Everything You Should Know About Choosing Wedding Centerpiece

Selecting a proper wedding centerpiece is a tricky part of the entire wedding decor. It largely decides the theme of any wedding. If you are wondering where to start, you will find a complete guide for different wedding centerpieces in the following.

Guide to Every Type of Wedding Centerpiece


wedding centerpieces vase

While setting up your tablescape, you can never forget to amplify the look with the help of floral vases. Most of the time, flowers get more guests’ attention. But flowers are only a part; vases also play a vital role in amplifying the view. There is a large variety of vases, ranging from ceramic to glass. It also opens an option for different colors, sizes, and shapes. Matching and mixing will echo the vibes of your wedding. Choose the vases according to your wedding theme.


Greenery wedding centerpiece

Greenery is one of the best ways to soften the entire scene. You can go with floral centerpieces combined with greenery. While adding greenery, don’t forget to consider the flower color, i.e., the flower color should contrast with the green color. If you are going to use only greenery as a wedding centerpiece, then there are different heights of decors that could be attained. You can use the greenery at different spots on the long head table as well as in the form of garlands. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly and natural way to amplify the entire wedding table look. 

Floral Centerpiece

Floral Centerpiece for wedding

The language that flowers can speak is more potent than any other language. Whatever the time, you can glow the entire scene with the help of a proper floral combination. One very common thing is whether these are tall, wide, narrow, or fresh blooms; they will be in the middle of the table. Choose the height according to your wedding theme. Tall arrangements prove fabulous for high ceilings and large spaces.

In comparison, the shorts are the shortcut to engage your guests with the table. If you are interested in some rustic arrangement, then it will be better to go with the wide arrangement. Large garlands work for large tables. 

Candle Holder

Candle Holder for wedding decoration

Spreading the candles around the table will help you make a big statement without speaking and spending too much. There are a large variety of candles available in the market. Pilar candles help to create a bold view. Your outdoor will be more romantic when you go with tealight candle holders. Stick candles with dark backgrounds create a rustic look. The colorful candles will help you have fun at wedding tables.  


Tree wedding centerpieces for table

Trees prove one of the best wedding centerpieces for outdoor weddings. They have been present for ages, but wisely accommodating them in your wedding venue makes your day. There are many options, like an actual tree can glorify with winding ribbon around the trees. Another option is expensive but provides unparalleled vibes, i.e., the Bonsai tree. They are available in different sizes and shapes.


Chandeliers centerpiece

A chandelier full of candles is a fabulous way to make a romantic statement. Instead of using the same type, you can glow your hall by mixing different types of lighting, i.e., candles, fluorescent lighting, and modern-day advanced lighting. Some love to illuminate the center with massive exacts over the dance floor. Smaller pieces hanging over the dining tables also proved a fantastic centerpiece. 

Hanging Flower

Hanging Flower for wedding centerpiece decor

Most of the time, guests are there to have some fun and don’t like to eat sitting in a dining room. For such guys, this idea works best. Moreover, it engages the guests with the roof and diverts their attention from any bugs on the ground. Hanging flower arrangement also helps a couple to make their special day memorable for a long time. 

Table Linen

Table Linen

People are always looking for some unique ideas to make their wedding day. They decorate their tables with multiple types of centerpieces. But there is the simplest way to make it more engaging with the help of table linen. Table linen is obvious for almost every wedding table. While selecting table linen, keep in mind the theme of your wedding theme and spread it over the table. 

Found Objects

wedding decoration

Uniqueness is the thing that clicks in minds for ages. If you are creative enough, you can make your wedding table awesome without spending big bucks. You can make centerpieces with daily or found objects. If you arrange your marriage at sea shore, you take help from the oyster and pearls. Wildflowers or other objects prove an impressive centerpiece when you set your wedding venue at some country site. If you are making a venue in your backyard, then play with your backyard-grown flowers and plants. 

Tips on Choosing Table Centerpieces

In the following, you will find fantastic tips for selecting a table centerpiece. 

Venue Restriction 

Before making any decision, the first and foremost thing is to know about the rules and regulations of the wedding venue. Because sometimes these venues set their do’s and don’ts as per their rule. Like restriction of open flame, breakable glass, and specific common allergens. Checking the rules before making any decision prevents from any inconvenience. Most outdoor wedding venues allow you to do what you want, but after cleaning is your responsibility. Therefore, also keep in mind such rules. 

