Do You Have to Put Tea Light Candles in a Holder

Tealight candles are some of the most used candle types in a home. They would be great for creating the best ambiance for a romantic night, mood lighting, and so much more. However, do they always need tealight candle holders?

Tealight candles often come in metal, glass, plastic, or ceramic cups that allow you to put them on different surfaces. Because of such versatility, it is not a must for you to use tealight candle holders, but it is still recommended to put them in holders. The main reason is to keep the wax from flowing onto different surfaces, such as the table.

Benefits Of Tea Light Candles

hollow-out rustic metal tealight candle holders

Whether you choose a tabletop or hanging tea light holders, there must be a reason you want to light the tealight candles. Below, we look at the potential benefits of using tealight candles in your home.

Light Accents

One thing about hanging tea light holders is that they can turn any boring space into a luxurious experience. The best part about tealight candles is how they can easily fit in tiny spaces to improve aesthetics.

Whenever you use tealight candles in space, expect them to feel more welcoming and warm. You can also enjoy the cozy and chic feeling that comes with these candles.

You could still use them to highlight a painting or any other decoration in a space. The best part is how they can help project a beautiful shadow of what you want to highlight.

That is not the end, as you can find them a great choice for lighting up a pond for outdoor use. You can have several tealight candles floating on the water and light them to create a beautiful fairytale effect on the water.


The tealight candle holders are also the best way to hold the tealight candles, which can deliver the best aromatherapy. That is why scented tealight candles are common in homes, resorts, and spas. Just make sure you get the best candle scents which will also be relaxing once you light the tealight candles.

In addition to tealight candle scents, you can still use the same for warming essential oils. There is no doubt that you can feel relaxed when you enter a room full of scented hanging tea light holders with candles in them.

Purifying The Air

Another reason to include tealight candle holders is that the tealight candles would help in purifying the air where you live. This is because the candle will release the negative ions, which bind with the positive ions, such as dust, mold, dust, and bad odor. The result is that you end up with lower dust levels, which is good for purifying the air.


Tealight candles can also be a great choice who enjoy camping. Make sure you take with you tealight candles with thick wicks, ensuring they can handle the outdoors better. You will not have to deal with looking for firewood when you can have the candles lighting the campsite.

It is even better when you have cozy light accents, and fragrances from the tealight candles help ensure you feel relaxed and enjoy the outdoors even more.

Clams The Mind

Anyone who has used candles in their tealight candle holders would have no problem using them more often as they help calm their mind. Such options include floral and herbal aromas, which are good for relaxing your mind. There are cases where such candles have been used for depression and anxiety treatment.

Improves The Mood

Expect the same hanging tea light holders with lit candles to further alleviate stress symptoms and lower cortisol. That is why you are likely to find people who light candles more often would feel more relaxed and in a better mood.

Memory Stimulation

Using specific tealight candles in tealight candle holders can help stimulate your memory. The scents would largely stimulate the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that handles memory and emotions. This shows how scent, emotions, and memory can rely on each other, as The Havard Gazette explains.

Get A Restful Sleep

Lighting candles in the evening before going to bed has something to do with restful sleep. Of course, you also have to consider limiting blue light hours before going to bed. Turn off your phone, TV, or other technology to feel relaxed so you can sleep better. Most people who light candles before bed often claim it helps them sleep better.

Ideas For The Best Tealight Candle Holders

Sometimes you might need help knowing where to get the best tealight candle holders. There is no need to worry about it, as we share options you can get now.

  • Sziqiqi 3.15inch Hanging Glass Tealight Candle Holders
glass hanging tea light holders

These hanging tea light holders are quite good in terms of design. The design allows them also to be placed on a tabletop, and all you have to do is fill it with artificial flowers and other decorations instead of tealight candles. These tealight candle holders also work for different applications, including weddings, tree decoration, and so much more.

  • Sziqiqi Candle Sconces Tealight Candle Holders
wall tealight candle holders

In addition to hanging tea light holders, you can also get wall sconce tealight candle holders. They are quite good for adding more decorations to a home. In this case, they are made of metal, assuring the users of high-quality candle holders and the best look. You should also get all the mounting hardware that allows you to set up the candle holder easily.

  • Sziqiqi Candlestick Holders for Tealight Candles
tealight candle holders with crystal

This clearly indicates that tealight candle holders can take on intricate designs that make them stand out. For this one, it is a nice combination of glass, crystals, and metal materials to ensure the best look generally. Because of such a design, there are many places to use it, including weddings, parties, events, and so much more. It might be the centerpiece you have been missing in your home too.

  • Sziqiqi Classic Clear Tealight Candle Holders
xmas tea light holders 1

They might not be hanging tea light holders, but their design is also good for decorating the space where you want to use tea light candles. These tealight candle holders make fine decor for dinner, cafe, bar, and candlelight weddings in addition to home decor. They are simple but functional in design, making them quite likable.

  • Sziqiqi Crystal Candle Holders for Tealight Candles
glass tealight holders

In addition to using hanging tea light holders, you can also consider such tabletop candle holders. They are made of high-quality crystal material to ensure durability and performance, all combined into the same candle holders. Even when you touch the candle holder, it has a solid feeling in the hard.


So far, you can see why getting yourself tealight candle holders might be a good idea. They can do a good job of ensuring the wax from the tealight candles does not end up on various surfaces. Also, they are good for providing the best aesthetics in the room and enjoying the ambiance from the tealight candles.

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