Comment ajouter de la couleur aux tables de mariage

You aren’t just serving the food to your wedding guests. The environment also speaks a lot and helps your guests to have a great evening. Wedding decor is inevitable to make this event a life-lasting memory. While decorating the in-house or outdoor wedding venue, nothing is more critical than tables where the guests will sit. This article will teach you different ideas about adding color to your wedding table.

You may consider it hard now, but after reading this article, adding color to your wedding table will be straightforward. You don’t need anything extra to amp up your wedding table, but the inevitable things. It’ll be more than enough to use the following listed items properly.

La nappe

Table linen is the base set for teles decor. Give importance to it. Here are some fantastic table linen ideas to add colors to your wedding table.

Rose Petals on White Linen

Rose Petals on White Linen

The combination of red and white always rocks. But the correct proportion of mixing both colors stands out in your table color. It’s economical to spread rose petals over the white table linen because roses are one of the compulsory parts of every wedding event. Therefore, no need to break out of the bank to create a soft and romantic wedding theme.

Red Over White

Red Over White wedding table

As mentioned earlier, the combination of red and white create a soft and romantic theme. Such a theme is mostly adopted at wedding events because people want to make such events a life-lasting memory. Instead of a light shade, you can also go with thick red table linen over white. The scenery gets terrific if you add little greenery over the table. Sometimes, people get allergic to the fragrances of the natural rose, so it’s an alternative to over the issue.

Pink Table Linen

Pink wedding Table Linen

A theme of love and romance is incomplete without a pink color as it symbolizes love and romance. The best time to set the such tone is the wedding event. Spread the pink color table linen to add color to your wedding table. The crystal glasses over the table easily absorb this shade and amp up the entire table. While using the pink table linen, don’t forget to add white, as white and pink create a crisp and bold scheme.

Green Will Be Great With White Linen

Green Will Be Great With White Linen

No one can hate nature. It’s the theme behind the combination of white and green. The green color refreshes the guests sitting around the table, while the white symbolizes love and peace. While using white, don’t forget to add complementary colors, i.e., red, though it is in tone. This combination will add color to your wedding table and the event.

White Table Linen with Red and Orange Napkin

White Table Linen with Red and Orange Napkin

It will be amazingly refreshing and peace-creating decor to set up your wedding table with white table linen and multi color napkin, i.e., red and orange. The dominating white color sets a beautiful romance, love, and peace tone. Moreover, such mixing is also very entertaining to the guests occupying it. To amp up, don’t forget to add red and yellow rose petals in a lighter tone. Above all, it’s daman simple way to add color to your wedding table.


Food is a compulsory part of every wedding event. Using this mandatory item to amp up your wedding table will be great. Here are a few ideas to add colors to your wedding table with the help of food items that are already present there.



The food presentation is the best way to add colors to your buffet table. Check this method; sweet and simple, and no need to look at your budget. Use natural complementary colors with organic foods. It will also be great to eat and watch.

Glass Holding the Fried Meat

Glass Holding the Fried Meat for wedding table

Just look at the combination! Is your mouth watering? It also proves a great way to add color to your wedding table. You require nothing special to make it. Put the fried meat in a crystal clear glass, and don’t forget to add a little greenery with Lettuce. Green and reddish brown will not let you down in front of your guests and make their evening also great.

Food Nameplate

Food Nameplate

Are you serving health-conscious guests? Food name will help you to do so. Besides the health-conscious guys, the already present food nameplates over the table will help you enhance the table color easily. So, the food colors remain there till the last bite.

Ice Cream Colors

Ice Cream Colors

Follow it to add colors to your wedding table on hot summer days. Ice cream is the most loved one by most people. While ordering the ice cream, ask for light and contrasting color ice cream. Fill up your table with all possible shapes you can imagine, i.e., cones, balls, cups, etc.

Cake and Pastries

Cake and Pastries for wedding table

Cake cutting is a compulsory part of every wedding. You can add color to your wedding table with the help of this inevitable food item. While ordering a cake, keep in mind the theme of your wedding. Ask your baker to bake your cake according to your wedding theme color. Also, don’t forget to add complementary colors to your wedding cake, i.e., white with black. Tiny chocolate pastries at the table will stand it out.

Centres de table

A proper centerpiece selection adds too much color to your wedding table. Multiple centres de table are there, i.e., DIY centerpieces, luxurious centerpieces, and flower vase centerpieces. Choose whatever type meets your budget. In the following, there are some ideas to add color to your wedding table with the help of centerpieces.

Vases floraux

Floral Vases for wedding table

Where the words end, there the emotions begin. Nothing is more powerful in expressing the inner feeling than the flowers. Your wedding event is the best time to show love, romance, and care to your guests. Floral centerpieces prove the most powerful way to add colors to your wedding table. Light red flowers will stand out in your wedding table decor, so make them part of your wedding party.

