6 cosas que debes hacer para tener una boda digna de Instagram

The question’s been popped, the ring is glittering on your finger, and now it’s time to plan a wedding. Chances are that scrolling through Instagram for some sweet inspo is one of your first ways of brainstorming. That is, until reality strikes: how to have an Instagram-worthy wedding?

We already know what’s popular: statement arches overlooking breathtaking locales, top-notch lighting for stunning photography, perfect food platings.

And that’s not even touching the cost of everything.

You might have fallen into the trap that social media is so good at digging. That what you see on your feed will never be as good as you’ll have in reality. But this isn’t true–there are ways for you to have that Instagram-worthy wedding, and we’re here to help!

Things You Should Do To Have An Instagram-Worthy Wedding
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1. Create A Mood Board

The first thing’s first: organize your bright ideas! Collages are one way to do this.

The key to those jaw-dropping weddings you see on your Instagram feed is the level of detail and cohesion that goes into the initial planning stages.

Before anything else, write up a list of words that you would use to describe your wedding’s ideal vibe. Think romantic, boho, classic, glamorous, intimate, chill… anything that resonates with you!

After picking your keywords, start the mood board by finding examples of settings, decor, colors, and vibes that you like. Doing so will enable you to visualize your ideal wedding’s design and essence.

See if there are any consistent themes and motifs that are popping up in particular. Repeated styles are a good way of telling you where your heart is being led. At the end of the day, an expression of what you love the most will be most memorable.

2. Think Outside The Box

Things You Should Do To Have An Instagram-Worthy Wedding
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What makes weddings Instagram-worthy is a willingness for experimentation. Trying something new draws interest. Unique aspects are what guests remember, things that haven’t been done before.

The best way to find something different is to look beyond your typical wedding inspo. So close that Pinterest tab and sit down with a favorite movie, TV show, or book instead! Do they feature any party scenes?

For example, if you want your wedding to be glamorous and decadent, then films like The Great Gatsby or Crazy Rich Asians have many unique ideas! But these are only two examples of one specific vibe. Think about what makes your heart sing and take a look around––you’ll find great ideas in places you haven’t thought to check!

3. Include Photo-Ops

Things You Should Do To Have An Instagram-Worthy Wedding
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Photo walls in particular are a huge hit, stylish and “aesthetic” backdrops that are oh-so photogenic. Ones made out of flores are most popular––it’s hard saying no to a backdrop of roses dressed in your wedding’s colors. But simpler design options such as a wall with chiffon drapery and fairy lights are as effective.

Things You Should Do To Have An Instagram-Worthy Wedding
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4. Neon Signs

Set your wedding and Instagram feed aglow with a bright neon sign! Beloved across platforms, neon signs are a fun way to express both your personality and your wedding’s branding.

The best part of wedding neon signs is the large number of ways they can be utilized. Use them for a ceremony backdrop, as signs to light the way around the reception, dance floor decor, and even signage for hashtags. The sky’s the limit for their design usage, so don’t be afraid to dream!

Things You Should Do To Have An Instagram-Worthy Wedding
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5. Embrace the Details

It’s the little things that elevate an experience to another level. Well-crafted table settings will be a hit, along with consistent fonts and lettering. Paying attention to your lighting to create your ideal ambiance does wonders too.

The thought and care you put into something will always be memorable; guests pick up on the effort that goes into a wedding and will respond accordingly. Of course, you don’t have to (and shouldn’t!) break the bank for the sake of doing so, but give the trees in your forest some love!

6. Personalize Your Wedding

Above all else, more important than any trend is to keep your wedding personal. It’s tempting to fall down the rabbit hole of popular Instagram trends, but the truth is that these trends are often short-lived. What’s hot one day becomes a cliche the next. Chasing after Insta-clout will make wedding planning a chore with no real reward, and no one wants their special day to be that way!

Things You Should Do To Have An Instagram-Worthy Wedding
Photo by Miriam Salgado on pexels

Instead of stuffing your wedding day with everything that’s remotely popular, focus on what you love above all else. Take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book and ask yourself the very important question of what sparks joy, and there you will find what makes you unique. Placing attention on this is what makes your wedding stand out––which is to say photo worthy

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