12 conseils pour les décors d'entrée de maison avec des notes de Pâques

Easter is just around the corner, and creative Easter home decoration ideas are coming out from everywhere. Whether it’s colorful wooden eggs or candle holder decorations, people go wild and beyond to make their home look beautiful. 

We’ve looked into our creative minds and found 12 Easter home decoration ideas. We’ve even found a way to convert your room into the ‘Room Of Spring’ to cherish it with blossoms. 

Metal Candle Sconces with Old Vibes

Candle sconces flawlessly get through with the old-fashion vibes. Metal candle sconces are a great choice for Easter home decorations. Selecting old gold candle sconces will add a touch of rustic ambiance to your home. 

To perfect the entryway decor, using some wall decor, such as a welcome bunny rabbit or hanging Easter baskets, can be a great choice. Place them on both sides of your gate or entryway, your guest will be surprised by them.

Showcase DIY Easter Candle Holders

Oh, eggs…but all we’ve known are egg baskets, right? It’s time to showcase your creativity for egg candle holders too.  This is a funny DIY project. Make colorful fake eggs and assemble them into candlesticks as the image shows with your family members. Burning candles in egg shape holders is heart-warming to watch.

Create the aura with more egg candle holders for your Easter home decorations. Would you try these candles every year? 

Egg candle holders for Easter home decorations
Source: twosisterscrafting.com

Hanging Tealight Candles

Little but shimmery tealight candles can never go out of style. In addition, tealight candles hanging in the air look like stars in your entryway. That will be very charming for Easter home decorations.

Save your table for other candles and flowers, and make your place look like a galaxy of stars. That’s what you’d love on an Easter celebration evening, right? 

Light-colored Pillar Candles

Colorful pillar candles and metal candlestick always plays an important part in Easter. Light-colored candles and candlesticks are like spring flowers, beautiful and fresh. Place them at your entryway table to create an ambiance of spring.

Using egg candles can be another creative choice that makes your entryway setting more interesting.

Candle holder for Easter home decorations
Source: Luminara

Blooming Tulips on Entryway Table

Spring is the season of blooming flowers. Beautiful flowers can always make people passing by feel happy. Tulips can be the first choice if you don’t have ideas on what flowers to choose for your entryway. Make your tulips bloom in a metal vase or maybe a geometrical-shaped vase. 

It wouldn’t just beautify the petals but also hold them all together with the most glow. Moreover, you can add some Hyacinths to your collection! 

The purple and white combination will make your Easter home decorations shimmer. 

Colorful Egg Collection Basket 

It’s Easter, and there are no eggs anywhere. No way! This idea will complete your Easter home decorations.

Paint your eggs with spring colors like pink, white, and yellow, and sprinkle them over your basket. Apart from the regular wooden baskets, you can get a geometric metal basket and fill it with colorful eggs. On that, put your spring flowers and look how pretty it is! This is the perfect choice for your entryway table.  

Display Your DIY Easter Egg by Candle Holders

Matching up metal candlesticks and Easter eggs as a part of Easter home decorations? That is a great idea!

You can pick up eggs of different sizes and paint them with various colors. Do the same for metal candlesticks. Got the stuff? Now place the eggs on the candlesticks. Different heights of candlesticks can be a great stand for displaying your Easter eggs.

Egg display for Easter home decorations

Spring Flowers in Gold Vase

Flowers and a cluster of gold vases tied together with a vintage rope give off pure vintage vibes. It seems like the perfect centerpiece for Easter home decorations. 

But wait before you go! We got more centerpieces that can help you create a masterpiece of your room. 

A Group of Easter Bunnies on Table

Easter is the time of spring and blossom. Eggs represent rebirth, bunnies represent spring. 

So, a group of small metal bunnies on your entryway table represents you are welcoming the arrival of spring. Easter is all about these symbols because it’s a joyful, welcoming spring festival. You add the year’s theme colors and welcome spring joyfully. 

Bunnies Easter home decorations
Source: janemaplesflowers.co.uk

Pastel Feather Tree

Can you find anything more minimalistic or beautiful for your Easter home decorations than this pastel feather tree? I bet not! The leaves or feathers aren’t made of real feathers but of cardstock paper. 

All you need to do is cut the cardstock paper into thin leaves and paste them on the tree branches. And yes, your pastel feather tree is ready!  Something you make yourself is always better to show off. So put him at the entryway table, and let the guests see your creative achievements as soon as they enter the door. 

Chocolate Filled Wreath

Who doesn’t like chocolates, right? And what if you serve those chocolates as Easter eggs on the very occasion? 

Use this beautiful chocolate-filled wreath as the hanging centerpiece on your entryway. Let’s know how to get it ready for Easter! 

Collect all the spring flowers, actually dried spring flowers, and cover the wreath’s body with them. It’ll look beautiful, for sure. Then, add colorful chocolates in the middle of it. 

It’d look like a bird’s nest. Beautiful, isn’t it? 

Metal Birdcage Lanterns with Spring Flowers

The last of our Easter entryway decorations are metal birdcage candle lanterns and spring flowers. 

Pick up your metal birdcage lanterns and hang them along your entryway. Get bright-color flowers in the birdcages. Guide your guests to the dining room with flower lanterns.

Rustic Bird Cage Candle Holder


When Easter comes, most people always only remember to decorate their dining table and fireplace, but forget the most important place- the entryway. The entryway is the first place that guests pass through when entering your home. Little Easter home decorations in this place can be a pleasant surprise. And those Easter home decorations will increase the atmosphere of your Easter dinner tonight.

That’s why we list the top 12 creative Easter home decorations ideas for your entryway. All these ideas are easy to get done with. Spend your Easter season baking and enjoying with your friends and family. Leave your home decorations to us.

Featured Image Source: designcafe.com

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