Can You Use Table Flower Vase as Candle Holder

When you are in the market for a candle holder, you may come across a table flower vase being recommended as an option. That begs the question, can you use a table flower vase as a candle holder?

Yes, you can use a flower vase as a candle holder, depending on the type of candles you have. A good example is when you seek tall tealight candle holders; the option would be to pick a vase that would still look good with a tealight candle.

Types of Flower Vases to Use as Candle Holders

Many flower vases will be available, but we can consider a few options to see what can work as tall tealight candle holders.

tall tealight candle holders floating candle
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Mason Jar

A mason jar would be one of the cheapest options to use as a table flower vase. The good thing about such a jar is that it would fit in any decor in the house. Most people would prefer them for a rustic and farmhouse look. You can easily envision tealight candles in them.

Milk Bottle

A milk bottle is like a table flower vase because of its long neck and wide body. You should find it has plenty of space to arrange plenty of foliage and stems while using it as a flower vase. That is not the end since you can use it as tall tealight candle holders by inserting tealight candles.

Rustic Vase

A rustic vase as a table flower vase is also a good consideration. Its rounded bottom with a narrow opening should create beautiful decor. You can place it in the kitchen or even on a window sill to help spruce the room. If you want to use it with tealight candles, start by filling it with a bit of water, then insert the tealight candles.

Cylinder Vase

Another option for tealight candle holders would be to use a cylinder table flower vase. Such vases are simple yet beautiful. The best part is how you can get them in different sizes. So, if you need one with a wider opening, go ahead and get it. Besides working with tealight candles, you can also use pillar candles and votives.

Bouquet Vase

The bouquet vase is also a nice pick when seeking tall tealight candle holders. Other than working as candle holders, they can hold a large number of flower stems, leaving you with a lush bouquet. We can recommend flowers such as hot pink roses, ivy vines, pink Matsumoto asters, and others when you want to add flowers to the vase.

Square Or Cube Vase

Coffee tables could use such a table flower vase. They look so nice also on side tables and outdoor entertainment areas. The good thing about such vases is how they work well with tea-light candles. They can generally cover the tealight candle and keep the draft from affecting it.

Bowl Vase

A bowl vase is another choice for making beautiful candle holders. They are known for making the beautiful bouquet stand out. They can also be a great centerpiece on a wedding table. For us, we are looking to use it for holding tealight candles. We recommend adding a bit of water and creating floating tealight candles.

Pedestal Vase

You may also like using pedestal vases for weddings or dinner parties. You can have them stand on the floor or on a table to complete the theme. Whichever the case, make sure to settle for the best-designed vases. They can do much more, including holding the tealight candles.

6 Flower Vase as Candle Holder Ideas

A good table flower vase is generally good to use as a candle holder. In case you need help finding one, here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Sziqiqi Glass Vases For Centerpiece With Metal Geometric Design
glass and metal table flower vase

This is quite a nice combination of two decorative pieces to give you a beautiful table flower vase. Unlike ordinary glass, this one stands out for the best durability. It means it does not break easily. Also, the metal frame does a good job of protecting the glass from impact.

In case you have to use flower arrangements, they work great with pampas grass, lily, tulip, hydrangea, branches, feathers, and more.

  • Sziqiqi Flower Centerpiece Stand With Crystal Beads
table flower vase with crystal

Because of the design, you would not mind using this table flower vase among the many tall tealight candle holders. Many find its design elegant and can work with different spaces you might want to decorate. You will love the crystal brands, which glow when the light shines on them to complete the look. As expected, it also has a versatile look, such as being used on the head table or other table spaces.

  • Sziqiq Wedding Centerpieces Vase For Table
use table flower vase as candle holders

This table flower vase might need a bit of assembling, but achieving it is easy. You should get all the hardware required to put it together in the packaging when it is shipped. The silver finish plus the glazing will add more elegance to your special day. Many people are going to love it for its dual purpose, which includes working as a flower vase and candle holder.

  • Sziqiqi Wedding Table Flower Centerpiece Decoration
tall table flower stand for candles

If you are looking for a table flower vase with a modern look, this should be it. The design overall is timeless and multipurpose. That is why you may find it a good pick for tall tealight candle holders. The product is available in three sizes to choose from. The result is picking the correct size depending on how you want to decorate the space.

  • Sziqiqi Floral Centerpiece Riser Flower Arrangement
table flower vase centerpiece stand

In case you are holding a wedding, such a table flower vase will be an elegant choice. The classic pedestal vase will also be a good choice for the tealight candle. Because of such versatility, most people are willing to spend more money on it. The vase is made from high-quality materials known for durability. You can still pick different colors, including gold, silver, and white.

  • Sziqiqi Glass Flower Vase And Tea Light Candle Holders
use hurricane candle holder as table flower vase

This table flower vase is another pick to use as a tall tealight candle holder. It might not be tall compared to others, but with the size of tealight candles, it is tall enough. You can use it with other candle types, including votives, pillars, floating, and more. Of course, its primary use is to arrange flowers, plants, and succulents.


The table flower vase you like could also work great as a candle holder. Focus more on the design to see how best it can work as a candle holder. Once you see that, it is only a matter of buying it. Looking at the various ideas mentioned above, go on to show how flower vases are versatile. Simply choose the one that works for your decor or needs, and you should be good.

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