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There’s a reason we spent such a significant amount while planning our weddings. According to a survey, an average American couple spends around 3,664 $ on wedding décor and outdoor table centerpieces. That makes it almost 12 % of the total wedding expense.

Have you decided on what outdoor table centerpieces are for your wedding? One cannot disagree with the importance of a centerpiece on a reception table. Centerpieces are not visibly appealing; it also serves as an icebreaker for the guests.

Couples might ignore what table linen or cutlery they’ll use for their wedding. Still, they will always make sure to use a unique centerpiece.

Are you looking for new ideas while selecting outdoor table centerpieceS for your wedding? We’ve got your back; here’s what makes a good centerpiece.

decorative table centerpiece with flowers

Essential Elements For Making A Good Centerpiece

There are no hard and fast rules when selecting a good centerpiece, but it depends on where you place it. Whether for your kitchen, coffee, dining, or outdoor table. There’s no such thing as a lousy centerpiece; it needs some improvement. Here’s a look at some critical elements while selecting outdoor table centerpieces.

  • Höhe:

One of the most crucial factors while selecting an outdoor table centerpiece is its height. Use tall centerpieces if and only if you’re planning a wedding venue, a big venue with high ceilings. But it’s always advisable to use a no longer than 24″ taller centerpiece. In comparison, the smaller centerpiece must not be shorter than 12″. You can also mix and match these sizes for a surreal effect.

  • Table’s Length and Shape:

Another important factor while deciding on a good centerpiece is the table’s length and shape. For example, a large rectangular head table at a wedding would need larger centerpieces to compensate for its huge size. At the same time, a small round sweetheart table would look best with a single centerpiece to accommodate the table size.

outdoor table centerpieces candle
  • Stability:

It’s essential to balance the height and width of your outdoor table centerpiece. Make sure that the placement used with the centerpiece must be equal to the size of the centerpiece. Keeping everything of the same height will give a monotonous look. To remove this effect, try experimenting with mix and match of varying heights. But always remember whatever you’re trying isn’t blocking your guest’s eye level.

  • Theme:

Whatever event you’re planning, whether it’s a birthday, thanksgiving, wedding, etc., there is always a theme. And a perfect outdoor table centerpiece accentuates the theme of your event. For example, if the theme of your event is teal and grey, match the table napkins with centerpieces. You can match placements like flowers, candles, etc., per your event’s theme. Incorporating orange and black for Halloween, white and red for Christmas, etc., would give a new vibe to your event.

outdoor table centerpieces flowers for wedding
  • Positioning:

The placement of your centerpiece matters a lot. It’s not a hard and fast rule to place the centerpieces in the middle of the table as they’re called centerpieces. You can place them anywhere, especially at the corners of a rectangular head table. Be creative; for example, placing an outdoor table centerpiece on a cake topper would be innovative and fun.

  • Inclusion:

Another crucial factor is how you merge your centerpieces. Different outdoor table centerpieces go with other things, I-e, flowers, candles, planters, etc. Some centerpieces look well with plants, garlands, or sprigs only. At the same time, some go best with flowers only. Some centerpieces can only look excellent and regal with candles solely. At the same time, many outdoor table centerpieces need fillers like sea marbles, rhinestones, floating pearls, etc. Please make sure you select your centerpiece with whatever you’re going to display.

  • Venue:

The last and the most crucial factor while selecting a centerpiece is where your venue is. A glass centerpiece with 1-3 stems would look great for a kitchen table.

Kerzen would beautify and illuminate the dining table with centerpieces. Use plants, twigs, or garlands with outdoor table centerpieces to beautify an outdoor effect.

outdoor table centerpieces pink flowers


Centerpieces add creativity and beauty to the event. It’s essential to select your centerpieces as they’re placed on wedding tables. Centerpieces have the power to grab the focus and attention of every guest.

If you can afford it, go for some pricey and gorgeous outdoor table centerpieces. A wedding is one of the most unforgettable days of our lives, and we sure don’t want to mess it up.

Even if you’re skimping your budget, there are still various outdoor table centerpiece options.

You can combine centerpieces with plants, vases, candles, etc.

Our guide will benefit you while selecting a centerpiece for your wedding. Happy shopping.

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