10 Modern Glass Decorative Candle Holders For Wedding

A wedding is a very special event for any couple. And they want to make it more special with a luxurious venue. However, everyone can’t afford a luxurious wedding venue. In that case, you have to decorate the simple venue with extraordinary things. 

Glass decorative candle holders are one of those things that can make your wedding decor look glorious and glamorous. With very less price, glass candle holders top the list of decorative wedding items. 

So if your wedding is on edge, here are some of the best recommendations for glass decorative candle holders. 

Look no further and take a look at this amazing list.

10 Glass Decorative Candle Holders To Make Your Wedding Venue Look Gorgeous

Candle Holders For Candlestick Clear Taper

Are you looking for super stable glass decorative candle holders that can hold your candles well? This candle holder can be the perfect choice for you. Made with strong quality glass, it’s a durable product. 

It is considered a safe product for candles because of its round shape. The good thing about this glass candle holder is you can use it on a dining table and living room after wedding decoration. 

So it’s like a win-win situation for you. This candle holder is also a good fit if you want to gift your loved ones at Christmas or a special event. 

Check out this product if you want sturdy and decorative candle holders. 

Glass Decorative Candle Holders For Taper

Colorful Nordic Wavy Glass Candlestick Holders

Get the product if you want your wedding to look premium. Yes, this product automatically feels you rich looking. It comes in different colors, so you can use it at different events. 

It’s transparent and comes with an elegant shape that makes it desired product. Use this in home decor after keeping it in wedding events. 

The color of these glass decorative candle holders will add the charm your wedding seeks. You can buy these 3 to 4 candle holders together. 

Colorful Glass Decorative Candle Holders
Source: Etsy.com

Candlestick Holders For Votive Tea Light 

Want stunning glass decorative candle holders for your wedding event that can steal guest attention? Try this candle holder for sure. With a golden finish, this candle holder will be the best investment for your wedding.

It has a metal glass cup that is half finished with golden flowers. The base of the candle holder is crystal. This glass decorative candle holder enhances the beauty of your wedding with a gold-finished 3-ring.

The product is purely made of metal and crystal. And the height of the glass holder is 6.9in/17 cm, which is good for keeping your candles secure. 

Glass Decorative Candle Holders For Votive Tea Light

Votive Candle Holders — Speckled Glass Tealight Candle Holder

If you love a golden feel in everything, then these glass decorative candle holders are must try for you. The product comes with a gold and silver finish that you can choose as per your interest.

The candle holder is ideal for occasions like weddings, baby showers, and parties. So you can buy the product for multi-purpose. 

In this holder, you can put different types of candles like votives, flameless LED, or wax tea lights. The dimension of the product is 2.16″ wide by 2.55″ tall. 

Speckled Glass Decorative Candle Holders
Source: Etsy.com

Glass Clear Taper Candlestick

If you are looking for some glass decorative candle holders, check out this product. With a sleek square base, it is one of the safe options for keeping candles. The best thing about this glass holder is it’s made of high-quality glass. 

You will find this product in elegant color. You can use it in many places like the living room and kitchen area other than weddings. But basically, the product is ideal for a wedding. 

Glass Decorative Candle Holders For Clear Taper

Square Glass Hurricane Candle Holders

If you want to look your wedding decor gorgeous, you can’t miss out on this product. These glass decorative candle holders come with a black brass finish. That makes it look different from other normal glass candle holders.

The metal thing adds a different charm that makes it a worthy glass holder to use at any wedding. So use these square shared holders to decorate your wedding space. 

Check out the product to know more about it. 

Square Glass Decorative Candle Holders
Source: Etsy.com

Dual-Use Glass Candlestick Holder For Tea Light And Taper

Want something that can serve you both as tealight and taper candle holders, this product is ideal for you. You can put any type of started-size candle on it. The lotus flower shape gives an elegant look to your event. 

The good thing about the product is children will not get harmed by this as it doesn’t have sharp edges. You can use it for different events like holidays and Christmas. 

Glass Decorative Candle Holders For Tea Light And Taper

Clear Glass Tea Lights Candle Holders Set

These glass decorative candle holders can turn your wedding into a romantic one. 

When you light a candle on this holder, this will reflect the color of the thing that is around the candle holder because of its glass material. This is why the whole environment will be lit up with candles. 

You can expect a sold weight and high-quality crystal from this product. Check out this to know more. 

Glass Decorative Candle Holders Set

Vintage Glass Candle Holder

Your wedding decor can’t be complete without some vintage candle holders. And this item is the perfect option in that case. The design of this candle holder is like a table lamp which increases the beauty of the wedding. 

The glass material of the lamp is very light, and you can place a small tea-light candle in it. The good thing about the product is it’s high-temperature resistant. 

After the wedding use, you can use it as a makeup brush holder or can place a small plant in this. You can definitely use this in your home studio. 

Vintage Glass Decorative Candle Holders
Source: Etsy.com

Long Stem Hurricane Candle Holders

These glass decorative candle holders can be ideal for decorating wedding tables. The tall look of candle holders makes them look elegant and perfect for any function. 

You can put other things like pearls with candles inside the holder. You will find the glass of the product highly transparent. You can put any type of candle, like a floating candle or votive candle in it. 

These glass decorative candle holders will give a different look to your decoration so if you love something special, you should give it a try. 

It looks amazing when you light a candle under it. Check the product here. 

Hurricane Glass Decorative Candle Holders
Source: Walmart.com


Whether it’s a wedding or engagement event, glass decorative candle holders are a must-have item for decor.

They can enhance beauty effortlessly. If you want to buy a good glass candle holder, you can consider this list. We make sure to keep every factor, like price and availability, in mind before putting products on the list. 

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