15 Tipps zum Dekorieren von Tischen mit Kerzenaufsätzen

One of the best  ways to decorate your tables for any event or occasion is by using candle centerpieces. Candle centerpieces add a warm, inviting feel to your tables as well as light and heighten the mood of the room around them. Decorating tables with candle centerpieces has been common practice for centuries. This is because of the unique beauty that candles create on any table.

However, many people are still unsure how to decorate tables with candle centerpieces or have questions about it. And often look at tips on decorating tables with candle centerpieces on the internet. In this blog post, we have discussed different tips about decorating tables with candle centerpieces to help you make better decisions in your next banquet decoration planning.

15 Precious Tips on Decorating Tables With Candle Centerpieces

Let’s take a look at some  tips to decorate your tables with candle centerpieces.

1. The Overall Theme

Incorporating candle centerpieces is a great way to create a mood and set the room’s tone. For parties, if you’re trying to evoke feelings of romance, set up several small tealight candles around your tables. To create an intimate atmosphere for dinner for two, use one or two candles per table. For larger groups of people, use three or four candles per table.

If you’re looking to be more flashy and dramatic, opt for tall tapers that are spaced apart from each other so guests can admire them from afar. Tabletop candelabras are also perfect for this kind of atmosphere. It’s important to remember to place candles in safe areas, so they don’t pose any risk of causing a fire hazard.

2. White Centerpieces Require an Alternative

White candle centerpieces can easily add pops of color or patterns and textures to your table design. For example, fill a tall glass or jar with something that reflects your desired color, then set it near the centerpiece. Or find votives that match the color scheme or texture you want. You can even use bold paper flowers as an alternative since they have petals that match their own colors and textures. The only drawback is that these flowers need to be used within two days, so make sure you get them from a place where they’re pre-arranged.

The other great thing about candle centerpieces is that if you’re not planning on using them for decoration, use them instead for light! The best way to do this is by ensuring your candleholder has enough space around it, so there’s no chance of people bumping into it and knocking it over.

3. Create Your Own Candle Centerpieces

Create Your Own Candle Centerpieces

The best place to start when decorating a table is the candle centerpiece. It needs to have some meaning, whether you are using a meaningful object or it is purely decorative. Candles make great centerpieces because they come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find one that matches your vision for the look you want. Whether you want something big and bold or something small and simple, candles will create an amazing look.

4. Insert Flower into Glassware

Insert Flower into Glassware

A  candle centerpiece also doesn’t have to be an expensive one. For example, you can use fresh flowers from your garden or a bouquet from the grocery store and place them in water. Use any container and then fill it with the flower of your choice. You can even use glassware like wine glasses, candle holders, goblets, or mason jars.

Suppose you want something a little more elegant-looking than simple vases or glasses. Then choose porcelain plates and dishes that are white or silver. You could even stack layers of these dishes together if there is enough space on the table.

5. Take an Unusual Item and Use It in The Center of A Table

Place a round pillow in the center of your table as decoration and place the large candle centerpieces in the middle. This will create an inviting setting for everyone to enjoy and look at. Another idea is to take a piece of fabric, make it into a cone shape, and put a tea light or votive inside. You can then use this like you would any other candle centerpieces, such as filling it with flowers or fruits. If you are looking for something even more different, try creating some structure from tin foil and shaping it into a bowl or ball.

6. Give Dinner Candles Away as Favors

Dinner candles are an easy way to set the mood for a romantic evening in front of the fireplace. While these candle centerpieces won’t burn as long as votives, they are perfect for giving as favors since they can easily be used at home. A few well-placed candles will add ambiance and romance to any room. Don’t forget about scented candles!

7. Choose Unconventional Glassware

What would the beautiful candle centerpieces be without some glasses? Instead of the traditional vase, try using different glasses. Fancier glasses like champagne flutes or wine glasses can be used for formal occasions. For everyday use, simple cups or any glassware is just as appropriate. Fill it up with water and put your candle in it. You’ll have an instant centerpiece that matches your mood!

