What Size Flower Vase for Table Centerpiece

When you want to set up flowers, the first thing to consider will be the type of table flower vase to hold the flowers. Without a proper table flower vase, it can sometimes be hard to get the right table centerpiece you were going for.

With so many flower vases in the market, what would be the best flower size to consider?

The size of vases would largely determine where best to use the vase and sometimes the type of flowers to use. So, what are the main types of vases available? Below are some options to consider.

Small or Petite Vase ($20 to $40)

These are some of the small vases in the market. They can have a wide range of prices, depending on the details of the vase. As for applications, it is a nice vase to put on a small table, a desk, or a shelf.

Medium or Standard Vase ($40 to $60)

You can always consider the medium vase for that setup, where you do not want the vase to be too small for the table centerpiece. Of course, you get more room to add flowers, making the setup look great. You should find it ideal for a coffee table, kitchen counter, and more. Expect it as a retirement, graduation, or birthday gift.

Large Vase ($85 to $100+)

The large vase should give you flexibility in terms of how to use them. This means using a lot more flowers to make the table centerpiece. For this size, we can recommend using it on large tables in addition to other vases, mostly during formal dinners. If you have to use it at home, set up the table centerpiece on a large dining table.

Extra Large ( $120 to $160+)

You may also find yourself wanting more room for flowers. This should make the extra-large table flower vase an ideal pick. So, for any event needing a large statement, you now have the right vase. Here, you also need to be creative with the flower arrangement. Having too much space to utilize sometimes can mean you get overwhelmed. Take it easy to come up with the right arrangement.

table flower vase glass

How to Pick The Right Table Flower Vase for a Centerpiece

A quick research on vases can get you confused sometimes. This is because of the many options available. However, we want something good for your centerpiece. We have several tips to consider while picking the right table flower vase.

  • Vase Volume

As always, a large table flower vase can hold more flowers and enough water to keep the flowers fresh.

Ensure to choose a vase that will not be so crowded but just enough for the final look you were going for. Also, leave room for water, as it is necessary to maintain the lushness and vibrancy of the flowers.

  • Vase Height

The flower stems are supposed to be 1.5 to 2 times taller than the vase. So, depending on where you want to use the vase and the flowers, you can decide on the height. Most people would not just use one type of flower, so get a height that is more flexible for various flower types.

Also, consider a vase’s height based on how you use it. If you may be hosting more people at one table, a tall table flower vase can sometimes block conversation for people seated on opposite sides.

white table flower vase for centerpiece
  • Vase Shape

We cannot insist enough on the shape of the table flower vase when buying one. It is the shape that would also help in coordinating the flower shape. A good example is that you should use a thin vase for the long-stemmed rose or orchid.

Popular table flower vase shapes include hourglasses, cylinders, spheres, tapered, rectangles, and more.

  • Material

Vases are mostly available in different materials. It can be metal, glass, galvanized tin, porcelain, and more. The idea is to get a vase that lasts long and still looks good based on the table centerpiece you want to achieve in the end.

  • Vase Color

A good table flower vase color means that the flowers are also complimented. Well, sometimes the clear vase is enough to give you a blank canvas where you can do a lot more with your flower arrangement.

A colored vase on the other hand can conceal the flower stems. However, its color should not overwhelm the blooms you will be using. We can recommend neutral tones such as white, black, and gray if you must get the colored flower vase.

  • Vase Use

How you will be using the vase is another key consideration to have in mind. You may want to stick to classic vases if it is a formal event. However, things are different for a casual event. You could even use a tin bucket or a pitcher for a flower vase.

  • Table Size And Shape

The table size and shape are vital for choosing the vases to use. A 60-inch round table can hold up to 10 guests and are best decorated with short table centerpieces. It would be best to use the small or petite vases described above.

The 72-inch round table can seat up to 12 guests comfortably. We recommend using small vases but not too small. Having a table centerpiece of up to 6 inches in diameter should be good enough for such a table size.

The table shape also matters. Refrain from using rectangular vases on round tables. Stick to a shape that complements the table. We recommend round and square vases for round tables.

clear table flower vase with flower arrangement
  • Ceiling Height Or Room Size

The room size is another key consideration, as it can determine how well the vase and flowers look in the room.

Lower ceilings could use shorter table centerpieces. Even if the room is big, but the ceiling is lower, try using shorter but filling centerpieces. In case the room is small, make the centerpiece also simple. Overdecorating will simply leave you with too much going on, or the centerpiece’s elegance will be subdued.

Tall ceilings are great as they give you room to do more. However, what can be challenging is if you have a large room to decorate. This is because you might have too many ideas and try to fit a decoration in every corner.

So, start small and scale based on the needs. Of course, you can always use a tall table flower vase before there is room for them.

  • Think Of Your Budget

The table flower vase can vary in price based on the type, material, size, color, and more. So, sometimes you need a flexible budget if you have hopes of getting the best table centerpiece.

Let us say you are working on a big wedding; then the centerpieces are likely to cost more to set up. Divide your budget appropriately so that you have the right amount to create a wonderful centerpiece.

  • Event Type

Some events just need you to go big. A good example is a wedding. People are always willing to spend more to show off. Other events, not so much. Like a graduation party, only a few people are focussed on the flowers. They would want to see more colors, such as ribbons and other decorative pieces.


When seeking the best table flower vase, you have to put size in mind as a big consideration. If the size of the vase is not right, you might have a problem with using it for your intended purpose. Besides the size of a table flower vase, consider where and how you would use it. This is because not all vase shapes work with certain table shapes. With that in mind, you can always come up with great table centerpieces.

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