Do I Need a Wedding Cake Stand?

A lot goes into making a wedding successful. This includes the type of cake stand you use. The wrong cake stand can easily lead to misfortunes, such as dropping the cake. That is why taking the time to pick the right cake stand matters a lot. So, do you have your wedding cake ready? Let us focus on learning more about the cake stand and choosing the right one for your cake.

Why Do I Need a Cake Stand?

If you have not used one, you may not understand just how important a wedding cake stand is. That is what we want to highlight below so that you have a general understanding of why a wedding cake stand is essential. Learn more below.

Can add value to your cake

Other than the other centerpieces on the table, a cake stand would be essential to improve the aesthetics of the cake. The best part is how you have so many cake stand options to consider. This allows you to only pick that would enhance the decor of the wedding venue and the wedding cake itself.

Safe and secure base for the cake

A cake for a wedding takes time to create, but it can be ruined in the shortest time possible. That is, if the surface you place it on will not be as sturdy or someone handling the cake is clumsy. That is why you need a wedding stand to ensure no more wasting of your cake.

Just ensure you get a wedding cake with enough space to hold all the cake you might have for the wedding.

Can help create a size illusion

When people get to a wedding, one thing that might be their focus is the cake. It is often quite a centerpiece that attracts people to see it. If that is what you want, then a cake stand helps elevate the cake, making it appear bigger than you might have thought initially. It also appears mesmerizing, which is something you would want for a cake.

Improving the event decoration

Cake stands come in many designs, colors, materials, and other aspects. What is for sure is having a cake styled just as you want. With so many design options, the cake stand could help improve the event decoration with ease. That is why you may get some weddings with wooden, metallic, and a combination of both for a cake stand.

You may want to work with someone who understands event decoration. This helps in creating a cake stand decor that fits right in.

Can help save space

Besides just looking good, the cake stand can help save space. This is because cakes and cupcakes can take up a lot of space when you lay them flat on a table. With a cake stand, the cake can be on a higher space for display and still save on more space around the table. You can add other centerpieces to the table since you have enough space.

Allows for personalized touches

You could use this feature if you have a creative mind that can turn anything boring into exciting. The aim would be to come up with a nice personalized touch ensuring that you have a great-looking cake stand. That is how easy it is working with cake stands at your wedding.

How Big Should a Wedding Cake Stand Be

How Big Should a Wedding Cake Stand Be?

The size of the wedding cake is what determines the size of the stand. The idea is to ensure the cake fits correctly and does not tumble over during the ceremony.

The cake stand sizes can vary from small to extra large. It depends on the height and diameter of the boards that hold the cake. Below is a table illustrating the market’s common options of cake stands.

Cake Stand SizeHeight (Inches)Diameter (Inches)
X Large1214

The most common sizes of cake stands include 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 inches. When you have such a cake stand, it will help create a clean and neat cake presentation at the event.

The size also plays an important role when buying a cake stand. You are advised to consider the cake design or make sure the bottom tier and cake board as of the same size for better stability.

Also, the kind of decoration you make for the cake might determine your choice. An example is when you have a simple cake design with minimal decorations, then have a cake stand the same size as the cake at the bottom tier. This helps deliver a seamless transition.

One golden rule about the cake stand size is that it should never be smaller than the bottom tier. This would generally make the cake unstable and can topple depending on its size. You either go for the same size or bigger for stability.

Cake stand shapes

Besides considering the size, you also have to understand the shape. Of course, you might have come across the most common shapes, including square and round. These are suitable shapes for holding the cake in the proper position and giving them a clean, neat look.

Still, the cake shape can also determine what kind of cake stand you will get. Since most cakes are round, you can expect the round cake stands to be the most common too.

A cake stand for holding the cake during a wedding is likely multi-tiered and tall. This is to help showcase the cake, even for people seated at the back. Some might be too tall to be disassembled first for transportation.

Square vs. round cake stands

We had already mentioned that square and round cake stands are common shapes. So, which one would you choose for which event?

The square cake stands would be preferable for birthdays and other parties. The round cake stands are better for weddings. You might not get the square stands used more often for wedding cakes.

It is possible that you may get a wedding or two using the square stands, but it might not be so common. However, some people opt for even other unique shapes as they are not limited to only the square, and round cake stands.

How Do You Transport a Cake on a Cake Stand

How Do You Transport a Cake on a Cake Stand?