An easy way to save money on this is by using the glasses you already own. Find something that’s not being used right now, pour out what’s left inside, and place your candle there. If you don’t want to do that, get one cheap plain glass or cup at a time (they’re very inexpensive). Once you have enough glasses/cups, start arranging them to match each other size-wise and fill them up with water.

8. Choose The Correct Candles

Choose The Correct Candles

Different candle centerpieces produce different atmospheres. Your choice of candle centerpieces should depend on the mood you are trying to create for your event or party. You will also want to take into account the location and time of day when deciding what type of candles to use. Candle centerpieces can be an inexpensive way to set a tone for any formal or informal occasion. Consider your budget, guests, venue, ambiance desired and timing before choosing a centerpiece. Centerpieces come in all shapes and sizes.

9. Try Them In Combination With Other Decor

Candle centerpieces are one of the simplest and most affordable decorations you can use for a wedding. They can be used with or without other decorations, such as flower centerpieces. Many types of candles, including votives, tea lights, tapers, pillars, and birthday candles, have been cut in half. Many people prefer to use pillar candles because they add height and dimension without taking up much space. They also burn longer than other types of candles.

Try candle centerpieces In Combination With Other Decor

If you choose this type of candle, remember that some people may need to smoke cigarettes during dinner. Thus, it is essential not to place them too close to the edge of the table. Place them at least 18 inches from food tables and 16 inches from dessert tables. Make sure there is enough clearance around each pillar so guests can get by quickly when walking around the table.

10. Always Look Out For Safety

Never use candle centerpieces as decorations where they might be knocked over and cause a fire. Be sure to keep them away from fabrics that could ignite when exposed to heat. Keep them high enough off the table surface that children won’t be able to reach them, and never put a burning candle inside a glass container. Always ensure there is nothing flammable in the candle area before you light it. Make sure you are aware of what is surrounding the candle before you light it up so that you can quickly extinguish it if necessary.

If you do not have anything around the candle that is flammable, then feel free to light it! If you use a candle with a lid, make sure you remove the cover and leave some space between the wick and wax for air circulation. The wick needs to be about ¼ inch above wax level to reach oxygen.

11. Use A Candle as An Accent

Use A Candle centerpiece as An Accent

Decorating a table is easier than you think. The first step is choosing the table shape, either round or square. Next up, decide what kind of decoration you want. A great place to start is with the candle centerpieces because they will tie everything together and provide the room’s main focal point. Decide what candles or other accent items you want for the centerpiece. And then match them up with something in one of our beautifully arranged collections for a perfectly cohesive look.

Candle centerpieces come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for tall candlesticks, search candle holders to find a bunch of options that are perfect for tabletop use. Finally, when placing candle centerpieces on the table, keep them about 6 inches apart so that they don’t crowd each other out. That way there’ll be plenty of space for all of those stunning accents!

12. Choose Candles Based on Occasion, Season, or Holiday

Choose Candles centerpieces Based on Occasion, Season, or Holiday

The most important thing to consider when decorating your tables with candle centerpieces is what you will use them for. Choose scented candles in fruity or vanilla fragrances if you’re looking to create some mood lighting atmosphere. If you want to do something more formal or elegant, opt for unscented white pillar candles.

13. Get Comfortable With Fire Safety

The number one fire safety rule is to stop, drop and roll. When you have something like the lit candle centerpieces in the room, you should always keep it away from curtains, furniture, walls, etc. Beyond that, here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to putting together a table with candles:

  1. Use good quality votives or tea lights instead of matches or paper tea lights which can easily fall over and create an unintentional mess.
  2. A glass bowl with water inside can serve as a lovely centerpiece . It will help protect against open flames getting too close to nearby decorations or furnishings.
  3. To avoid starting any electrical hazard, use batteries rather than electric lights.