Minimalist Floral Vases

Minimalist Floral Vases for wedding table

Floral vases are the best way to arrange your flowers intelligently. Crystal clear vases prove most helpful in this regard as they adopt the shade of filled flowers. Moreover, such vases also get adjusted with whatever the type of flowers, table linen, and crockery present on your wedding table. You just need to fill it with proper colored flowers.

DIY Centerpiece

DIY wedding table Centerpiece

DIY is the simplest and one of the incredible ways to add color to your wedding. A piece of wood, usually present in your backyard, your favorite flowers, greenery, and any contrasting colored fruit, is enough to make your wedding day.

Bonsai with Flowers

Bonsai with Flowers

If you’re a true nature lover, the above wedding table decor will take your heart. You can add greenery with the help of a bonsai tree. It’ll add color to your wedding table in contrast to white draping and white table linen. Also, present fabulous scenery if you use it besides some hot color flowers.

Multi-color Flowers

Multi-color Flowers

Only flowers can add so many colors to your wedding table that none other can do it. So, choose the flowers wisely and tie them according to your wedding theme, i.e., sparkling, sweet, romantic, dramatic, etc. While typing them, many options are available, i.e., vases, banana leaves, ribbon, etc. Choose the way you like most.


Candles symbolize the light in life. At a wedding ceremony, both partners light up the unity candle to make a symbolic promise that they will be loyal to each other and enlighten their partner’s life every up and down. Besides the symbolic representation, candles are also there as wedding decor. Wedding decor planners take help from candles to set a specific mode in the wedding. Here are some fantastic ideas to add color to your wedding table.


candle holders for wedding table centerpieces

Newlyweds try to make their marriage day a life-lasting memory full of care, love, and romance. Tealight candles help to make their dream true, especially in the case of outdoor wedding venues in the evening. A crystal clear bougeoir on each table with floral vases and food adds fabulous color to your wedding table.

Pillar Candles

Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are most popular among the masses. They last long hours and make your guest’s evening more romantic and colorful. These candles add mesmerizing color to the wedding table when placed beside the minimalist floral vases.

Miniature Candle Holders

Miniature Candle Holders for wedding table

To amp up your wedding table, miniature candle holders holding tealight candles play a vital role. You can make it at home. Take a glass and wrap it up with designed paper. Print the wrappers depicting your wedding theme to make it according to you.

Taper Candles

Taper Candles for weddding table centerpieces

Fire and flowers are strange but mesmerizing. Please place them in pairs and spread them all around the table. While buying the candles, always keep in mind the dominating color. If you’re going to use white in excess, then better to sandwich white candles and vice versa. Whatever the dominating color, don’t forget to add contrasting flowers. The contrast color will highlight the dominating one.

Fire and Flower

Fire and Flower

Candles cascading by flowers present a stunning view at your wedding table. To make it more impressive, don’t forget to add greenery around it. While cascading the candle, remember that the candle holders should be crystal clear. Otherwise, it will badly affect your desired theme.

Table Number

Wedding arrangers try to make it easy for the guests to find their mysterious place. Table numbers come into the ground to make it happen. Each table is assigned a unique number and the nameplate of guests for which it is reserved. You can use these table numbers and nameplates to add color to your wedding table.  Here are some ideas to do so in the following.

Number Based in Flower Bouquet

wedding table Number Based in Flower Bouquet

Usually, people love to use roman or Arabic numbers to display the wedding table number. Your wedding could stand out if you use a printed number written in words. It is excellent to place the number card in the flower bouquets. While doing this exercise, keep in mind your wedding theme.

Frame the Number

Frame the Number on wedding table

Creating a bold and romantic theme for your wedding is excellent if you have enough budget. If you are thinking of going with this method, nothing is above this method. It would be fantastic if the table linen, glass, and scenery color matched. The environment will speak with love, care, affection, and romance if you do so.

NamePlate with Flowers

NamePlate with Flowers

As mentioned earlier, the nameplate on the wedding table helps the guest reach their reserved table and seat. To add color to your wedding table, ensure the table linen color matches the nameplate card. The scene will be prominent and bold if you place the card against a contrasting color, i.e., flower bouquets.

Derniers mots

People are there at your wedding to congratulate you and show you their affection. Your hospitality to your guests, i.e., mostly family and friends, is the thing which makes your wedding last in their mind. Only better food is not enough for your guests but the environment also matters a lot. Here two things play a vital role: venue decoration and wedding table decoration. The wedding table holds more worth as your guests will spend their most time sitting around the table.

Utilizing the inevitable thing to add color to your wedding table, is a great and smart idea. The color of table linen and spreading the rose petals that are contrasting to it, is a great way to create a great theme. Food placement at the table proves a worthy way to economically add color to your wedding table. Candles and centerpieces are compulsory parts of any wedding ceremony. Nameplate and table number also serve in terms of adding color to your wedding table.

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