5 façons de nettoyer les fleurs artificielles dans des vases en métal doré

Artificial flowers are a common replacement for fresh flowers on many occasions. Most people use them because they are cheaper and can look just like real flowers depending on the quality. The good thing about artificial flowers is that they do not need much maintenance.

However, because of this, people tend to ignore them, and they can easily have artificial flowers in gold vases with dust and dirt all over them. 

Well, you would want clean flowers in your gold vases. That is why we have to explore the various methods available you can use to clean artificial flowers. Check them out below for ideas. 

1. Dusting the Flowers with Soft-Bristled Brushes

This is the easiest way to clean your artificial flowers and make them look pristine in vases en or

Get yourself a soft-bristled brush and start brushing each petal. Once you are done with the petals, do the leaves and stems. You can easily find yourself cleaning multiple flowers with this method. The brush will remove most, if not all, of the dust or debris that might have accumulated over time. 

Sometimes you can opt for a makeup brush or dry paintbrush if you cannot access a soft-bristled brush right away. 

We recommend using a small amount of mild soap and water to wash the tough spots. The brush should also be cleaned in the same water and let dry before storing it for next time. 

2. Vacuum the Artificial Flowers

The flowers in gold vases could also use a nice vacuum to leave them looking clean and great. Vacuuming is good for going deep into flower petals and other hard-to-reach areas and removing as much dirt as possible. Ensure you use the vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to help dislodge the dust and debris. 

Turn on the vacuum cleaner and hold the brush attachment as close as possible to the artificial flowers. Move the brush back and forth to cover all the flower surfaces, including the leaves, stems, and petals. 

Keep the vacuum on a low suction setting to prevent damaging the artificial flowers in gold vases. 

3. Use a Hairdryer 

Sometimes you can simply use the devices and supplies you have at home to clean the flowers in gold vases. A good choice, in this case, will be using a hairdryer. 

Use the hairdryer to blow the dust away from the artificial flowers. Just like the vacuum cleaner, keep the dryer operating at a low to medium setting and direct the hairdryer’s air flower over the flowers. 

Keep the hairdryer six inches from the flowers to avoid potentially damaging them. 

Clean Artificial Flowers In A Metal Gold Vase
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4. Soak the Flowers in Vinegar and Water 

Sometimes the flowers in gold vases might have stubborn stains and dirt. This means that regular dusting or vacuum will not do the job. The best alternative is to soak the artificial flowers in a solution of water and vinegar. 

Mix water and white vinegar in equal parts in a bowl and then soak the flowers for a couple of hours. Vinegar is vital in this mixture to help break down the grime and dirt, making it easier to clean the flowers. 

Once the flowers have soaked for a few hours, remove them from the mixture and rinse thoroughly under running water. Leave the flowers to dry completely before returning them to the gold vases. 

Here is a video guide with more details on how to clean artificial flowers

5. Use a Steam Cleaner 

Another great tool for cleaning artificial flowers in gold vases is a stem cleaner. As expected, the steam is vital in loosening the dirt and grime, making it easy to clean the flowers. 

Start by filling the steam cleaner with water and turning it on. Hold the steam cleaner’s nozzle close to the flowers and then move it back and forth to ensure the steam gets into the flower surfaces. 

You should use a low to medium setting as it should be sufficient to help clean the flowers. Also, it helps prevent potential damage to the flowers. 

Let the flowers air dry before putting them back in the gold vases. 

How Often Should You Clean Artificial Flowers

How often you clean artificial flowers in gold vases will likely depend on the environment where they are placed. Some places are likely to have more dust than others. So, it is recommended that you clean your artificial flowers once a month to maintain them looking clean and beautiful. 

Let us say the flowers in gold vases are placed in a highly-trafficked area such as a reception or living room. This means you may have to clean them more often. Twice a week or weekly should be enough time to keep the flowers looking great. 

It is the opposite of the flowers usually kept in a bathroom or bedroom. Cleaning them every two months should be good enough. 

Take note that some artificial flowers might need more cleaning than others do. An example is having flowers with intricate designs or textures. This means they may collect more dust and also need frequent cleaning. 

Generally, inspect the flowers more often and clean them as recommended. This helps prevent the buildup of dirt and dust. The last thing you need is to reduce their lifespan and have to replace them soon. 


Cleaning artificial flowers should not be hard. We have seen through a number of artificial flower cleaning methods that it is something simple and can be done quickly. This includes simply dusting to using a steam cleaner. The most important consideration is to use a method that will not damage the flowers. Also, make it a habit of cleaning the flowers more often so that the grime or dirt becomes easy to clean.

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