6 façons de décorer des candélabres de sol en métal

Metal floor candelabra can be an elegant touch to your decoration, whether a house or a wedding venue. The floor candelabra is also known for making it quite easy to personalize how it looks. This includes choosing the right floor candelabra that can suit your existing decoration. We always tell people to let their imaginations run wild when decorating candelabras. Below, we have ideas to get you started. 

Enhancing the Aesthetics with Candles 

Candles are generally ideal for decorating the floor candelabras. First, consider the size of the candle in relation to the candelabra. The larger candelabras will do well with tall pillar candles. The small ones would work well with taper or votive candles. 

You could also benefit from choosing the right color for candles. Yes, candles are available in various colors too. The aim is to match the candle color with the surroundings. You can be sure to create a visually appealing display with the right colors. 

The scent can also be an important consideration. The most common scents include citrus and lavender. You use citrus for an energizing atmosphere, while lavender is good for relaxation. 

Now that you have the candles, how best can you utilize them? Experiment with different heights and spacing. We see that if you can vary the height, creating a beautiful pattern with your candles is possible. You may also decide to group in clusters and alternate in terms of size and color. So, it just depends on our creativity to create a beautiful setup. 

Adding Flowers and Greenery 

The first thought someone would have for decorating candelabras is using flowers and greenery. We had to start the list with something a bit different, but now we are here. 

The most common types of greenery and flowers to use include Ivy, roses, baby’s breath, and eucalyptus. We expected roses to be on the list because of their classic and timeless look. Baby’s breath might be delicate, but it will still offer a good look for any space. 

You will need a couple of supplies before you can set up the floor candelabra. So, other than the flowers and greenery, you will need other supplies. This includes floral wire, floral foam, and floral tube. 

A floral wire is vital for securing the flowers to the floor candelabras. You may also use floral foam to help better secure the candelabras. This is the best way for those creating a floral cascade. 

Floor Candelabra
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Natural Elements 

Sometimes you could use natural elements around you to decorate the floor candelabra. These elements include shells, stones, and branches. 

Stones are still a great way for you to create a candelabra with a natural and earthy look and feel. We recommend choosing stones with great shapes and colors. Such will complement the look of the other decorative elements. 

Shells for a candelabra will be a good choice for creating a beach-inspired theme. Start by placing the shells around the candelabra base and come up with a unique pattern. 

Draping fabrics and ribbons are also good for decorating the floor candelabra. Some notable sheer fabrics you may use include organza, chiffon, and more. Have the fabric cascade down the candelabra sides. 

Ribbons are also good, especially with the color variety you get with most of them in the market. Consider ribbons with textures and widths so that you can create a better visual interest. 

Add Lighting Effects

We have seen how candles can be good for decorating the candelabra. However, that is not all; you can try other lighting effects. First up are floor lamps. Position the floor lamps strategically on the candelabra so that they highlight the design of the candelabra. 

Uplights can also be good for the decoration of the floor candelabra. Place the uplights at the base of the candelabra to form a dramatic effect since they illuminate the structure from below. Still, consider experimenting with various bulb colors to ensure you have the right color for your needs. 

String lights or fairy lights would be good for your candelabra too. They can add a magical and enchanting touch to a candelabra. Wrap the lights around the arms, drapery, and candelabra base for a soft glow. 

Use Reflective Surfaces

Consider reflective surfaces to maximize the candlelight’s impact on the candélabre de sol. Start by positioning your mirrors around the candelabra base to reflect and multiply the candlelight. We recommend large floor mirrors to work well with the floor candelabra. You could use small mirrors if it is something that works for you. 

Consider incorporating glass or metallic elements in the candelabras for sophistication. Do not forget to add metallic accents to enhance the shimmering effect of candles. Just ensure the finishes of the metal accents also complement the candelabra’s design and the surrounding decor. 

Adding Personal Touches and Accents 

You can still add personal touches to decorate the metal candelabras. The first consideration would be to use ornamental candle holders. Choose holders with intricate designs, unique shapes, and textures to ensure visual interest. 

Hanging crystals or beads can also help with also decorating candelabras. That is how you put a more personal touch of glamour and sparkle so that the candelabra stands out. The beaded garlands are a good example that would reflect light, thus enhancing the overall aesthetics of the candelabra. 

We advise that you experiment with different sizes and colors of crystals or beads. This helps you end up with a beautiful setup in any space you like. Holiday ornamentals, such as those for Christmas, could be a nice add-on also. 


Decorating your floor candelabra may help with ensuring that it looks good. With the many captivating options mentioned above, you can elevate the ambiance that such decoration can do to a room. Make sure you compare what different decorations can do to your space. Do not forget to add personal touches to the candelabra; it will be the best centerpiece in a room.

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