¿Se pueden exhibir candelabros antiguos sin velas?

When you’re first getting started with vintage candle holders, it’s natural to wonder whether or not it’s possible to display them without candles and, if so, how you’d do it. Since most candlesticks are made of wood, this can be an easy question to answer. In the following guide on displaying candlesticks without candles, we’ll teach you how to get your display set up in various easy ways!

Yes, You Can Display Candlesticks Without Candles

You can show your candelabros antiguos without candles. However, candlesticks are often used as decor when they’re not used for their original purpose. Follow these steps to display vintage candle holders without candles:

  • Place the stand on a flat surface and the candlestick on top of it.
  • Make sure to turn the candlestick so that the candleholder is facing out.
  • If your candlestick has a stem, you can place it in a vase or bowl with water to create an even more elegant centerpiece.
  • Wrap the bottom of the stems with decorative ribbon before placing them in containers if desired.
  • For more giant candlesticks, stack two together by placing one on top of another; fill in any gaps between them with other items like flowers or figurines.
  • When using tall candlesticks as décor around a fireplace, be sure to position them at least 18 inches away from each other to avoid looking clustered together.
vintage candle holders for home decoration

What Can You Do With Empty Candle Holders?

Vintage candle holders can enhance the look of your entire living space. It also can make your home smell wonderful. However, what can you do with that empty vintage candle holders once you’re done with that scented candle and want to get rid of it? Here are different ways to use them without candles.

  • Recycle Vintage Candle Holders

While it can be tempting to throw away your old vintage candle holders or just put them in the cupboard and forget about them, there are plenty of ways to recycle them. Recycle an empty holder by using it as a place for your collection of pens, pencils, markers and other writing utensils on a desk or table.

You can also use empty vintage candle holders to store all those small items that seem to accumulate around the house. Another idea is to paint the container with chalkboard paint. Use it as a place where guests can leave their contact information at your next party.

  • Donate Vintage Candle Holders

The best thing you can do with empty vintage candle holders has donated them to a local thrift store. Candles themselves are worth a lot, but the holders? Not so much. If the ones you have are still in good condition, you could also take them to a consignment shop and sell them for whatever price you think they’re worth.

Somebody out there would be happy to have your used holders. And it feels pretty good knowing someone else will get used to something that was sitting around collecting dust in your house.

  • Use Vintage Candle Holders As Planters

You can use empty candle holders as planters for your favorite flowers. First, fill the bottom of each holder with dirt, then place a few plants inside and put water in the dish to keep them moist. When it’s time to water them again, pour them into the container rather than directly on the plant.

The best plants for an empty candle holder grow well in indirect sunlight or partial shade, like ivy, succulents and air plants. If you’re planting a succulent or air plant in an upside-down candle holder, drill holes into the bottom first so that any excess moisture will drain out.

use vintage candle holders as planters
  • Make a Wind Chime

Consider making your wind chime if you’ve got a few empty candle holders. This craft project can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be and will make for an excellent gift for anyone who loves the sound of chimes on a breezy day. All you need is five candle holders, some string, and some old keys!

If you’re planning on hanging the wind chime from a tree branch, use wire that’s been stripped and coiled up to create an eye hook at one end. Thread the other end through one of the holes in the back of each candle holder and twist it tight before clipping off any excess wire.

Ensure to leave enough slack so that when the wind blows, all holders can move without bumping into each other. Then thread the string over both ends of the holders and attach it tightly to either end with a key ring. Hang it up and enjoy!

  • Fill Vintage Candle Holders With Crayons

Candle holders are a great way to store many things. Crayons are one of the most common items in an empty candle holder. To do this, you must remove the wick from the base and insert crayons. The crayons should be appropriate for the size of your candle holder so that they can be stored in a way that does not cause them to break or get squished.

If you have different sizes of candles on hand, you can use the same technique with different crayons. For larger-sized candles, use larger-sized crayons!

For example, if you have both mini and large candles on hand, fill the candle holder with mini crayons before adding large ones.

  • Use Them As Desk Organizers

If you have a lot of office supplies, you can use empty vintage candle holders to keep them organized. Place the candle holder on your desk and fill it with any stationary or other items you might need quick access to. This is especially helpful if your desk is cluttered and needs extra space. It’s also an excellent idea for any home office with limited space.

work desk decorations

Place one on your desk and then fill it with pens, paper clips, staplers, and anything else you have lying around. If you have a neat freak boss who wants everything in its place, give them an empty candle holder as a gift.

  • Make a Vase

You can make vintage candle holders as jarrones. This is also a great idea if you have broken glass or pottery and need to find something to put it in. To create a vase, you must fill up your vintage candle holders with water and flower petals or anything else that may look nice in a vase.

If you want your flowers to stay fresh longer, consider adding plastic wrap over them while they are still wet. Once they dry, remove the plastic and enjoy! The best thing about making vases out of vintage candle holders is that because they’re full of liquid, it will be much easier for the flower petals to stay afloat.

centro de mesa florero


Many people are afraid to display vintage candle holders without candles. They think it will look incomplete or like an unfinished project. But the truth is that you can still say a candelabrum without needing a candle to be present. All you have to do is make sure that you pick a candle holder that has open spaces where there would generally be candles. Then fill them with flowers or other decor items of your choice.

The key is to avoid getting caught up in using a single item as decoration. So if you want something different than flowers in the place of candles, but want something else instead, go ahead and fill up those open spots.

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