Candelabros de pared para velas de pilar con cristal Hurricane Juego de 4


If your aim is to inject visual intrigue into your living space, the wall candle sconces decoration of 2 will do just that.These beautiful candle wall decor combine the strong retro atmosphere with the vintage design, one on the left and one on the right is well matched with your house’s other decor.Crafted to boost the ambiance of any room, these modern scones for wall decor feature an abstract design with geometric shapes.

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Candelabros de pared para velas de pilar con cristal Hurricane Juego de 4

Poker Design Wall Candle Sconces Decor:

Inspired by the patterns of poker, 4 different patterns express special meanings. The spade stands for olive leaf, which symbolizes peace. The heart symbolizes love and wisdom. The club looks like a shamrock that symbolizes luck. The diamond means wealth.

Foldable Design with Glass:

The wall-mounted hanging candle holder adopts a reinforced foldable design and removable glass, which can better prevent the candle from falling. And you can put not only candle holders in it but also other decorative fake plants.

Rustic Farmhouse Sconce:

Exquisite art patterns make this sconces wall decor set of 2 eye-catching, perfect decorations for your house, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, office, or hallway, it will be a great choice for your home decor.

Meaningful Decoration Gift:

These candle holders for walls will be an elegant vintage decoration for a lovely festival gift for relatives and friends, such as Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Congratulation, and more!

Material de alta calidad:

Each black wall sconce measures 15.75′ x 3.94″ with a 2.95″ plate, made from quality heavy metal. Sziqiqi persists in innovation and upgrades wall candle sconces set of two, guaranteeing you top-quality pieces at affordable prices every time.


4 Styles, Club, Diamond, Heart, Spade

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