Sziqiqi’s World

Every story has a starting point, and Sziqiqi’s story is full of love, as she communicates her philosophy to the world through love and craftsmanship.
The brand name “Sziqiqi” is based on the name of the founding couple’s son. It is out of love that they established this brand and named it as “Sziqiqi” , and our brand story is actually well explained this kind of “love” . It is the care and hope of from the elder, and it is a kind of emotion that is not afraid of time and can be conveyed through family affection. Sziqiqi, just like our child, we want him to thrive in the love and care.

Founded in 2016, Sziqiqi, through our unremitting efforts, has gradually grown into a brand with quality, responsibility and creativity, and brings customers with infinite possibilities and good service experience. Sziqiqi is just like our child, we irrigate him with the care and love, and hope to witness his growth. With the company of us and customers, we want him to possess with the ability to better resonant with customers in the long run.
Spark joy with iron art!

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Founded in 2016, Sziqiqi have always been committed to becoming a brand to design and manufacture classic iron handicrafts. In Sziqiqi, you can find all kinds of iron candlesticks, iron vases and iron ornaments with different shapes and styles. In the meantime of embellishing your life, these iron handicrafts also reflect our attitude of sticking to quality.
We uphold the core value of “the longest companionship” and provide you with the best quality products and services.


After three years of hard work, in 2019, we have developed 200+ products and sold products across more than 50 countries worldwide, covering North America, Europe and other regions; providing wedding, party and home decorations for at least 150, 000 users.
We aim to decorate your special moments with every care and provide a higher quality experience for your home life.


Sziqiqi is committed to continuous growth, building the radiant world of Sziqiqi with boundless creativity and imagination. Since 2022, Sziqiqi has focused on product design and independent research and development, and through a short period of one year, we have developed 20+ highly creative products, which have been well received by consumers.
Sziqiqi will provide users with the best quality home decorations through unremitting efforts and creative designs.