Was kann ich außer Blumen in dekorative Tischvasen stecken?

It seems normal to have flowers in decorative table vases in your home or office. It could be why you find many vases at a wedding having flowers to complete the wedding centerpiece on a table.

That is one of many uses of decorative table vases. Sometimes you can use these vases for other applications too. That is what this guide looks to address. Let us learn more about the best vase filler ideas besides flowers.


coins in decorative table vases

The decorative table vases can look good if you add coins. You might have coins that you need help finding where to keep. It can be a nice idea to decorate the vases and put them on a window sill or a kitchen counter.

Consider adding artificial leaves to the containers full of change so that it seems like you are growing money plants.

Fruit Slices

Fruit Slices in decorative table vases

You could still use some fresh fruit slices besides freshly cut flowers. A good example would be using slices of lemon or oranges in the decorative table vases and then filling it with water. You could add wildflowers and tie a ribbon around the neck to give it a unique look.

Wine Corks

Wine Corks in glass jar

If you have decorative table vases with wide mouths, wine cork fillers are ideal for decoration. The wine corks can be of different sizes and spaced differently to create a random pattern.

The look is only complete with the addition of a candle in the middle. Using a candle will create a warm and rustic look in the room, making it a worthy investment of time.

Confections And Candy

Confections And Candy filled in decorative table vases with flowers

Consider this idea for the next baby shower or engagement party you will be attending. The decorative vase should have a wide mouth to help easily reach into it and easily grab some candy.

As expected, you should add different candy colors to brighten the room. We also see it being a good option when sprucing your home’s look but be on the lookout for kids as they might run through the candy fast.

Sand And Seashells

Sand And Seashells in candle Hurricane

If you want to bring the beach into your house or office, this could be the right way to do it. It could also be a great decoration, especially for those who want a beach-themed wedding. All that is needed is to add sand and seashells to your decorative table vases, and you should be good.

It is a DIY project you can do at home and enjoy the whole process. Add different shapes and sizes of seashells as much as possible, just as the following video shows.


Add Vine Balls

Add Vine Balls in glass jars for decorative table vases

Vine balls always look good as vase fillers. The aim would be to try and make the vine balls filling the vase as colorful as possible. This can be a colorful piece on your coffee or office table.

Some people love to spray paint glass vases to make them look unique and beautiful. As for the vine balls, use different sizes to make a great appearance.

Nuts And Bolts

You may have a wide range of nuts and bolts laying around the house. You might as well start working with such supplies. Using the nuts and bolts will give you a new farmhouse style in a room, which is not bad at all.

You can still combine them with foreign coins, screws, and more to create an interesting decorative table vases on display.


Branches in flower vases

It can sound funny having to replace the flowers with branches. However, you might be surprised how the two can work together quite well. Look for fresh branches like those shown in the image and top them off with a few flowers. This decoration can help balance a feminine and masculine look in the room.

Painted Eggs In A Vase

Painted Eggs In Decorative Table Vases

Painted eggs can also work well as a decorative piece in a vase. Yes, you guessed it right. This would be a great pick for those looking for a fun Easter decoration for their homes. You can always run wild with the colors. Colors such as brown and burgundy can go well together. There is still the option of making them as colorful as possible.

We recommend using different colors so that it can be an all-season decoration and not just for Easter. The addition of daisies and pussy willows can be good enough to make the eggs look better.

Playful Sand

Playful Sand In Decorative Table Vases

One thing about sand is that you can be playful with it as much as possible. Using succulents will make the decoration even better. The sand can also be colored to make it unique rather than the usual brown sand. As for the hack above, there is the use of blue color, which shows more creativity.

Add a few more pebbles as a way of showing more creativity too. Have the decorative table vases in the lounge or office, and it might be a conversation starter each time someone gets in the house.

Fall Vase Ideas

Fall Vase Ideas

Fall can be a good time to get the best natural accessories to fill the decorative table vases in your house. A good example is using acorns or leaves to give your home a natural look.

You can make it work if you can get nuts or leaves that look good. Another feature to include is a rope so you can hang the vases in different spaces. It is not a must to hang the vase, but it would be a nice addition.

Store Cereals

Use Decorative Table Vases to Store Cereals

One of the most common ways to utilize decorative table vases is to store cereals. You can fill the vase with grass seeds, spices, dried beans, and so much more. This is still a unique way of adding color and texture to the vases in your home.

It can be a way of creating a pattern too. Here is where you can creatively add grains of different colors to the decorative table vases. It is possible to get as creative as you want with the display in the vase.


Rocks in Deorative Table Vases

If you like walking on the shores picking rocks, this is an idea to consider. Wash your river rocks and store them neatly in a glass decorative table vase. You do not have to fill the entire vase with rocks. We like to leave some space on top for other decorations. Adding water to cover the remaining space can be good enough too.

You may want to use different sizes of rocks. You can do small and large rocks. Top it off with a cluster of blooms, such as rhododendrons.

Neon Beads

Neon Beads with flowers in decorative table vases

This is another common consideration for those looking for decorative table vases filler. The neon glass beads are great because they are rich in their colors. Rather than using the usual clear or white bears, go crazy with the color choice. Of course, fill as much as possible into a vase to improve the hue.

Once you are done filling the neon beads, complete the look by adding a singular bloom too.


Decorative table vases can be good for you if you like to improve how your home looks. Consider using the vases in different ways other than flowers. The solution would be to consider all the ideas mentioned above. They would make your home look good while at the same time remaining affordable. You can even take them as DIY projects too.

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