Can You Install Candle Sconces Without Wiring

Candle sconces are some options people consider when sprucing up their space. The candle wall sconces should not be hard to install when you have all the hardware. However, what if you cannot drill into the wall to wire the candle wall sconces? What are your alternatives?

One of the best alternatives is to install candle sconces that do not need drilling and wiring. This eliminates a lot of work, especially with the wiring to supply power to the candle sconce. Since you will be using candles, wiring is optional. Even if you have to use LED candles, consider the battery-powered options.

Why Choose No Wiring Candle Wall Sconces?

When you seek candle scones for temporary use as decoration, there is no point in drilling or wiring. That is why such an option would be loved by those wanting to decorate some space temporarily.

Another reason is that you are renting the space. Rentals sometimes have rules on how much drilling you can do, or the repair costs would be subtracted from your deposit. Since you want to keep your deposit, such a method would be appreciated for hanging the candle wall sconces.

Of course, installing candle sconces without wiring is also fast. You can be done quickly compared to when you would have to run the wire from the main power source. It also keeps your existing decor intact by having the wires running around.

If you feel it is best to use a different design of candle sconces, it should be easy to remove what you had installed without wiring and change them. This is better than when you would have to reroute the wiring, leaving many messes behind.

You have nothing to worry about when it comes to the designs. It is still possible to get amazing designs for wall sconces. Try checking out different wall sconces to ensure they match your room decor.

You can see why more people are comfortable with such types of candle wall sconces.

Candle Wall Sconces Location Ideas

Now that you see it would be easy to install the candle sconces without wiring, first is to know where actually to hang them.

The most common areas for installing the candle sconces include:

  • Hallway
  • Stairwell
  • Sides of the mirror
  • Bathroom
  • Hallway
  • Fireplace mantel
  • Living room etc.

So long as a dark corner needs light, you can always consider the candle wall sconces to provide light and still be part of the decor.

candle holders for pillar candles 2

How To Install Candle Sconces Without Wiring and Drilling

What You Will Need

  • 4 pieces of candle wall sconces
  • Mounting putty
  • Adhesive strips
  • Tape measure
  • Painter’s tape
  • Pencil
  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors


  • Choose Where To Install The Wall Sconce
place to install candle wall sconces

It can be the hallway, living room, or even the bathroom where you would like to install the candle scones. Let us take an example of wall art you would like to be illuminated by candles.

Now that you have picked the location, you need to measure the specific spot for installation and cut the wrapping paper to size. Hang this paper onto the wall using painter’s tape.

You can always move the candle sconces’ location until you are happy with the placement.

  • Find The Center And Bottom of the Candle Sconce Location
use ruler to find candle sconces location

We expect the wall plate to be installed about 1/4 inch up from where the wall sconce will be. Using a pencil, mark the base location of the candle sconce and then mark the center of the wrapping paper to guide you on how to align the candle wall sconces.

  • Leveling The Mounting Plate
candle sconces mounting plate

Even if you are not thinking of drilling or wiring the candle sconces, you can always expect to have more hardware, such as the mounting screws.

Place them into their respective holes to help determine whether the plate is level. Place the painter’s tape at the back of the screws and overlay them on the center you found in the previous step. Once the mounting plate is level, use the pencil to mark the positions you would use to mount the plate and maintain the geometry.

  • Attach The Adhesive Strips To The Mounting Plate
candle sconces mounting plate

At this point, the plate has the mounting screws in position and is held on it with the painter’s tape. Next is to add the adhesive strip onto the back of the plate to be used for mounting the plate onto the wall.

With the adhesive strips attached, use the pair of scissors to cut them to size, so they follow the curve of the mounting plate. You can add more adhesive strips if they will help hold the candle sconces better.

  • Attach The Mounting Plate To The Wall
install candle sconces mount

Next is to attach the mounting plate to the wall. Start by peeling back the protective strips over the adhesive strips to expose the adhesive that would stick to the wall.

Use a spirit level to align your mounting plate better. This should make it easy for you to mount it on the right level. Keep pressing the mounting plate on the wall and hold for a minute or so.

Give the adhesive five minutes to adhere to the wall before installing the candle sconces on the respective mounting plates.

  • Attach The Candle Sconces
install candle sconces

Now that you have given the mounting plates adhesive enough time to hold onto the wall, it is time to attach the remaining parts of the candle sconces.

Go ahead and attach the covers and other parts, securing them in position using the supplied screws. Make sure to double-check if the level is still correct. You can always turn the covers until you have the right level.

  • Attach Additional Accessories

Some candle sconces would come with glass covers, shades, and so much more. Now that the main structure is already installed add the accessories too at this point.

This part largely depends on how the wall sconce is designed. Sometimes it might have different parts, but what is important is that you can comfortably assemble them using the guide provided by the manufacturer.

  • Add the Candles

At this point, you can easily add the candles to the holder. If they are battery-powered, use more adhesive strips remaining from installing the candle holder and use them to hold the candles in place.

You can also use the usual candles depending on what the candle sconce allows. Light the candles in place to see how good they look in the space installed.


The procedure above is good enough to help you see how it is possible to install candle sconces without wiring. This method works best for those who want to use the usual candles or flameless candles. It might not be possible for the hardwired bulb wall sconces. You will like how you can save time and keep the wall looking clean even if you remove the wall sconces later.

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