9 Stylish Fireplace Decor Ideas For The Coming Easter

The Easter season holds a special significance, more because of the welcoming spring. So, how can we forget to decorate our home and the gorgeous fireplace? Easter fireplace decor is special for us after nostalgic winters. 

However, you might get confused about what to pick for your decor. You may want to add a green wreath or some metal candle holders. But your fireplace might not give the same vibe as your thoughts. 

Here we list 9 stylish fireplace decoration ideas for all aesthetics. 

Hang Easter Egg on Fake Tree for Easter Fireplace Decor

How can we forget about an Easter egg tree when it comes to Easter decorations?

Prepare an artificial tree that must be stable enough. Hang your painted eggs on the artificial tree. You can also scatter a few white or pinkish leaves on it. Now, coming to the best part. 

Make a wreath full of feathers and tie it to the mirror with a ribbon bow. Maybe, white would look better, or some other Easter color. Hang this wreath on the wall at the top of the fireplace! 

Add a few small toy houses on the mantel that give off the spring vibe. The fireplace looks adorable, but even better with those feathers for an Easter fireplace decor. 

Egg tree for Easter fireplace decor
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Decor with Galvanized Vases and Colorful Boards

Let’s keep your white-colored fireplace mantel as minimal with Easter fireplace decor as possible. 

Take 5-7 wooden boards (according to the width of your mantel) and paint them bright colors. Now, hang a white Easter egg wreath with a polka dot ribbon on it. Put it next to the fireplace.

Let’s focus on the details now. Get two or three galvanized vases and fill them with white flowers or Baby’s-breath. Moreover, get a metal basket and fill them with colorful eggs. Place these vases behind the colorful boards to achieve perfect decoration.

You can also add little or huge balls of white paper flowers around. Note that we choose white because it shines out among colorful wooden boards. 

Darke Themes with Candle Holders and Flowers 

If you’re a fan of dark themes or vintage vibes, this look is the one for sure! 

Make your white bunny the attention keeper instead of your Easter eggs this time. In addition, a green wreath looks cool behind it.

Add more details with the Christian Cross, some more bunnies, and white tulips on the mantel. 

Meanwhile, put pillar candles on tall gold candle holders around the fireplace along with a wooden board. Use your artistic skills and write something on the same. 

Looks cool for a vintage Easter fireplace decor, doesn’t it? 

Hanging Colorful Spring Garland

What’s the point when your fireplace doesn’t look as colorful as spring? 

Place a beautiful mirror right in the middle of the mantel, and on top of it. Flowers signal it when spring arrives. So, add a combination of Easter season flowers next to the mirror. In addition, surround the beauty with pillar candles on metal gold candle holders.

You can make the whole look more beautiful by using only a pair of colors for everything. For example, here, pink outshines everything. In the same way, you can add purple or yellow as well. 

Floweres for Easter fireplace decor
Source: melanielissackinteriors.com

Choose Simple Easter Eggs Design

This one’s for you if you’re in love with simple designs more than colors. 

Draw a huge bunny on printed paper, cut it out, and paste it on a huge board. Wrap two pieces of rope around the top, and here comes the real work. 

Get 11 ceramic eggs and write one letter on each of them, spelling: “HAPPY EASTER.” Instead of writing, you can paste stickers as well. Enhance the aura with flowers in galvanized vases and burning gold candle holder sconces.

Yellow Tulips in Gold Vases

Spring doesn’t give vibes without yellow Tulips. So, hang a round mirror designed around gold metal circling patterns. Get a string of white, small balls and set it in a curving pattern. Now, put some flowers in a golden metal vase. Hanging the curves casually on the vase makes them look simple yet elegant.

A charming Easter fireplace decor is done!

Combine Greenery and Candle Holders

If your home is very open with a lot of sunlight, then moss, leaves, flowers, and candle holders are perfect. Think of reflecting all the prettiest light colors within your Easter fireplace decor area. 

Hang a leaf garland around the fireplace and cover the top with moss. In addition, get and tuck in some leaves and flowers. You can also add some Easter eggs and artificial trees to enhance the touch.

Finally, light up a few candles or pillar candles in gold candle holders! You can also give your fireplace a new look with metal figurines. 

Easter Eggs with Spring Textures

We’ve seen many designs where eggs and flowers are placed differently. But here comes the best of all — make an Easter wreath with flowers and Easter eggs. 

Get a wire and turn it into a curved line to make it appear like a wood branch. Look, your beautiful fireplace garland is almost ready. 

Now, time for the Easter egg and leaf wreath. Artificial leaves and branches would be better as they wouldn’t fade away in time. Stick yellow flower petals and Easter eggs all over it. Hang the wreath in the middle of your fireplace wall. 

Let’s give our Easter fireplace decor its final touches. Put some spring flowers in a galvanized vase and steal the look. In addition, give a few cute bunnies some space on your mantel. 

Last step! Don’t forget an Easter egg basket right in front of the wreath. Moreover, spread some eggs around the whole Easter fireplace decor as well. 

Other decorative pieces for Easter fireplace decor
Source: christmastreeshops.com

The Collection of All Easter Decorative Pieces

You may not be able to experience spring outside all the time, but you can bring the season to your home with faux flowers. 

Hang a huge mirror above your mantel. Now, cover one side of it with faux or artificial flowers. You can use leaves, yellow, purple, and all the possible spring flowers that match.

Now, place an Easter egg tree on the other side. Moreover, add some silver metal bunny figurines around the Easter egg tree.

And yes, your Easter fireplace decor is done!


We’ve tried to compile all the top 9 ideas for Easter fireplace decor. Most of them are the prettiest and the easiest Easter fireplace decor ideas

Just enjoy all the spring-baking cookies and music on your couch with Sziqiqi Easter decoration ideas. We’ll save you from all your decoration stress.


1. Can I hang something else instead of a mirror? 

Yes, family photos in a huge glass frame or a piece of colorful art would look awesome on the wall. Moreover, you may want to try other options, such as wall sconces, candlesticks, or clocks. 

2. How do I customize my fireplace decor for each season? 

A minimal-looking fireplace decor is the best for every season of the year. Try out some metal candlesticks, wall sconces, and metal figurines to design your mantel. In addition, show off some faux flowers in a metal vase.

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