Candle Etiquette: Should You Light Candles During a Dinner Party?

Every year during the holiday season, people everywhere gather together in candlelit rooms to spread joy through their family and friends. Candles are a beautiful and romantic way to mark these festive occasions, but some wonder if it’s appropriate to light candles during dinner parties with friends and family. Yes, it would be best to light candles during a dinner party. It will add some extra attraction and beauty to your dinner party table. When should you light candles? Read on to find out the answer to this question.  

Is It Appropriate to Light Candles During the Daytime?

From aromatherapy to improved health and wellness, there are different benefits to lighting candles in day time.

  • Candlelight makes your home warm and cozy

During the day, the best feeling in the world is when you get home from a long day and take off your shoes, curl up on the couch, and light a candle. Not only does it create an instant ambiance, but it also smells delicious! Plus, candles are very calming and soothing, so they can be used as stress relief.  

  • To light candles brings light in dark places

You might wonder, what is the point of using candles during the day? Candles bring light in dark places. Sometimes you can use candles to help yourself relax and give yourself a moment to unwind. Not only do candles produce a soft glow, but they also fill your home with a captivating aroma. 

  • Candlelight can soothe headaches

The scent of lavender and eucalyptus is calming, reducing stress levels. Another study even found that the aroma helps relieve pain from migraines and chronic daily headaches. Additionally, the candles’ natural fragrance can help you fall asleep faster.

  • Lighting candles during the day reduces depression

Research shows that using candles while reading and working helps reduce depression. It can be an excellent option for those who need a more natural setting to better themselves. Candles also help increase relaxation, boost energy levels, and stimulate creativity. They are a great way to add ambiance and style to your surroundings! They can transform any space from being plain and boring into something magical. 

  • Candlelight can purify air quality

According to WebMD, some research has shown that aromatherapy can positively affect asthma patients. The theory is that the candle’s flame releases negative ions into the air. Then these flames are absorbed by and dispersed throughout the room. This ionization process neutralizes airborne pollutants and dust particles.

candle lighting

What Time Can You Light Candles at a Dinner Party?

Whether you’re hosting dinner at your house or going to dinner at a friend’s place in the day, one of the most important things to consider is when you should light candles. Dinner parties are all about atmosphere, so finding the right time to light candles will help create an ambiance that your guests will remember long after the evening. Lighting candles at dinner parties can add to the atmosphere and elegance of the occasion. 

However, it would be best if you didn’t light your candles too early or too late. Otherwise, you risk your guests sitting in awkward darkness—light candles just at your guests’ arrival time.

Classy Dinner Party Candle Centerpieces to Make Your Table Shine

Here are different easy candle centerpieces you can whip up in minutes to make your next dinner party shine!

1) Cube Vases

You can upcycle cube vases or assemble them with fresh flowers, dinner party candles, and tea lights. Fill a vase three-quarters full of water and arrange a variety of smaller candles around the outside. Then, place one dinner party candle in the center. Place your votives on top of the cubes. Keep it simple with just one color for the candles, or mix it up using multiple colors that complement each other. Candles make great hosts’ gifts too! 

2) Tea Light Cylinders

Tea light cylinders

Tea light cylinders are easy to use and inexpensive, making them a realistic option for your centerpiece. Line them up at varying heights on the table or mix them with other candle holders to add an artistic touch. If you want to create more drama, place two rows of three tea lights each on opposite sides of the centerpieces and make sure they match in height. 

Or, if you’re trying to do something budget-friendly and simple, opt for one row of three candles on one side of the table. 

3) Chalkboard Lanterns

Chalkboard lanterns

A quick and easy way to dress up your candle centerpieces is with these chalkboard lanterns! All you need is an old cardboard box, black paint, and any paintbrush—an excellent look for rustic tables or more modern ones. Add a white candle inside, and it’s good to go! If you want to get even fancier, write your guests’ names on the chalkboard in their favorite colors so they can enjoy the experience more.

4) Tea Light Bowls

Tea Light bowls

These ceramic bowls are a unique way to place candles at a dinner party table. Since they’re upside down, the light won’t shine in guests’ eyes while eating. You can also set a small dish or bowl of ice cream on top as an extra touch. Place votives into white wine glasses and fill them with water to create a lovely centerpiece. If you don’t have enough votives, use white wine glasses instead and then use them again for dessert after dinner.

5) White Candles in Hurricane Glasses

White candles

White candles in hurricane glasses are the perfect dinner party candle centerpiece because they look nice, are safe to use indoors, and don’t need any holders or to be lit. Place the candle inside a hurricane glass (try matching colors) and watch as your dinner party is instantly set with an elegant and festive atmosphere. If you prefer something more playful, try using colorful tea lights! 

6) Candles in Bowls With Floating Flowers

Choose three to five different-sized bowls and fill them with enough water to create the illusion of depth. A tea light or votive candle placed in the center will instantly liven up any centerpiece, while some floating flowers add that pop of color. Candles in bowls are also an easy way to replicate this centerpiece idea when you don’t have multiple serving dishes at your disposal, as most people keep a few sets of words at home. Plus, it’s easy and quick to clean up! 

7) Floating Candles in Jam Jars

Floating candles in jam jars

Jarred up a handful of your favorite jams and got out your clean, empty canning jars. Boil water on the stove, but not enough to overflow when you pour it into the pot. Once it has boiled, carefully pour it over your candle (without burning yourself!) inside the jar and leave it overnight to reset.

8) A Stack of Vintage Books

A stack of vintage books is easy to make and comes together quickly. To create the perfect centerpiece, arrange books in an appealing pattern and fill them with votives or tea lights. For added appeal, use different sizes, shapes, and colors of books if you don’t have old books on hand to upcycle or buy used at your local thrift store.

Final Words

One of the many benefits of hosting a dinner party is putting on some light candles and enjoying an intimate meal with friends or family. These small details can make all the difference in setting the mood for your party, but it’s essential to understand when candles are appropriate (and when they’re not), so you don’t end up offending your guests with the wrong choice in candlelight. It would be best if you always bought some classy candle centerpieces to add beauty to your dining table. Undoubtedly the above-mentioned different candle centerpieces will be the best option for you.

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