9 Charming Ways To Decorate Candelabra Centerpieces For Weddings

Candelabras are a popular choice for those looking to decorate their weddings. They have been used for centuries, and we do not expect that to change soon. This is all because of their classic touch in a wedding setup. With that in mind, how do you decorate candelabra centerpieces? We give you many ways to consider when decorating candelabras for weddings.  

1. Classic Romantic Wedding 

As already mentioned, the candelabra centerpieces are great for their classic and rustic look at any wedding event. This is further enhanced by combining it with other decorations. For this case, you can combine the use of candelabras with greenery, tablecloths, and much more. You get clean yet beautiful centerpieces. 

2. Multicolored Candles 

The beauty of doing a wedding decoration is that you can play around with as many options of colors as possible. We can see that candelabra centerpieces would also look great when you use colored candles too. Just make sure the candle colors blend into the candelabras’ color. The gold color for candelabras often works well with other candle colors. 

3. Clustered Arrangement 

You may also consider using a clustered arrangement as part of decorating centerpieces. This means including other candle holders as part of the decoration. So, in addition to the candelabra, you can have shorter candle holders for pillar candles or even use glass as candle holders for smaller candles. It is all about using more candles to create charming decorations. 

4. Tall Candelabra Centerpieces

There is also the option of making the centerpiece noticeable easily, even on tables for guests. You can achieve that by using tall candelabra centerpieces. It is possible to decorate such centerpieces in many ways. One of them is to have the base covered in flowers and the same for the arms. Leave the stem exposed so that people can admire the design of the candelabra. 

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5. Minimalist Wedding Candelabra

Sometimes less is more. You do not always have to use a lot of flowers to make the centerpieces beautiful. It comes down to what the couple prefers. In this case, having a clean decoration with flowers makes the metal candelabra look beautiful. If you are not careful, using too many flowers and greenery can make the decoration crowded. 

6. Floral Candelabra Centerpieces 

How the flowers are used to decorate the candelabra centerpieces is very important. Not all arrangements look good. Try an arrangement where you wrap the flowers around the candelabra stem and see how it turns out. Ensure you use colorful flowers that look beautiful in your wedding space. Remember to use the flower foam to easily attach the flowers to the candelabras. 

7. Whimsical Charming Candelabras

As always, the colors matter greatly for the metal candelabra centerpieces for weddings. If you want them to be the centerpiece, always create beautiful decorations. We recommend using unique types of candelabras in addition to beautiful roses or any other types of flowers. Have a beautiful base also set up around the candelabra. The guests do not need to keep looking up to enjoy a beautiful decoration when the candelabra’s base looks great. 

8. Vintage Candelabra Decorations

Candelabras have a long history of being some of the best choices to be used in various wedding decorations. That means there should be many options if you are looking for a vintage look. Such metal candelabra centerpieces will usually be simple but still give a beautiful wedding decoration. You do not even have to worry about adding flowers to it. With simple taper candles, you should be good. Also, they are available in many colors, making finding something good for your wedding decoration easier. 

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9. Elegant Beads Candelabras 

One way to decorate your wedding reception is to include additional decoration elements, including beads. Beads can work well with different colors of candelabra, but we like them with silver. They have a way of making the color stand out even more. You can use many other decorations to ensure there is a beautiful look for your candelabra. 

Dos and Don’ts For Candelabra Centerpieces

It is vital to decorate the candelabra centerpieces for weddings correctly. For you to do that, there are some Dos and Don’ts you have to keep in mind. Here are a couple of them to consider. 


  • Do choose metal candelabra designs that can fit your wedding venue and theme. For example, if you want a rustic theme for your wedding, consider candelabras made of wood or metal. 
  • Do use flowers and greenery to add color and texture to the centerpiece. You have the choice of using either artificial or fresh flowers. In the case of greenery, consider germs or eucalyptus. 
  • Do consider candelabra heights. This is because you do not want them to obstruct the views of the guests, and they also should be tall enough to make a statement as a centerpiece. 
  • Do use candles with colors that match the wedding colors. White is a safe choice, but you can add color to your wedding with colored candles. Also, consider mixing and matching the colors and sizes of the candles to achieve a beautiful look. 
  • Do consider lighting the venue. For those who feel the venue is dim, we recommend using more candles to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. 


  • Don’t use too many decorations per candelabra. The last thing anyone needs is to have a cluttered or overwhelming look. 
  • Don’t use scented candles, as sometimes they can distract or overpower the drinks and foods. 
  • Don’t place the candelabra in a location where it can easily be knocked over. This is because it can potentially be a fire hazard. Make sure it is placed on a stable surface. 


So long as you can get beautiful candelabras, it is possible to come up with beautiful centerpieces. We have shared with you the many options for decorating candelabras, and now it is your turn to put them into practice.

Also, remember the dos and don’ts of decorating a candelabra centerpiece, ensuring you always get the best look.

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