14. Arrange Differently Each Time

arrange your candle centerpieces on tables differently

Take follow steps to arrange your candle centerpieces on tables differently:

  1. Display a variety of sizes – Candle centerpieces come in all shapes and sizes. So fill up your centerpiece with a little bit of everything to give it that one-of-a-kind touch.
  2. Vary the height – Place candles at varying heights to add dimension to the centerpiece. If you only have one high candle in the bunch, make sure it’s balanced by having lower candles surrounding it or vice versa.
  3. Choose a different type of candle centerpieces – Try using votives instead of pillar candles. It is because they are much more affordable and provide plenty of illumination without being too tall.
  4. Include unscented votives – Sometimes people are sensitive to scents. So if this is the case, opt for unscented votives instead of scented ones.
  5. Place them at different angles – Experiment with placing them upside down or sideways to get an original look. It will set your table apart from others.

15. Creative Tricks

Let’s take a look at some creative tricks to make your tables nice looking with candle centerpieces:

  • Wrap the glass votive holder with tulle and secure it with a ribbon around the base of the votive holder. Add fresh flowers at this point if desired. Klicken Sie hier, um einige realistische Kerzenhalter zu kaufen.
  • Create curls by rolling the taper in a paper towel and then inserting it into the votive holder so that it stands straight up.
  • Line several tea light candles around it. Also try to make sure that none are too close to each other to avoid any smoke blowing onto guests or getting clothes too close to a flame .
  • Place a gold charger under the votives.
  • Place soup bowls filled with water at intervals between each votive.
  • Cover the entire table surface with cloth napkins and cutlery as well as plates, glasses and utensils

Letzte Worte

Candle centerpieces are one of the most versatile pieces of décor. They are  used to add ambiance to your dining room, and lighting them gives your tablescape even more allure. If you’re planning on setting the mood for a romantic dinner at your next dinner party, it’s essential to choose the right candle centerpieces that will look attractive and not get in the way of your eating and drinking (or worse, fall over!)

Decorating Tables with Candles Centerpieces: FAQs

Welche Art von Tisch sollten Sie als Dekoration verwenden?

At its most basic, a table is composed of legs and a top. So how do you know what to use? For example, a large round table might be the best option if you’re setting up a buffet-style lunch. If you’re having a sit-down dinner, a rectangular or square table will suit your needs better. It all depends on your event! If you are still unsure about which tables will work for your event, talk to an expert at your local furniture store or home decor retailer!

Wie lange sollten Ihre Kerzen brennen?

Die Brenndauer einer Kerze hängt von ihrer Größe und dem Abstand zwischen Tischdecke und Gästen und der Flamme ab. Generell gilt, dass eine fünf Zoll große Stabkerze etwa drei Stunden brennen sollte. Eine acht Zoll große Säule kann bis zu acht Stunden brennen; eine achtzehn Zoll große Urne kann bis zu zwölf Stunden brennen.

Wie viele Kerzen sollten Sie verwenden?

The short answer is that it depends on the type of candles you’re using and what size table you’re decorating. For instance, votives are smaller than pillar candles, so one or two votives will work for a small- to medium-sized table. You can also use one taper candle per centerpiece. If you’re using pillars, plan to have at least three candles per centerpiece. Pillar candles are long enough to light two at a time if desired.

Welches Platzierungsmuster sollten Sie zum Anordnen Ihrer Kerzen-Tischdekorationen verwenden?

You can follow these six placement patterns for decorated tables with candle centerpieces.

1. Around the Table – Place candle centerpieces in a row around the table’s circumference, moving outward from the center of the table.
2. In a Spiral – With one candle centerpiece in the center of the table, place other candles in concentric circles emanating outwards.
3. Zig-Zag Pattern – Create a zig-zag pattern on the table by placing candle centerpieces parallel to each other. You can also alternate their placement on either side of the table.
4. Row Pattern – Make rows of these centerpieces along the table’s edge, spacing them evenly apart.
5. Diamond Pattern – Light up the table with candle centerpieces placed in a diamond shape.

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