Was tun mit Tafelaufsätzen nach der Hochzeit?

A lot goes into coming up with a great wedding, including the choice of a centerpiece. If you want the centerpieces to stand out, there are a number of options in the market. However, one thing that people often do not consider is the aftermath of the wedding. What would you do with the centerpieces?

It will be a shame to see the beautiful flowers thrown into the trash bin when they could have been put to good use. So, what options do you have for centerpieces once the wedding is over?

Guests can take wedding centerpieces home

You may have attended a wedding before, and the decoration was quite good that you wish they allowed you to take some with you home.

If you have a lot more centerpieces than you need, it can be time to let some of your guests take the remaining decorations.

It would help if the DJ or MC to announce that the guests feel to take the centerpieces towards the end of the ceremony. This would ensure that nothing goes to waste and people are happy to have something to take with them.

However, if you have rented the Blumenvasen, make sure to take the flowers out first and return the vases to the florist. The last thing you need is to pay for the rented vases, as people thought it was part of the centerpiece to take for themselves.

Offer as gifts to parents or bridal party

It is often common for people to overlook their bridal party’s contribution to their wedding. If you want to appreciate them, what are some of the options?

One way would be having them take some of the centerpieces after the wedding. Let them know that it is okay if they find something that works for them, they can have it.

Another thing would be to pair the centerpieces with a small gift and a note of thanks. This would make them see that they did a good job as part of the bridal party.

This also applies to parents who took their time to attend the wedding. You can be sure it will be a good thing for them.

Use them as decoration for the post-wedding brunch

People think that the reception might be the last part of the wedding. It might be the case sometimes, but people nowadays also host farewell brunches for their guests the morning after.

So, just use the ones from the wedding rather than thinking of more decorations or hiring others.

The good thing about centerpieces is that they can be versatile. It all comes down to what you have available. So, get the wedding planner to relocate the centerpieces to the brunch venue for the final party.

You have no idea how centerpieces can be beneficial to offer emotional support in nursing homes and hospitals. That is why you are encouraged to donate flowers to such healthcare facilities to put a smile on the faces of patients.

Depending on your location, there can be other organizations too that specifically collect flowers from a wedding and distribute them to people who might just need them. That can be a good way of knowing the centerpieces are put to good use.

Preserve the flowers


If the flowers are that good, then why not preserve them? Luckily, preserving the flowers does not take much. With a flower vase and water, you should be good to go. You may, however, have to keep cutting the stalks to maintain freshness.

That is not the only way of preserving the flowers. The other option is turning them into wall arts or scrapbooks. It can be like something you look at later in life and remember on your wedding day.

Here is a video that can help you learn the tips and tricks of preserving your flowers and having them look good for a long time.

Send them to someone who could not get to the wedding

You can still send the centerpieces as part of the thank-you notes to the guests who attended.

Sometimes it is possible that someone could not make it to your wedding. It could be that they are deceased. It can be a good way of honoring them by taking the flowers to their graves.

This shows that even if they could not make it, you can still share a part of the wedding with them.

Use the lanterns for your patio

Centerpieces do not have to be flowers alone. You can still have lanterns as part of the centerpieces.

Lanterns would have a lot more uses outside the wedding setting. You may commonly see people using the lanterns on the patio for decoration and lighting the patio. It can be a nice way of having outdoor dinner generally.

If you have plans of reusing the lanterns, make sure they can match your decor generally. Sometimes you can have them repainted, but it is unnecessary.

Reuse the linens, blankets, or throw pillows

Your wedding could also have pillows, linen, and blankets as part of the decor. Make sure you do not throw them away as they will have many uses back home.

Use the blankets to keep yourself warm during the chilly days, and also throw pillows on your seats. You can be sure there will always be used for this type of decoration.

Rugs can get used in your hallway

Rugs carpets

We have seen weddings where people spend a lot of money on carpets and rugs. There is no way you are going to throw away the rugs after the wedding. Some are even hand-loomed to make it better.

Such rugs would be ideal for your home, especially the hallway. Of course, consider adding the different rugs to many other rooms around the house. We can recommend using the rug you used to exchange vows in your bedroom. This would generally make it a good reminder of why you chose to get married.

Hang the decorative mirrors

Centerpieces can also include decorative mirrors. That is the beauty of being flexible with your choice of centerpieces.

Get the mirrors back to your home and hang them for aesthetics or for personal use. We recommend using such a piece in the bathroom or the hallway to spruce such a space.

You can never have enough candles

wedding centerpieces candles

What about the candles at your wedding? Depending on the setup of the wedding, it is possible to have candles too, especially at the party after the reception. It is possible that you will not use up all the candles, so consider taking them home.

We all know this would not be the normal candles. They would definitely have some great designs, shapes, and scents too.

Some would break out these candles during their first anniversary for them to have something sentimental to enjoy the day.


There can be many options for you to use as centerpieces, including Blume stands, candles, mirrors, throw pillows, flowers, and more. As you can see, such centerpieces would be good for your home decoration. You could still give them to other guests attending the wedding so that they cannot go to waste.

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