Wedding Theme

different Wedding Theme

Choose the centerpiece according to your wedding theme. The vibes will be unparalleled if it is perfectly synchronized to your wedding theme. It is perfect to have a light color centerpiece for a classic wedding theme. On the other hand, sharp and contrasting color flowers prove the best centerpiece for a garden wedding. If you set a rustic wedding theme, it will be fantastic to have olive branches, grass clouds, wildflowers, and velvet table linen prove the best table centerpiece. 

Number of Tables

One of the most important things to know about how many wedding centerpieces are required for the entire ceremony is the number of tables. Don’t forget to add reception, entry, and buffet tables to decide the variation among the centerpieces because there are different types of centerpieces required for these unique tables. 

The number of tables also enables you to decide on any variation of the wedding centerpiece. If they are less than 10, the same type will work better and vice versa. If the number of tables is more than 10, create a layered orientation at your venue. To create layered variation, set the darker at the backend and gradually turn them into lighter colors until you reach the front of the room. Layering proves best only if you make a perfect coordinate color, flower types, and style of the centerpieces.


Once you know the number of tables, it will become easy to know how many centerpieces are required. Divide the number of centerpieces to your budget to get the exact number and type of centerpiece. 

You can put a small number of centerpieces at the guests’ table to make your reception and entrance table interesting with a variety of centerpieces. If you are budget-restricted, set up a large table to accommodate more guests. It will reduce the number of centerpieces required smartly. 


Lighting helps largely to create a view of your entire venue. However, different kinds of centerpieces works well for different lighting arrangements. Flameless candles and LED lited foliage will be best for a dimly lit venue. On the other hand, if your wedding venue is well lited or under the sun, add light color to your wedding table. White or pale pastels prove outstanding with vividly colored tropical flowers. 

Environmental Condition 

Most of the time, when someone tries to decorate a table by him/herself, miss this critical point. Environmental conditions play an essential role in making your flower fresh. Delicate flowers will not move long in humid and high-temperature conditions. Moreover, chocolate also proves a weak part of a a centerpiece if you use candles on your wedding table. It will be wise to meet the florist before making final decisions about the centerpiece.  

Table Shape

consider Table Shape when choosing wedding centerpiece

The selection of table centerpieces largely depends upon the shape of the table. There are two possibilities for table arrangement in any wedding. Entirely uniform shape and varied shape throughout the venue. Whatever the shape, different types of centerpieces go well with them.

Square table: Both round and square vases go well with square tables. Some people leave the corners empty by thinking corners are not noticeable while sitting. But the empty spaces are badly exposed when guests are around the table.

Round table:  Round tables, also known as family tables, require a round-shaped centerpiece because every guest has a complete view of the table. Therefore, don’t leave any space over your table. 

Oval and rectangular table: These tables require centerpieces throughout the table. Different heights play a vital role in creating an esthetically pleasant view. You have open space to play with colors and shapes.

Table shape also helps to decide the height of the centerpiece. Long and rectangular are suitable for heights, but remember that they should not block the guest’s view from the other side of the table and other activities. 

What Should You Consider When Pick Other Decorations at a Wedding

There are many other options to set up your wedding venue than the wedding table centerpieces. Some of the important that you should consider when picking other decorations for your wedding are the following. 

Wedding Theme

Your wedding theme is the foremost thing you should consider before starting any arrangement. Any decoration is strongly based on the theme. Therefore, you must be clear about your wedding theme. 

Are you clear about the wedding theme?

If your answer is YES, then don’t wait and go to meet your dreamy wedding theme. Otherwise, sit back, take a deep breath, and think about yourself. What do you like most? Do you love traveling, or do fancy and colored outfits make you happy? Does nature fantasize you and help to make a moment? Do you have a dramatic or fun-biased nature? 

If you have gone through these questions and found a clear answer, come out from your comfort zone, and make yourself active to meet the rest of the requirements. Meet your wedding manager and let your manager know what you think. 

While designing your dream theme, remember that you can’t reach the ideal state to paint your dream theme. It is better to become a natural person rather than become disappointed on your big day. 

