on the horizon. You’ll have to consider the location and its weather conditions. What’s the weather like now of the year?

You can decide to hold the wedding elsewhere if your immediate location cannot give you the wedding you want. It’s all up to you.

Ce que vous devez savoir avant de choisir votre date de mariage

3. Disponibilité du lieu

C'est peut-être le numéro 3 sur cette liste, mais il devrait être le numéro 1 sur votre liste de facteurs à prendre en compte avant de choisir une date pour votre mariage. Réservez à l'avance, car les mariages sont populaires toute l'année. Cela est particulièrement vrai pour les lieux populaires. Certains de ces lieux sont réservés jusqu'à 18 mois plus tôt.

Un conseil très utile qui a bien fonctionné pour les couples est de lister les lieux possibles et de les appeler à l'avance pour voir lesquels ont les meilleures dates. Il se pourrait que la disponibilité de votre lieu de mariage préféré puisse même influencer le choix de la date de votre mariage.

4. Amis et famille

Your wedding is important to you and your partner, but it doesn’t end there. A wedding date is as your prerogative as it is that of those you love. Consider what it would look like if some of your dearest and favorite friends or family members missed out on your wedding because you chose the wrong dates.

Before settling for a particular date, be sure to run it by some friends and family members you expect to be at your wedding. It doesn’t have to be a large circle, a few individuals whose presence at the wedding would mean a lot to you and your partner.

5. Événements majeurs

You don’t want your wedding competing with big national events. That’s unnecessary, and you should avoid it as much as possible. Stay away from dates like Superbowl and other big sporting events. Also, keep local concerts, festivals, and conventions in mind. Such events can cause major inconveniences to you and your guests. Think higher hotel costs, heavier traffic, and crowded streets.

6. Date des autres mariages

Other members of your family or circle might be getting married during the same period. Your job here is to determine if any such plans are in place. If you have overlapping guests, try to give some time between their weddings and yours. For example, it’s not ideal to attend weddings on consecutive weekends. In such cases, you can leave at least one week between two weddings to allow for things like traveling, work, and ease of attendance.

7. Vendeurs

Vendors are essential to the wedding industry, and you must not leave them out when choosing a date. Like wedding venues, many vendors are booked all year round, especially if they’re reliable and popular. If you want professionals to handle some aspects of a wedding, you should book them ahead of time.

8. Chronologie

Choose a date that gives you time to plan the wedding. Consider the size of the guest list, how you want your wedding to look and feel, and the number of vendors you’ll need to hire. The average wedding takes about 12 months to plan, mais de nombreuses situations ont prouvé que cela pouvait être fait en beaucoup moins de temps.

Vous savez maintenant les éléments à prendre en compte avant de choisir une date de mariage. Selon vous, lequel d’entre eux poserait le plus grand défi ?

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