The Couple’s Guide to Drinking on Your Wedding Day- A Comprehensive List of Dos & Don’ts

Weddings always signify a time to e merry and celebrate love, and what is the best ingredient for a celebration besides food and drinks. So the wedding bells are ringing and planning begins, you might want to leave out things that you deem trivial, like the type of drinking to be made available and what amount of alcohol content you can accommodate on that day.

A person being drunk and spiraling out of control can make this a very bad idea. Nobody wants their special day to be marred by the consumption of too much sparkling, sweet, and drunk wine. If you are anxious about likely choices to make concerning drinks on your special day, this guide will go into detail on the things to avoid and vice versa.

Drinking Guide For Wedding Day

Without drinks, several significant wedding moments would not be as interesting as they should be. There is no wedding without drinks, as everyone must raise a glass when it’s time to raise a toast to the new couple.

Here is a guide to making the right drink decision on your wedding day.

1. Consider The Drinking Setting Of Your Wedding Venue

Is the venue handling the serving of drinks at your wedding, or are you hiring someone to do it? This is an important decision to make on your special day. Do you like an open bar or just a quiet area of the venue where the drinks are kept in storage? What kind of drinks will be provided first, and when will they be presented to the guests. Serving alcoholic drinks at the start of the ceremony could be a recipe for disaster. To decide on this crucial aspect of your wedding, you must provide answers to these questions.

2. Have a Conversation With Your Partner

You two are the focus of the wedding; thus, each moment must exceed your dreams. A few significant aspects you would want to go through with your partner include the first dance, photos, and the toast. Additionally, you can use that time to decide on the types of wine, beer, and drinks that will be provided on that particular day. There may be differences in how the two of you approach the subject, so make sure you both reach a compromise.

3. Draft Your Plan According To Your Guest List

It would be easier for you to prepare the drinks according to the age range of your wedding guests if you had already planned a less crowded event. How many adults are being invited, and will they prefer white or red wine to drink? How many options exist for these guests, including the younger people who cannot take alcoholic drinks?

Although it may seem difficult, it is advisable to resolve all of these ahead of your special day because you do not want to run the risk of being stressed out or distracted due to the drinks provided.

couple drinking guide at wedding

Wedding Day Dos and Don’ts of Drinking

As expected, you will partake in the drinks on your wedding day. After all, what’s a happy bride without a glass of champagne? However, you might want to regulate how much wine you plan to consume to avoid going overboard with it. Here is a roll of dos and don’ts of drinking on your wedding day.


1. Have More Of Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Make provision for more non-alcoholic beverages than alcoholic ones. This is a beautiful idea, especially if you want to be cautious. Since non-alcoholic beverages do not contain alcohol, you do not need to worry about anyone having their fifth glass and trying to get up while intoxicated.

2. Give Yourself A Target

Understandably, you might want to drink on your special day for the experience, but there should be a limit because you are the ceremony’s start. If you decide that taking a shot will help you relax, ensure it doesn’t go above one shot. Having an accountability partner can help in this situation. This can be your bridesmaid, best man, or even your partner.

3. Rotate The Drinks You Consume

Your nerves may become heightened on your big day, and you might want to take extra precautions to avoid making any mistakes. Drinks should undoubtedly aid relaxation, but why not alternate between numerous alcoholics? Your guests can consume water to start while getting ready for the ceremony. A glass of punch could suffice in between.

And close to the end, a glass of red wine can be your best option. One thing is that you need to stay hydrated, which you are doing while also experimenting with the many drinks that will be served at your wedding.


1. Don’t Leave Out Drink Choices In The Menu

If you are not fortunate enough to purchase a wide selection of drinks to choose from, given that each guest will have different preferences, it makes sense to notify them of this. You may still ensure that the menu includes a likely general drink option. Allowing them to still make a pick from a narrow list of options would be an ideal way to please your wedding guests.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Only you may be conscious of how much alcohol you want to consume. It is common for your friends to want to energize or excite you by giving you drinks. When you feel you’ve had enough booze, don’t be scared to decline the offer. It is your day, and whatever choice you make is valid, particularly if it concerns something that can make or break it.

Final Thoughts

A wedding takes a lot of planning, arranging, scheduling, and purchasing, everything down to the choice of drinks has to go through careful thought and study. Making sure you get it right can be quite arduous, but it is always worth it in the end.

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