A cake stand can do much more than just hold the cake during a wedding. You could also use the same during the cake transportation.

We recommend using a large cake plate or a cake stand to hold the cake while transporting it. Make sure that you have a cake stand bigger than the cake itself to have the right support during the transportation phase.

Other ways of transporting the cake

Other than using a cake stand, you can also consider the following options:

  • Using a toothpick tent

A toothpick tent is a nice way of transporting the cake and keeping the edges straight before the event. The last thing you need is to start remodeling the cake because the edges are smudged.

This type of method also does not damage the frosting. This is because the added skewers will help maintain the shape of the cake until its destination.

  • Use a cake carrier

Depending on the distance and terrain, sometimes you may have to invest in a cake carrier. This is because it can help protect the cake and make it easier to transport the cake faster.

The cake carrier is available in different sizes, so you can always get a good carrier size to hold your cake better. Also, the carrier would have handles, making moving the cake easier.

Tips for transporting the cake over a long distance

Now that you know your options for carrying the cake, there are still some important things to keep in mind while transporting the cake over a long distance.

  • You should refrain from using soft fillings. This is because the fillings can easily be smudged while in transit. Or, you may want first to freeze the cake if you are going to be traveling for more than four hours. This helps keep the fillings intact.
  • Consider the decorations you have put on the cake. Will they stand up to transportation? That is why you might sometimes want to wait until you get to the destination before you can add the delicate final touches.
  • The other option is to stack the cake. When the cake is stacked correctly, be sure to end up with the cakes still in one piece when you get to the destination.
  • You can also consider getting a non-slip mat or carrier for the job. A non-slip mat, as the name says, would keep the cake from moving around. No one wants to have the cake sliding around to prevent any potential damage.

How Far in Advance Can You Make a Wedding Cake?

Making a cake in advance can generally make your work easier on the wedding day. That is why it is vital to prepare early enough to avoid last minute rush. However, how early is too early?

We can say it depends on the type of cake you are making.

An uniced cake can be baked 2 to 3 days in advance, but it needs proper storage. You may consider wrapping it in an airtight container to prevent it from losing moisture.

The iced cake, on the other hand, the iced cake can also be made a couple of days earlier. The best part about icing is it will lock in the moisture. If you are using cream cheese or buttercream, you will have to keep it refrigerated or frozen to maintain its look or taste.

Cakes will generally last longer when kept in a fridge, but you would not want to keep them open in the fridge for more than three days. Ensure the cake is wrapped carefully; only take it out an hour before serving.

Freezing is another option for storing the cake. Freezing would make the cake last as much as two months if you freeze it properly. You may, however, need to thaw it overnight before decorating and serving it.

What Should You Consider for a Wedding Cake

What Should You Consider for a Wedding Cake?

A cake should be something you enjoy, which is why proper planning for it comes in handy. There are a number of things you may want to consider for a successful cake. Below is a checklist that should generally give you the cake you have always wanted for your wedding.

  • Budget

Before you can easily get confused by the various cake options, look at the budget you are working with. This is to ensure you get value for money. Sometimes you can be on a budget and still get the right cake for the wedding. Talk to several bakers to also find a good deal based on your budget.

  • Cake style

The style plays an important role in choosing a cake for the wedding. The common styles include contemporary, dramatic, simple, regal, ornate, trendy, glamorous, themed, and so much more.

  • Tire shapes

Which shape do you want your cake to be in? The shape would determine many other things, such as the cake stands.

The classic shape would be round. However, you can also get square or hexagonal shapes to give the cake a modern vibe. The other shapes include sheet cake, mixed shapes, triangular, rectangular, scalloped, and more.

  • Number of servings

The number of servings is also vital to determine the cake size. A three-tier cake option can serve up to 100 guests. In case you want to handle more people, go for four or five tiers of the cake.

  • Flavors and fillings

You would also want to consider the flavors and filling for the cake. Some of the common cake flavors are vanilla, chocolate, orange, lemon, red velvet, carrot, and more. As for fillings, we have cream cheese frosting, chocolate ganache, apricot jam, lemon curd, passion fruit curd, vanilla buttercream, and more.


The wedding cake can help showcase the cake better than when it was just lying flat on the table. You can choose whether you want a round, square, or any other shape of the cake stand. The idea is to give you the best look and a sturdy base depending on the shape of your cake for the event.

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