Hohe oder kurze Mittelstücke für die Hochzeit – was ist das Richtige für Sie?

The table decor for any wedding is one of the most important parts of any wedding reception’s design. While delicious to look at, they also function as an anchor for your wedding’s aesthetic sensibilities. Type in “wedding centerpieces” in Pinterest’s search bar, and you’ll be bombarded by thousands of different ideas. With countless options for everything between “romantic” and “rustic” designs, your head might be spinning over what to choose! Centerpieces are a pivotal part of your wedding’s design and picking something can be daunting.

Spoiler alert: the correct centerpiece is the correct one for your needs, but we’re here to help you narrow ideas. In this article, we will discuss the differences between tall and short centerpieces so you can decide what’s best. Let’s break each down!

The Pros and Cons of Tall Wedding Centerpieces

Wow Factor Galore!

Tall wedding centerpieces pack a major punch in eye candy. Your guests walking into a reception venue and seeing towering centerpieces will definitely leave them impressed by their sheer size and grandeur. The drama these displays pack is appropriate for formal affairs for this reason.

Visual Interest For Your Venue

Fancy venues and fancy centerpieces go hand in hand, used to show one another off. If your venue has ceilings with elegant architecture incorporated into the space, then tall centerpieces will further emphasize the shape of the environment. This is because tall centerpieces draw the eye up, and will continue to guide the observer’s gaze upward.

how to choose wedding centerpieces

Fill in Empty Space

You may have booked a large venue but have not invited enough guests to fill in the space. In this case, tall wedding centerpieces can fill out the empty spots, making your reception seem fuller than it actually is.

They are also an impactful choice for round tables, which have smaller spaces. A single elegant tall centerpiece is not only a showstopper but another way of adding extra bulk to decrease the sense of scale.

Too Formal?

If you want a more casual, intimate affair for your wedding, then you may want to opt-out of tall centerpieces. As touched on earlier, tall centerpieces create an air of formality because of their height.

Tall centerpieces are excellent in creating that initial wow factor for when your guests first walk in, but what happens after they sit down? Because they will be closer to the centerpieces, the eye sees more of the vase and less of the flowers. One way to combat this is by adding an extra lower centerpiece, but that of course will mean paying for it.

Visual Obstructions

Keep in mind that tall centerpieces may block the view that guests will have of each other at their table and of the reception’s other festivities. You’ll need to ensure that the guests’ vision isn’t blocked, which means you’ll have to be considerate of the height of your taller centerpieces.

Keep in mind that tall centerpieces may block the view that guests will have of each other at their table and of the reception’s other festivities. You’ll need to ensure that the guests’ vision isn’t blocked, which means you’ll have to be considerate of the height of your taller centerpieces.

The Pros and Cons of Short Wedding Centerpieces

how to choose wedding centerpieces

Open and Inviting

Intimate celebrations lend themselves well to short centerpieces. The small height opens up the table’s space, leading to easy conversation among your guests. This openness can extend to the rest of your venue, keeping things airy and relaxed!

Endless Options at Good Costs

Because of their smaller scale, short centerpieces come in countless different ways. From greenery garlands wrapped around castles to elegant vases full of flowers, your florist is sure to give you whatever you wish.

Another perk of short wedding centerpieces is that you will generally spend less on them than you would on tall ones. A benefit of several short centerpieces is that simplicity in their designs are things you can DIY. Talk about saving money on flowers!

Focus on Guest Interaction

At the end of the day, a wedding dinner is to rejoice in the wedding couple’s marriage and to celebrate it with the people around you. If a centerpiece at the dinner table is obstructive to the point where you can’t see another’s face, then forget the guest being able to watch toasts or the first dance!

Bare Bones and Boring?

While simplicity translates to elegance, it can also mean emptiness in the design of the arrangement. Depending on the table shape, short arrangements have the potential to look skimpy. This is due to the empty space surrounding them, making things seem bare. Many low centerpieces can avert this, or add details in the design to ensure that they’re full.

Choosing the Right Centerpiece Size

how to choose wedding centerpieces

Consider Your Wedding Day Vibe

The general rule of thumb is that tall centerpieces create a more formal atmosphere, while short centerpieces are laid back and intimate. There are always exceptions to this, but the centerpiece aligns with your wedding day’s vibe.

Think About Your Budget

Consider how much you’re willing to spend on your centerpieces. If you’re torn between high and low centerpieces, then your florist’s quote you receive could answer this!

Consider Using Both!

If you have your heart set on both styles and are comfortable spending extra for both, then consider tall and short centerpieces!

The benefit to this is that it makes up for what the other centerpiece lacks, contributing to a strong aesthetic for your reception. For example, tall centerpieces carve out the shape of venue space, while the short ones fill in any empty gaps. There are many more ideas out there, so hit the web and see what you find! The sky is your only limit!

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