13 centros de mesa de Halloween espeluznantes y fáciles de hacer para bodas

It’s officially fallen, and there’s a chill in the air, so it’s almost time to celebrate Halloween with our friends and family. If you’re going to throw an epic Halloween wedding, you need some incredible DIY decorations. These decorations will catch everyone’s attention right away.

The Halloween centerpieces are all super affordable to make. Since they use cheap or recycled items you can find around your house or at the craft store, you can create some great centerpieces, table arrangements, and other decorations by doing some DIY work.

13 Easy DIY Spooky Halloween Centerpieces That Will Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Halloween can be both scary and fun, depending on your perspective. Whether planning your wedding or helping out with planning one, choose one of these 13 DIY Halloween centerpieces. They will provide the perfect ooey-gooey ambiance to your celebration! Please keep reading to find out how to create them.

Floating Ghouls with Tombstones and Pumpkins

Try these floating tombstones and pumpkins as Halloween centerpieces for a festive display. You’ll need black balloons, tissue paper, small plastic tombstones, mini pumpkins, and a clear fishing line. To make, blow up the black balloons and tie off the end. Cut thin strips of tissue paper and tie them around the base of the balloon. Cut out small tombstone shapes from construction paper or foam and write guests’ names on them. Tie the string to the top of each tombstone and one end of a pumpkin.

Securely tie another piece of string to the other pumpkin, so it is suspended in mid-air at an angle. Drape your tablecloth over these strings so that they’re invisible. Place your ghosts at varying heights for an eerily beautiful effect.

Skeleton Candles in Glass Vases Halloween Centerpieces

Skeleton Candles in Glass Vases Halloween Centerpieces

These spooky skeleton candles in glass are the perfect addition to any Halloween-themed wedding. They’re easy to make and can be customized to match your wedding colors. All you need is a white base, a candle, black paint, a foam brush, and water. Add a few drops of water until the color looks right for dripping down the sides of the candle. Next, use your foam brush to draw on bones by following their natural shape. Please wait for it to dry before lighting it up!

Creepy Spider Table Number

Creepy Spider Table Number

These Halloween centerpieces are a perfect choice for your event. All you need is some black cardstock, a white pen, and some googly eyes to create this spooky decoration. Cut out the numbers on the cardstock in different sizes and shapes (one for each guest). Cut out two giant spiders with two legs on each side of the paper to resemble a letter P or 0 (depending on what your first or last name starts with). Position the spiders to appear inching towards one another, then use hot glue to secure them together. Stick the numbers in between their bodies at random intervals.

Vintage Keys on Black Background Halloween Centerpieces

Vintage Keys on Black Background Halloween Centerpieces

You can never go wrong with a vintage-inspired theme. And these keys on a black background are the perfect way to set the stage for a spooky yet elegant affair. First, gather some old keys from around your house or ask friends and family members to donate their unwanted keys. Next, find a frame that fits your wedding’s aesthetic and paint it black. Once the paint is dry, glue the keys to the structure in an interesting pattern.

Finally, use spray adhesive to attach another piece of fabric over the top of the keys to create a backdrop for your table decor. We love this idea because it makes guests feel like they’re stepping into another world—exactly what you want them to handle on your big day!

Mummy Cups for Dessert Tables Halloween Centerpieces

Mummy Cups for Dessert Tables Halloween Centerpieces

What’s a Halloween wedding without a few mummy cups? These are easy to make and can be done a few days early. Take some white tissue paper and cut it into strips. Wrap the strips around some clear plastic cups, leaving a bit of space for the eyes. Use black Sharpie markers to draw on the eyes, and then place a small piece of candy inside each cup. Arrange the cups on your dessert table and watch your guests enjoy their sweet treats! Plus, you won’t have to worry about the risk of spilled liquids or food that usually accompanies beverages at events like these.

Bone Chalkboard Frame with Garland

Bone Chalkboard Frame with Garland

To make these Halloween centerpieces, first, you’ll need to gather your supplies. For this project, you’ll need a bone-shaped chalkboard frame, black chalkboard paint, a hot glue gun, and fake spider webs. Next, you’ll want to paint your frame with black chalkboard paint. You can either do this by hand or with spray paint. If you’re using spray paint, make sure to do it in a well-ventilated area. Let the paint dry for at least 24 hours before moving on to step.

Once the frame is dry, use your hot glue gun to attach some of the fake spider webs around it. Hang this centerpiece from one of your chandeliers or a tree branch. The webbing will help create that spooky feel. To finish up, place an old film reel or photo inside the frame to complete the display.

Tabletops Cauldron Halloween Centerpieces

Tabletops Cauldron Halloween Centerpieces

This spooky tabletop cauldron is the perfect addition to your Halloween wedding decorations. It’s easy to make and can be filled with bizarre things like dry ice, fake spiders, or even real candles. Grab a mason jar, some twine, and paint. First up on our list is a table centerpiece that will stand out at your Halloween wedding. This adorable little cauldron is made from a mason jar. You’ll need a few basic supplies like the jar and some twine to create it. You’ll also need acrylic paint (black works best), a glue gun or other hot glue-like product, and scissors for cutting the rope into small pieces.

Once you’ve got everything, fill the jar about ¾ of the way, complete with water, and glue each piece of string to the inside lip. Once they’re glued, use your fingers to scrunch them around so they’re sticking out more than before. Let everything dry completely before filling it up with anything else. You want the tentacles as high as possible, so when you add whatever else goes in there, there’s plenty of room for it too!

Tabletop Tombstones

If you want to add some spookiness to your wedding, try making these Halloween centerpieces tabletop tombstones. All you need is some black cardboard, white paint, and a little imagination. Cut out tombstone shapes from the black cardboard and then use the white color to add names, dates, or other spooky messages. Arrange the tombstones on your tables and enjoy your ghoulish décor. We suggest placing them in clusters around each table for maximum impact.

