Cómo adjuntar flores a los candelabros para bodas

Anyone who has worked on a wedding decoration knows the importance of flowers to such an event. They will add beauty, elegance, and nature to the wedding venue. Candelabras for weddings are also important because of how they bring warmth and ambiance to the wedding space once the candles are lit. You can now see why combining these two leaves you with a beautiful space for a wedding. 

If you want to use flowers on candelabras for weddings, this is the right guide for you. We give you the procedure to take to achieve this type of wedding decoration. 

Materials Needed

  • flores 
  • Candelabros
  • Floral foam 
  • Tijeras 
  • Greenery
  • Floral wire
  • Cortadores de alambre 

Complete Guide

Choose the Right Candelabras

The first step to creating beautiful decorations is to get the right wedding candelabras. There are multiple things to consider for this part, including the size, shape, and style of the wedding candelabras. Ensure you get metal candelabras that suit your wedding theme and color scheme. 

Get the Right Flowers

With the candelabras for weddings sorted, next is to look at the flowers you need for the decoration. Check out several types of flowers and see how well they can work with the existing wedding theme and candelabras you are considering. 

Soak the Floral Foam 

With the core materials ready, soak the floral foam in water. Soaking means that when you insert flowers into it, the water should keep your flowers hydrated during the ceremony. You only need to soak the foam for 30 minutes. 

Cut Floral Foam to Shape 

Different wedding metal candelabras would have different shapes and sizes. So, you have to shape the floral foam to fit into the candelabras without leaving gaps. For this part, simply use scissors to cut the form to shape. 

Attach Foam to Candelabras

Start now to attach the floral foam to the candelabras using a floral wire where necessary. This is important if you have to wrap the entire candelabras for weddings with flowers. The floral wire helps keep the foam in place until you must remove them again.

metal candelabras for weddings
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Prepare the Flowers 

Next is to prepare the flowers and greenery you will use for decorating the wedding candelabras. This includes trimming the stems to a desired length and removing leaves or blooms for a perfect look. 

Insert Flowers Into the Floral Foam

Start to insert the flowers into the floral foam. Begin with the largest flowers and then followed by the smaller blooms. You can play around with the height placement to create a visually appealing flower arrangement.

During the same time, add greenery too. Fill in any gaps in the arrangement with greenery to create a natural and fuller look. 

Use More Floral Wire

While decorating the wedding candelabras with flowers and greenery, you may also have to use more floral wire to secure them. Add more floral wire where necessary to keep the flowers from falling off. 

Repeat the procedure above for the other candelabras until you decorate enough candelabras for the wedding.

This video gives you more tips on how to attach flowers to candelabras for weddings.

Source: Astar’s Place


Working with candelabras for weddings to decorate a wedding space is often simple and cost-effective. We see it as adding elegance and beauty to a wedding space without spending too much. So long as a person has the right materials, such as those mentioned above, and creativity, you can always create stunning centerpieces with candelabras for weddings. Do not forget to utilize the flowers in season to save on costs and still have amazing candelabras. 

preguntas frecuentes

1. What is the right way to attach flowers to candelabras?

The best way is to use floral foam. The floral foam absorbs water, crucial for keeping the flowers hydrated. Once the floral foam has been attached to the candelabra, insert the flowers into it.

2. Can you attach flowers to wedding candelabras without floral foam?

Yes, it is possible, but it can be challenging sometimes because you want to keep the flowers hydrated. Some might consider using water tubes to keep the flowers fresh, but it is generally easier and cheaper to use floral foam. Also, the foam helps secure the flowers better.

3. How many flowers are needed to decorate a candelabra?

The number of flowers needed mostly depends on the candelabra size and personal preference. It is best to have a design in mind and choose enough flowers to actualize the design you are looking for. Also, vary the height and flower placement to create more beautiful arrangements.

4. How long can flowers last when attached to candelabras for weddings?

It depends on the type of flower and how they are attached to the candelabra. Some flowers are delicate and might not last long. However, if you have a hydrated flower foam, these flowers will remain fresh for longer. Also, avoid putting them in direct sunlight.

5. Which flowers are the best to attach to candelabras for weddings?

It is possible to work with almost any type of flower, but some popular choices people might consider in this case include peonies, orchids, hydrangeas, and roses. Ensure the flowers you choose to match your overall wedding color scheme and theme.

6. Can I add candles to a candelabra with flowers?

Yes. It is possible to add candles to decorate the candelabras for weddings. The candelabra already have provisions for adding the candles, so it should be hard. Using candles generally leaves you with a warm environment that looks great, also.

7. Can floral tape work in place of floral foam?

Yes, consider using floral tape rather than floral foam. As much as floral tape can work, it is less secure than floral foam. It is advisable to consider floral tape when securing flowers to form a bouquet and not on candelabras for weddings.

8. What other decorative elements can I use on candelabras?

There are other options for decorating the candelabras, and they include ribbons, beads, and much more. Just make sure the decoration can leave you with a beautiful centerpiece.

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