Color Pattern

The color pattern also helps to make the best decision for the rest of the centerpieces at your wedding. It depends upon the theme, your nature, and venue light conditions. If your venue is dimly lit, select the rest of the decoration according to it, i.e., candles, sharp color flowers, and other colors that help to glow your venue. 

If you are going to be married under the sun or with brightly lited fluorescent bulbs glowing your venue very well, then there are other color options. Choose some light colors as it will help to set neutralize the theme. 

Previously Held Wedding Themes

An intelligent person continuously learns from other failures or experiences. It is the same in the case of wedding decor. It will be wise to meet the venue manager and request the manager to give you some snaps of the previously held wedding to learn about their themes. Most probable managers have photos. However, if you cannot get the theme, you can request the manager to please give the contact information of previous wedded couples. You can request them for wedding theme pictures. 

But if you are looking for something different, take some photo shots of the venue and bring them to your wedding decorator. 

Enhance the Guest’s Experience

It will be a wise option to know about the liking and disliking of your guests. Moreover, add all of such wedding decor that also please your guests. It includes the inevitable things that should be part of your wedding, and you have to arrange them in such a way that besides helping, they also appear a beautiful wedding decor, i.e., a yellow flower over a napkin. 

Easy to Setup

It is worthy when you are going to set your wedding venue by yourself. Because the decorators are well trained and have experience in meeting any hurdle, but you are not. I recommend using items that help save time and are easy to set. Instead of using breakable glass, you can use metal vases to decorate your venue. Use such flowers that are easy to tackle. 


Make all of the arrangements by keeping in mind which season you will be married. Because many decors largely depend on the season. The flowers that will survive in summer are different from the winter. The type of lighting is different for summer than the winter and the rest of the season. Like using chocolate as decor on a hot summer day will never be suitable. 

Rules of Wedding Centerpieces

It would be best to consider these things while playing with the Centerpieces on your wedding table. 

Don’t Overdo it 

Although centerpieces do a great job at any wedding, there is a saying that excess of everything is bad. The same is in the case of centerpieces. Please be precise with the number of centerpieces on each table. The number varies with the shape of the table. A family round table will be best with an only centerpiece in the center of the table. You need to fill every space on a square table. However, a long table enables you to play as you wish.

Come with Variation

You have a lot of colors and types of wedding centerpieces, but these are useless if you are not creative. To spread the color around the table, it is better to come up with variations. Variations in height create a unique combination and experience for the guests. While creating variation, keep in mind that centerpieces are not blocking the view. Otherwise, it will be a disguise in blessing. 

Restrict to Your Style

Sometimes, many options are available to decorate the venue, and people try to use every idea to display it. But it creates a fussy and weird condition. Therefore, selecting some ideas and restricting yourself only to them will be better. However, if you want to make some difference, then different tables are open for you, i.e., buffet table, reception, and cake table. 

Remember the Venue

Remember about your venue because every venue goes well with different centerpieces. You can never put the candle under the sun or highly lited up fluorescent lighting. Outdoor wedding venues in summer glow unparalleled when you move with candles all around the venue. 

Expert Opinion 

Experience is above all things. Therefore, before setting any theme, never forget to meet with the field expert. They will carefully review your plan and suggest you make it the best and save you from any embracement on your big day. 

Not to Make it a Garden 

Sometimes, people overdo the flowers; everywhere you find floral objects, that is not a good practice. It is better if you set an optimum limit for the flowers. Doing so makes your wedding venue a wedding venue rather than a garden. 

Locally Available Flowers

It will be better to move forward according to the season in case of floral decoration. Doing so effectively reduces your net cost over the floral ornaments. However, if you are interested in importing some unique and seasoned flowers, it’ll be a bad idea for many reasons, i.e., they will no longer be fresh, require big bucks,  and not survive for a long time. 


Keep in mind the theme of your wedding. Play with the colors for perfection in your wedding decor idea. Whatever the setup you love, all of the above that it must be practical and easy to create.

Before putting all the settings in real, keep in touch with experts and request suggestions. Lastly, always choose the locally available flora for your wedding.

We’ll be more than happy if you have suggestions regarding our guide.

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