What Are the Different Types of Candles Called?

For the longest time, candles have been used to illuminate homes as they burn gradually. The good thing about candles is how they can be affordable and still burn slowly for you to enjoy the light. That is how they are even used as part of wedding centerpieces and still in your home. Maybe you are used to boring candles, but today we have a lot more variety. This list will give you an in-depth look into the various types of candles available in the market and how best you can use them.

Beeswax candle

This type of candle is best known for having a golden color, a subtle honey scent, and a hexagonal pattern. This makes more people consider getting this type of candle. It would largely be used as an air purifier in areas that generally seem stuffy.

You may also like it for having the longest burn time and the bright warm color you get from the flame as the candle burns. You do not have to worry about smoke, so it will be a clean candle to have in your home.

The candle gets its name since it uses natural wax from beekeeping. As such, it is also an eco-friendly product you want in your home.

Best for: Clean candle lighting, long burning time


You may have come across small candles in the market. They would likely be the tealight candles. They are the smallest type and would largely come packaged either in plastic or metal containers.

These candles were originally made to help keep your tea warm, but now people use them for home decor most of the time. You may find that this type of candle would also fit in well during seasonal festivities, such as putting the candles in pumpkins.

The tealight candle has an average burn time of 5 hours. This should not be bad for its size.

Best for: decor and accent lighting

Pillar candle

pillar candles

The pillar candles are best known for their dense wax, making it possible for them to stand on their own. You never have to consider using a candle holder.

Manufacturers of pillar candles love to play around with shapes, heights, and sizes. However, the most common shape is the cylinder, which seems to work for most people without a problem. Being made from paraffin wax makes it easy for the candles to be shaped how you want.

One of the common uses of such candles includes setting up on mantels, lanterns, and other decorations such as centerpieces on tables.

Best for: Mood lighting and decorative applications

Taper candle

Taper candles are long and thin candles. Because of their size, these candles need a candle holder to keep them upright for the best light. We also find them a good choice for the special table setting during a formal dinner or as simple as a mantel decor.

These candles might be around 12 inches tall and have a burn time of 12 hours. That is like an inch per hour, which is not bad.

Taper candles are also available in different colors. It is possible to find one that works great for you, depending on your preferences. You can also get different shapes other than colors.

Best for: holiday decor, special table setting

Citronella candle

You may enjoy sitting outdoors from time to time to enjoy it. However, the bugs won’t just let this happen. Luckily, you can use citronella candles for such an application.

Citronella comes from lemon grass and works as a good insect repellant. Because of this, you would find them mostly used as outdoor candles. They also have a subtle citrus scent and a bright flame. This would be something good to enjoy while having dinner on your patio or deck.

Best for: patio or porch use

Floating candle

floating candles keep burning on water

Floating candles are exactly what their name says. These candles can float on water and keep burning at the same time. This is because they are generally lightweight compared to the other candles mentioned above.

The area around the wick will be warm, but the water will keep the candle exterior cool. This helps to maintain buoyancy so that the candle does not sink.

As you can see, floating candles would be ideal for festivities and romantic applications. The best part is how you can easily set them up in bowls or other vessels with petals or flowers. You could definitely use them as wedding centerpieces during dinner.

Best for: wedding centerpieces, romantic nights

Trick candle

Trick candles are mostly novelty and would be used on birthday cakes and other celebrations. The good thing about such candles is they can relight themselves whenever someone blows them out.

The trick candle will have the wick coated using magnesium powder which would easily relight no matter how often you blow out the candle. This would make it quite fun having at kids’ birthdays to keep them trying to blow the candle that never fully dies.

Best for: Birthdays and other celebrations


Another option for birthdays and celebrations would be the sparklers candle. Of course, the sparkles would mean celebration for most people who want to have a good time remembering something.

You may come across the sparklers being used on the fourth of July to celebrate national independence day. Of course, so long as there is a celebration, you can use these candles thanks to how they keep sparkling once they are lit.

Best for: holiday celebrations

Soy candle

Soy candle is made from soy wax and soybeans. This means it does not have artificial materials that would generally make it hazardous to you in the room while using the candle.

Since the wax is eco-friendly and comes from a renewable source, you would find that the candle burns slower and is still cleaner than most options on the market. You will like its cool-toned flame, almost similar to what you get as a fluorescent glow.

Soy wax is now a great alternative to paraffin wax because it is cleaner and offers great value for money.

Best for: natural light glow and clean burning

Wood wick candle

wood wick types of candles

These candles have the signature crackling sound, making them unique in many ways. You would think you are sitting outside near a fire pit, but it is just a nice candle with a subtle sound.

The wood wick is wider than the usual cotton wick meaning that you have a wider flame and also an even more burn time compared to the other options. Wood wicks also have a cleaner burn than cotton wicks. Just make sure you trim the wood wick each time you finish using it.

Best for: outdoor relaxation in the evening


Candles are quite many, and we may not mention all of them in the guide. Some honorable mentions include votive candles, scented candles, gel candles, flameless candles, bayberry wax candles, and container candles. All you have to do is ask for a candle type that works for you when you get to shop to buy one. Focus more on the recommended use of the candles so that you enjoy the specific application better.

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