Qué poner en farolillos de velas de metal además de velas

Have you ever seen a metal candle lantern? It’s a pretty decoration that you can put a candle inside to make it glow. They usually have a small door that opens and lets you place a candle inside. 

When the candle is lit, it gives off a soft, flickering light that can be calming and relaxing. However, you can also put other things in the lanterns besides candles.  

You can fill them with fun things to make them even more beautiful and exciting. So, in this article, we will talk about 8 ideas for what to put in a metal candle lantern besides candles. 

Get ready to explore and let your creativity shine!

1. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are like little stars you can put inside a metal candle lantern! They are tiny and come in lots of different colors. When you turn them on, they light up and twinkle like the night sky stars. 

These lights are adorable to use when creating a cozy and warm atmosphere. You can use them in your bedroom or living room to make the space special. Fairy lights are also very safe because they don’t get hot like regular candles so you can enjoy the beautiful glow without any worries.

2. Faux Flowers

Have you ever seen a pretty lantern? It’s like a box with sides made of metal and a handle to carry it. People often put candles inside to make it glow at night.

Now imagine filling that lantern with pretend plants or flowers! These are called “faux”, which means “fake.” So, you would have fake plants or flowers inside the lantern instead of real ones.

The great thing about using faux plants or flowers in a lantern is that they don’t need water or sunlight to stay pretty! Plus, they won’t wilt or die as natural plants do.

So, if you like lanterns and pretty flowers, using faux plants or flowers in a metal candle lantern is a fun and easy way to decorate your guest room or garden.

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3. Seashells 

Have you ever been to the beach and collected seashells or played with sand? Well, here’s a fun idea for you! You can use seashells or sand to decorate metal candle lanterns.

Seashells are pretty and come in all different colors and shapes. You can pool them at the beach or buy them at a store. Sand is also fun to play with and can be different colors like white, brown, or even pink!

Once you have your seashells or sand, you can pour them into the lantern, making it a beautiful decoration for your home or backyard. You can even put a little candle on the seashells or sand to make it extra pretty.

So, if you love the beach and collecting seashells or playing with sand, using them to decorate a metal candle lantern is a fun and easy way to bring a little bit of the beach to your home!

4. Pine Cones 

Pine cones are the things you find on the ground under pine trees. They are shaped like a little Christmas tree and have many scales. On the other hand, Acorns are nuts that come from oak trees. They have a round bottom and a pointy top, like a hat.

You can collect some pine cones or acorns from your yard or a park to decorate your lanterns. You can put them in a pattern or scatter them around. Then, place them inside the lantern. This idea is perfect for Christmas season decoration.

5. Seasonal Decorations

Do you like to decorate your home for different seasons and holidays? Here’s a fun idea for you to try: seasonal decorations in metal candle lanterns!

You only need a few simple things to decorate your lanterns for different seasons.

You can use leaves in warm colors like red, orange, and yellow for fall. You can use pine branches, pine cones, or even fake snow for winter. You can also add some small ornaments or glitter for a festive touch. 

For spring, you can use flowers like daffodils or tulips. You can also use fake grass, seashells, starfish, or sand for summer. Small toys like beach balls or sunglasses can also be a good choice. 

6. Battery Operated Tea Lights

Have you ever seen those pretty metal lanterns with candles inside? They look nice and cozy, but sometimes real candles can be dangerous or prohibited in certain places.

That’s where battery-operated tea lights come in! They look just like real candles but don’t have a flame. Instead, they have a little battery that makes them glow like a candle.

You can put these battery-operated tea lights inside the metal lanterns to make them look like real candles. And the best part is, they are entirely safe! You don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking over a candle and starting a fire.

So now you can enjoy the cozy look of candlelight without any danger. Isn’t that cool?

7. Birdseed or Bird Nest

Birdseed and bird nests are two things birds need to survive and build their homes. A metal candle lantern is a decoration that people can put in their yards or on their porches.

But did you know that you can also make metal candle lanterns to help birds? You can fill the lanterns with birdseed, which is food that birds love to eat. This will attract birds to your yard, and they will have a source of food that will help them stay healthy.

Another way you can use metal candle lanterns to help birds is by creating a bird’s nest inside the lantern. A bird nest is where birds can lay their eggs and raise their babies. You can use twigs, grass, and leaves to make a cozy bird nest.

Putting birdseed or a bird’s nest in a metal candle lantern can create a safe and welcoming space for birds in your yard. Just remember to keep the lanterns clean and refill the birdseed regularly so the birds will return!

8. Small Trinkets or Treasures 

Decorating a metal candle lantern with small trinkets or treasures is a creative way to turn it into a unique decoration. First, gather small items and choose a theme. Fill the lantern with decorative material and place the small things on top. 

Add a battery-powered light for some extra sparkle. Display the lantern on a shelf or table, or hang it with a string.


There are many creative and valuable things that you can put in metal candle lanterns besides candles. The possibilities are endless, from fairy lights to plants and flowers, birdseed, and even bird nests. 

These lanterns can be used as decorative elements indoors and outdoors, and they can also serve a practical purpose by providing a safe and inviting space for birds. 

By exploring different options and experimenting with what works best for your space and style, you can add a touch of charm and warmth to your home or garden with these versatile lanterns.

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