Comment puis-je sauvegarder mes décorations de mariage ?

A lot goes into preparing for a wedding, including choosing the right type of wedding decoration. However, a wedding is just for one day, and that is it. Will it mean that you cannot use the remaining decorations after the wedding is over?

For many people, this would be a waste. They would definitely want to repurpose their wedding decorations, thus the question, how can I save my wedding decorations? That is not something to worry about anymore as we look at creative ways you can use your decorations after the wedding is over below.

The cake stand

Any wedding without a cake is not a wedding at all. Some people are specifically there to enjoy the cake, so you will not be the first one to deny them such an opportunity. When cake is involved, it is best to get yourself the right cake stand too. Have a cake stand that generally stands out and can be repurposed later once the event is over.

The cake stand can be mostly used as a decorative piece in the kitchen or bathroom. An example is when you use it in the kitchen to hold the washing sponge and soap. As for the bathroom, it would be for displaying your perfumes and shower gels.

The flower vases

Other than cake, flowers are also not going to miss in the wedding decor plans. The good thing with flowers is that having them integrated into your home decor is fairly easy. That is where the flower vases come in, since you have to hold the flowers somewhere.

Depending on the choice of flower vases, you can be sure they would fit right in your existing home decor. Make sure that when purchasing the flower vases for the wedding decor, you also think about how to use them later once the wedding is over.

You can often come across different flower vases, some being gold, silver, and with different designs and colors. Working with professionals should help you get the best flower vase generally.

Lighting accessories

Lighting accessories

Lighting fixtures are also great wedding decorations. You can play around with different options, including candles, lanterns, LED lighting, and more. One good thing about such accessories is versatility even after the wedding.

Candles can always be used for a romantic setting later even when you are married. As for lanterns, many people opt to use them for an outdoor setting such as the patio or porch. The LED lighting strips would also get many uses, depending on your creativity. Some would use such lighting in different rooms since they can change colors.

The wedding signs

The wedding signs can vary depending on your wedding theme. That is how some weddings can have pretty signs while others have a rustic look. The work of the wedding signs is to welcome and direct the guests. The good thing is how they can add a wow factor too to your home once you are done with them at your wedding.

An example is when you put the “happily married” sign into your bedroom and have it changed to read “Welcome to our happily ever married.” That is just one use as you can be creative on how best you want to use the signs.

Also, sometimes you can reuse the wedding signs only on specific occasions such as the anniversary. This is key for you to have something that links you back to when it all happened.

Wedding place cards

The wedding place cards are mostly nicely done depending on who you choose to handle them. If the guests do not take the place cards with them, there is an option of you use them as home decorations or mementos too as just remember who came to your wedding.

Some companies making these place cards would offer them in a coaster design. This makes it quite easy for you to repurpose them even after the wedding. You could have them also turned into small centerpieces on the tables. When the guests see this, they would want a piece of it. So, such centerpieces will not go to waste even after the wedding is over.

Wedding guestbook

A guestbook is where your guests will leave some nice messages for the newlyweds. This is something you cannot forget to reuse when the wedding is over. We recommend that you have a bespoke wedding guestbook that would make it a nice piece to keep looking at.

You can pick out pages with the best messages and have them laminated. This protects them from being damaged ever. Hang these pages around the office or any other place in the house to give a special moment each time you read them. It can be a nice way of starting your day with nice messages from friends and family.

Table decor

wedin decoration

Table decors at weddings can always have many uses generally. It all comes down to what you use as your table decor. Many people would consider either the tall or short centerpieces or a mixture of both. The centerpieces of course, can be of different designs, making it easier to reuse them later.

Consider when you have a centerpiece with flowers, this can be reused in your home too to spruce your table. If you had bird cages or lanterns as part of the decor, use them in your garden. You can be sure to come across different uses of the decor with ease.

Seating chart

The seating chart could also get many applications. It would also remain a decor piece in your home where you can have the seating chart framed. The framing gives you a nice list of names of people who joined the wedding to celebrate you.

It is not uncommon that you may often come across some people hanging the seating chart in their homes to remember the good times. You too, could do the same to feel that your friends and family made it such a memorable day.

Since we have established that there will be plenty of flowers at a wedding, why not just donate them? It will be impossible to reuse all of them, so rather than them getting wasted, have other people enjoy them.

Ask your guests to take the flowers if they really like them. The aim is to have the flowers get the best use generally. Also, you could consider donating them to the nearby hospital for the patients to enjoy them. You have no idea what flowers do to the patients. They generally lift their spirits.

Another way of reusing the wedding flowers would be having them preserved for life. This is where the flowers are dried and cast in wax or resin. This will keep the flowers looking just as good as when you got married several years later.


With the various wedding decorations above, it is possible to find more use for them even after the wedding is over. We always recommend that you become creative with what is available, and you never have to waste a wedding decoration. The repurposing methods mentioned above are just a few ideas; you can always come up with your own ideas based on the available wedding decoration.

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