Are Tapered Candles Out Of Style?

In the current world of machines and flashlights, candles have no potential use. With the advent of advanced technology, are tapered candles out of style? Let’s explore the quintessential of candles in the present time.

Although medieval, candles are still keeping their intact position in today’s world.

No family event is complete without candles, birthdays, Hanukkah, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

Compared to a simple candle, a taper candle is a much more vibrant addition.

Taper candles are tall and thin and often made by dipping wicks in wax. They have the quality to burn for varying lengths of time, depending on the height of the candle. Let’s talk about some benefits of candle lighting.

Benefits Of Candle Lighting:

Lighting Tapered Candles

Candles have the strange quality of taking us back to our beautiful memories and places.

We are so busy in our lives that we forget to cherish the little things around us. Many of us have not even seen our families for quite long. Besides relaxing, candles bring nostalgia and help us relive those beautiful moments.

Experts say the memories associated with smells have a stronger connection. It means the recollections of those memories are very vivid and clear.

The Latest Trends In Candle Lighting:

Votive Candle Holders

Candles are an epitome of class and mastery; they are never old and out of grace. Use them in immeasurable ways. Candles know how to keep it elegant and chic, whether it be a romantic evening or an outdoor event. Now you do not need pricey vintage enhancements to make your place look well decored.

Place taper candles in any area of your room. But its elegance and slender shape make it more suitable in the centre of a dinner table. By color contrasting them with table linen, you can make any occasion artistic. These simple, inexpensive wax lights can make any event ostentatious.

Forget fairy lights; use colored tapered candles for different festivals. Like, red and white candles for Christmas and orange and black for Halloween. Green for Saint Patrick’s day and golden and red for thanksgiving etc.

Pros And Cons Of Tapered Candles:

pros and cons of Tapered Candles

Nobody can disagree with candles’ usability, yet they have their highs and lows. Let’s talk about some pros and cons of tapered candles.

6 Pros :

1. Stress reliever:

Scents from tapered candles affect mood, reduce stress, provide self-confidence, and improve physical performance.

2. Aromatherapy:

Tapered candles give the best aromatherapy. Studies show that certain scents help people relax and have calming properties.

3. Make any event fancy:

In 2013, 35 % of Britons preferred ambience -table setting, candles, music, etc. to make their dinner at home fancy.

4. Easy on the pocket:

Taper candles are generally inexpensive and sleek. And that makes them a suitable decor for any event like a wedding reception, a fancy dinner, etc.

5. Helps with insomnia:

Since candles keep us refreshed and relaxed, they are also suitable for sleep. Lavender is perfect for insomnia. Try an organic lavender tapered candle for uninterrupted sleep.

6. Sets the mood:

Scented candles affect us, like citrus notes flavor can energize us and elevate our mood. Floral fragrances promote elements of joy, and lavender brings a relaxed feeling of serenity.

5 Cons :

Of course, taper candles are relaxing, vibrant, and festive, yet they have drawbacks.

1. Vulnerable to fire :

In 2019, candles started 7400 fires in Us. Since taper candles are tall, so there is a chance they might fall or drip and ruin your valuable furniture. To avoid mishap, blow away all the lit candles before leaving the room.

2. Stubborn stains:

Candle stains are the hardest to go away. Place your stained table linen in a freezer for an hour, and try to scrape off the left wax with a knife.

3. Keep away from children or pets:

Children and pets are most vulnerable to accidents. Securing and protecting them should be our priority. Always place the taper candles on the centrepieces, mantle pieces, or table where it is out of reach of your little ones.

4. Candles consume oxygen :

Candles require 18.8 % oxygen to remain alight, which could be dangerous if someone sits in a small area.

5. Health hazardous

Too many scented products can b dangerous as they contain formaldehyde which causes asthma, cancer, and other health concerns.

5 Tips For Choosing And Caring For Tapered Candles:

Tapered Candles

Taper candles are beautiful, vintage, and equally fragile. Follow these tips while choosing and caring for them.

● Taper candles are tall and thin. On the dinner table, make sure not to put them to a level where they distract your guest’s line of vision. It distracts your sight and can be annoying for the guests.

● While placing candleholders on the dining table, try placing them in odd numbers. That will keep the focal point on the central candleholder.

● We make candles by mixing liquid wax into solid wax. To avoid dripping, always use dense, high-quality wax.

● Keep your taper candle straight by using candle wax buttons.

● To avoid melting and deforming, keep your candles in a cool, dry place. Clean your candles once in a while with a damp cloth.

Final Thoughts:

colorful Tapered Candles

According to a survey in 2019, 80 %of the Belgians regularly lit candles at home. Its aesthetic look and classic attire help them suited even with the contemporary furnishings.

They have the power to elucidate every morning bright and every evening romantic.

Whether it be your celebration, a relaxing evening after a long hard day, or a romantic evening at home, taper candles can brighten and lighten up your room.

We hope we have enlightened you about all the trends in candle lighting and taper candles. Let us know in the comments below.

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