The Best Candle Lanterns For Indoors and Outdoors

Candle lanterns are a type of candle holder perfect for providing light in specific spots around the home. They provide artificial light throughout the year. Combined with LED or real candles, they can be purely decorative and add a touch of elegance to your house or garden. Candle lanterns are also perfect for the great outdoors, from camping to backpacking.

Candle and LED lanterns can be useful in the house and as an emergency backup. When the grid goes down, it’s important to have a backup light source nearby. It also doesn’t hurt if it also has a nice aesthetic! A candle lantern should be reliable regardless of why you want one, whether it’s to add decoration to your garden or patio or to pack with your survival supplies.

What Are the Different Types of Candle Lanterns?

Candle lanterns are available for all purposes because of the modifications made to the original design. There are two major types of candle lanterns:

Candle Lanterns for Camping and Backpacking

They fit comfortably inside your typical hiking backpack and are both strong and portable. These designs can make use of bright LED lights or classic wax candles. In either case, they are really helpful. If you choose a traditional candle lantern, you can use it for warmth in addition to light. While the LED outdoor candle lanterns don’t provide heat, the light they emit can be a useful tool when out in the wilderness.

Candle Lantern for Decorative Home Use

Every upscale home has them as a vintage touch. The beauty of stained and colored glass will add an enticing touch to your home. Decorative lanterns are excellent for patios, porches, gardens, bedrooms, baths, and living spaces because they can use LED lighting and conventional candles. They are suitable for usage in any room of your home. Whether an open flame or an LED option, their warm, comforting glow will make your home a friendly, welcoming environment.

Candle lanterns come in various shapes and styles. To help you find the perfect one you are looking for, we’ve compiled the best candle lanterns for both indoor and outdoor use. Read on to find the perfect one or two for you!

Vintage Wood Candle Lantern

wood candle lantern vintage style

Key Specifications

  • Material: Wood
  • Light Source: Candle / LED

Candle lanterns are an excellent way to add much-needed charm and warmth to your house. Vintage wood candle lanterns are the design that comes to mind when we hear candle lanterns. Elegant and stylish. This rustic-vintage candle lantern is made from premium materials.

Its galvanized metal floor provides a safe, warm home when the candle is lit. It creates a glowing inviting warmth anywhere in the room.

The candle lantern has a unique style that is perfect for your outdoor decor. With a classic set that lights up every room with elegance. And it is also an ideal housewarming gift.

Vintage Hurricane Candle Lantern

metal candle lanterns hurricane

Key Specifications

  • Material: Metal
  • Light Source: Candle/ Flameless light

These hurricane candle lanterns are an excellent choice if you want a classic and versatile piece. It is a combination of vintage and modern looks. Finished in distressed bronze, they look great. They have a top loop, leaving you with the choice of either hanging it as a wall sconce or placing it on the table.

The light that emanates creates a beautiful aura when a candle burns in it—adding a vintage and sophisticated accent to the home. Its attractive design makes it ideal not just for indoors- but for outdoors as well. Light up your celebrations in an elegant, rustic style with this statement lantern.

Decorative Candle Lantern with Handle

lanterns for candles with handles

Key Specifications

  • Material: Natural wood frame
  • Light Source: LED / Candles

A classic candle like this can quickly transform any space in your house into a magical fantasy that is calming and inviting. This wood-framed candle lantern can give your room a special flair. You will love it at a glance.

You can illuminate your space when lighting votive candles or flameless LED candles inside. This stylishly designed lamp will become a part of your regular decor. It blends with any interior decor.

The flat base of this candle lantern is secure on any level surface and has a little round hook for hanging ornaments. It is perfect to use indoors as well as outdoors.

Stunning Star Glass Candle Lantern

glass star lantern

Key Specifications

  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Light Source: LED/ Candle

The stunning star Moroccan-style candle lantern is a total gem. The hanging star emits different light colors, adding a romantic vibe to your home. Its candlelight emits a glow that makes you feel relaxed and cozy.

For a traditional option, you can burn tea light candles. You can also use small led candles. The candlelight lasts up to 6hrs, giving your space that gentle spark of romance.

This lantern comes in various color choices that make it unique. It is a great decorative accessory for your indoor space and celebrations. Made of high-quality materials, it has a size that is perfect for hanging. Get ready to adorn your home with this super stunning lantern. It is a great housewarming gift.

Rustic Wooden Candle Lantern

decorative wood lanterns with handle

Key Specifications

  • Material: Wood
  • Light Source: Candle

Your bedroom or living can receive a major upgrade with the addition of this classy lantern. This candle lantern has stylish and unique distressed details. Its four sides are protected with glass that allows a soft glow of light.

Its top metal cover gives a beautiful light projection when you place a candle in it. This candle lantern has a sturdy wire metal handle. Perfect for hanging as a wall sconce or on a shepherd’s hook. It also looks great when you place it on a tabletop.

Its brilliant design makes it ideal not just for indoor decor- but also perfect for any outdoor location. Add light to your patio with this stylish lantern. It is also a great wedding decor.

Final Words

Candle lanterns come in different designs and have many great uses. You want to opt for one that not only suits your style and aesthetic but also matches the color scheme of your space. Keep your metallics and hardware unified by using warm or chilly tones. Weathered wood blends well with the natural textures of your environment.


What Size of Candle Should I Use in a Lantern?

The candle’s height should be roughly two-thirds of the lantern’s height. Set your candle on a pedestal or candlestick inside the lantern if it’s too small in order to add height and visual appeal.

Can I Burn a Candle Safely for a Long Time?

As a basic rule, candles shouldn’t be allowed to burn for more than four hours. After extinguishing the flame, allow the candle to cool for two hours before lighting it again. It is also important to keep the flame away from moving air.

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