For an even more significant effect, scatter them throughout the room with one at each place setting. You can also set up a photo booth area with this fun theme where guests can take pictures before dinner starts.

Corpse Bride Cake Halloween Centerpieces

Corpse Bride Cake Halloween Centerpieces

One of the most popular centerpieces for a Halloween wedding is the Corpse Bride cake. This cake looked like a bride left at the altar and turned into a corpse. To make this cake, you will need one box of white cake mix, one tub of white frosting, one tube of black decorating gel, and black and red food coloring. Mix the cake according to the instructions on the box. Pour it into a baking pan and bake according to the instructions on the back of the package.

Let it cool completely before icing it with a thick layer of white frosting tinted black with one drop of red food coloring in each quarter cup of frosting. Add guts by piping on wide ribbons around the edge or down the middle using decorative tips fitted with long tubes.

Eyeball Jello Shots

Eyeball Jello Shots

This eyeball jello shots Halloween centerpieces are perfect for your Halloween wedding! They’re easy to make and will impress your guests. Just be warned. They may be too realistic for some. Create the mold by pouring a layer of unflavored gelatin into a small container. Let it set in the fridge until it’s firm (about 30 minutes). Pour unflavored gelatin into the mold on top of the first layer. Gently shake the mold to create an even layer of gelatin around the edges. Add food coloring, and mix well. Pour unflavored gelatin into the space at the bottom of the mold and allow it to set up as well.

Once both layers have been set, pop them out of the mold. Fill each eyeball with Jello before you insert them into their respective molds. It will keep them from sticking to the surface when you try to pull them out later. Stick them back in the fridge for about 20-30 minutes until they’ve hardened enough to remove from their molds without breaking.

Spider Web Hand Holders

These easy-to-make spider web hand holders are perfect for your spooky Halloween wedding. All you need is some black yarn, hot glue, and plastic spiders. To make the hands stick to the wall, use a dab of hot glue on the back of each one. If you want your guests to be able to hold them, place them together so that people can slip their fingers. You could also create these Halloween centerpieces by placing the plastic spiders in an empty jar instead making the spider webs out of yarn.

Place three tiny white candles inside with the spiders, then tie a few strands of ribbon around the top to keep them secure. Then all you have to do is wrap it up with cellophane or crepe paper as we did with our other centerpieces. Tie eight mini white balloons around the base, so they look like ghosts flying away from it, and voila!

Glow in the Dark Ghost Candle

Try these glow-in-the-dark ghost candles Halloween centerpieces if you want to add a touch of spookiness to your wedding. They’re easy to make and will add an eerie atmosphere to your big day. Get your hands on some battery-operated tea lights and turn them off. Place a pair of scissors under each morning, so it shines through the spaces between them, and voila! You’ve got yourself some ghostly decor for your reception hall or backyard. This is one way to get their attention if you want more guests to come to your spooky event. The best part is that gusts of wind or rainstorms can’t blow them out.

The glow-in-the-dark effect is created with phosphorescent paint that you can find at any craft store. You can make these candles for both indoor and outdoor use. With some creativity, you’ll be able to give your wedding a new spin on an old classic. You can create a visually stunning atmosphere for all of your guests to enjoy.

Bat Candy Dish

The bat candy dish Halloween centerpieces are easy to make and require only a few supplies you already have around the house. Plus, it’s a great way to add a little bit of extra decoration to your tables. You can even use this idea as an inexpensive alternative to real flowers for a more modern look. First, trace two small circles on either side of your pumpkin (a string or straw works well). Next, cut out the circles with an x-acto knife and pull them out from the inside of the pumpkin.

Place one or two small bowls in these holes depending on how many guests will sit at each table. Fill up the bowls with different colored M&Ms. Add decorative leaves around the top if desired. Voilà! A simple yet stunning centerpiece that costs nothing but still looks incredible.

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Halloween is quickly approaching, and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably starting to panic that you still haven’t figured out your Halloween wedding centerpieces. This shouldn’t be an issue in the DIY world of Instagram, Pinterest, and The Knot. So why does it seem so hard? Halloween and wedding don’t mix. That’s why we made this easy and fun guide on  DIY spooky Halloween centerpieces for your wedding. Most people assume it’s expensive to create an elaborate Halloween wedding, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Spooky Halloween Centerpieces: Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these spooky Halloween centerpieces FAQs to help you make sure your party centerpiece does just that!

How Do I Assemble My Centerpiece?

Putting together a spooky Halloween centerpiece is easy if you have the supplies. All you need are some things from around the house, and your decorations can go from sitting in their boxes to looking stellar. Here’s what you’ll need: jars or cups for candles, flowers, or whatever else you want to put inside. Also, use containers for displaying food items like candy corn or apple slices. You can also use tablecloths, fabric covering the tabletop surface, masking tape, or scissors.

What Else Can I Use Instead of Carved Pumpkins for My Halloween Centerpieces?

If you’re looking for an alternative option to carved pumpkins, there are many non-carved options. You can use mini pumpkins, gourds, or decorative fruits like apples. Be creative and go with what works best for your space! For example, if you have an outdoor area in your home, you could opt for candles on sticks instead of traditional table centerpieces. Don’t forget the small details like mason jars filled with orange-colored water and tea lights floating in them.

How Long Will Halloween Centerpieces Last?

Halloween centerpieces are a fun way to get people in the mood for fall, but it can be tough to figure out how long they will last. The time a decoration survives depends on how much love and to care you put into them. If you take good care of your Halloween decorations, many can be used yearly, even if they need some TLC now and then.

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