8 rustikale Hochzeits-Mittelstücke, um Ihre Tischlandschaft beeindruckend zu machen

Indeed, the bride and groom are the centers of attraction at a wedding. Just like this wedding centerpieces are the main component of the decoration. No matter where you stand, you can easily spot the bride and groom at a wedding. The same goes for wedding table decor centerpieces. They complete your wedding decoration and make it more appealing. 

If you use a good rustic centerpiece, it will complete your wedding table decor. That’s it, nothing more. But its absence will certainly make you feel that something is missing from the wedding table decor. Let’s have a look at these tips to understand how to select a rustic centerpiece.   

Top Tips for Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

There are so many types of wedding centerpieces, but there’s something about rustic ones that make them special. Let’s see how you can choose the best one for your wedding. 

  • You need not follow the theme while choosing a rustic wedding centerpiece. Choose a centerpiece that might look odd but can be decorated. 
  • The size of the centerpiece is important when it comes to wedding table decor. Don’t forget, you have to place other things on the table too. 
  • You can decorate the centerpiece according to your liking. But, if you have already bought decor items then choose a piece that will work best with them. 
  • Keep in mind what type of arrangement you will combine the centerpiece with- floral or non-floral.  

Floral Rustic Wedding Centerpiece

Rustic Round Vase

Rustic round vases are perfect wedding table decor pieces. You can place any kind of flower arrangement in these vases. Their wide opening allows you to place an entire bouquet in it. If you are planning to decorate your wedding tables with a lot of flowers, then go for rustic round vases. One properly arranged rustic vase will be enough for a round table.   

Floral Rustic Wedding Table Decor Centerpiece
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Classic Silver Vase

Classic silver vases have been a part of wedding table decor for a very long time. They never go out of style. The best part about choosing silver vases is that they work best with most wedding themes. If you are too busy with other wedding arrangements, then just go for silver vases. But this doesn’t mean they should be your last moment choice. Their foreverness might make you choose them at first glance. 

Classic Silver Vase for Wedding Table Decor
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Dried Flowers Stands

This entire arrangement gives rustic vibes. Dried flowers and metal centerpiece stands are getting more recognition in modern wedding table decor. Perhaps it is because you don’t have to put too much thought into arranging them. They don’t need any maintenance and will stay the same for months. Though you don’t need the arrangement for months, you can buy all the materials in advance.  

Dried Flowers Stands for Wedding Table Decor
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Candles & Flowers Metal Stand

If you are confused about whether to choose a floral or candle metal stand, then choose both. Yes, you heard it right, choose both. Get a metal stand that will help you mount both flowers and candles. This way, you will get done with both arrangements at once.  

Candles & Flowers Metal Stand for Wedding Table Decor
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Floral Metal Vases

You may think that flowers arrangement look beautiful in glass vases, and that’s true. But if you use metal vases, then you can add a rustic touch to the centerpiece decor. Just like that, you will turn a normal flower arrangement into a rustic and elegant centerpiece. 

Blumenvasen aus Metall für die Tischdekoration bei Hochzeiten
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Non-floral Rustic Wedding Centerpiece 

Rustic Candelabra

If you want a centerpiece with no flowers, then a rustic candelabra will fit right into your wedding table decor. With no floral arrangement, you will get most of its rustic nature. You can add some decorative glass pieces to the candelabras to make them look more pleasing. And, of course, a rustic candelabra will be incomplete without some white candlesticks. This centerpiece will illuminate your wedding table and make it look mesmerizing.    

Rustic Candelabra for Wedding Table Decor
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Rustic Candle Domes

Rustic candle domes are luxurious wedding table decor pieces. You don’t have to do much while choosing them. They will most certainly fit with your elegant wedding table. All you need to do is buy or rent some rustic candle domes and place candles of your liking. You can tell the vendor in advance about the candle color or size. This way, you only need to light the candles when it’s time to put on a show.   

Rustic Candle Domes for Wedding Table Decor
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Rustic Candle Tapers

You can use rustic candle taper holders as your wedding table centerpiece. You can mount a thick candle on a good old-fashioned taper. This way, you can illuminate the wedding table with candlelight for longer hours. You can place one or two rustic tapers on the tables according to their size. 

Gold Taper Candlestcik Holders for wedding table decor
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Wedding decorations are a sea of endless possibilities, and you can do so much with them. But it is important you don’t get lost in this sea of possibilities. After all, you have limited time to decorate your dream wedding venue. Your wedding table centerpieces are one part of this decoration. Choosing this part of wedding table decor is easy and complex at the same time. You can follow and choose from the above-mentioned tips and options to simplify this selection process. If you are seeking wedding table decor centerpieces, then connect with Sziqiqi. Let the experts pause your search for rustic wedding centerpieces. Visit our website and choose the best rustic and authentic wedding centerpieces.

Quelle: media.istockphoto.com

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