9 Head Table Candle Holders To Perfect Spring Weddings

From getting engaged to raising a toast at your wedding head table, there’s a lot that happens in between. Every step you take toward your wedding day is full of love and joy. It is like a dream come true as you begin preparing for your wedding. You begin planning a spring wedding, making a guest list, thinking about how to decorate your head table with candlestick holders and more. All of these steps increase your dopamine levels. 

There is so much you can work on when it comes to your wedding day preparation. But for now, let’s focus on head table decoration. Let’s understand what it is and how you can decorate it with beautiful candlestick holders and flowers. 

What Is A Head Table? 

A head table at a wedding is a place where the bride and groom will sit. Now it is up to them whether they decide to sit alone or want their loved one around. There is no specific rule about this sitting arrangement. But indeed, the bride and groom will sit together so they can get the undivided attention of guests.   

9 Head Table Decor Ideas Every Couple Would Love

There are numerous ways to make your head table look elegant with different types of decor. Let’s have a look at these 9 candle holder arrangements that can enlighten your wedding head table. 

Floral Candelabras

You can make floral candelabras for your wedding head table. Think about it, flowers and candles mounted on candelabras. How beautiful will that be, right? And the best part is that you don’t need multiple floral candelabras; one will do the job. Unless you want more than one, the choice is yours. Ensure you choose flowers according to your central theme. 

Floral candelabra candlestick holder
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Modern Hurricane Candle Holders

Hurricane holders are one of the best-looking candlestick holders that you can choose for the head table. Their elegance will mesmerize your guests when they gaze at the head table. A few hurricane holders will do the job. If you are using dried flowers for your wedding, then hurricane holders are the right choice. The candles will be placed inside a glass structure mounted on the top of the candlestick holder.  

Lantern Pillar Candle Holders Centerpieces
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Vintage Candlestick Holder

Vintage candlestick holders never go out of style. They will blend in with any kind of floral arrangement. You can use them with monotonous flowers, greenery vases, bouquet vases, dried flowers, and more. Vintage candlestick holders will bring the best out of all these arrangements. If you are using dried flowers, then be careful while placing these candlestick holders.

Vintage Candlestick Holder
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Blend of Tapers

When there are so many options to choose from, then confusion is normal. The best thing to do in this scenario is to choose a blend of unique tapers. Choose tapers that you think will fit right with your decoration, and that’s it. Now your wedding head table will look mesmerizing with well-lit candles placed on different kinds of tapers.  

Blend of Taper Candlestick Holders
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Silver Candelabras

You can never go wrong with silver candelabras. You need not add anything to enhance these candlestick holders’ beauty. If you are planning to have a monotonous flower decoration for your wedding, then great silver candelabras will fit right in. These candlestick holders have been in tradition for thousands of years. Perhaps it’s time for them to make your wedding head table look attractive. 

Silver Candelabra Candlestick Holders
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Clear Candlestick Tapers

Clear candlestick tapers are very common wedding table decor pieces. If you don’t want anything fancy, then choose clear candlestick holders. Also, they are not that rare to find as well. But this doesn’t mean they are not good pieces for decoration. They are indeed a great fit for decoration. If you are planning to have a big main table, then you can place multiple clear candlestick tapers. All the pieces will match each other and make the entire setup look beautiful.  

Clear Candlestick Holders
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Gold Tapers

A bunch of tapers on one side and flowers on the other is a good head table decor idea. This way, flower arrangements won’t hinder table conversations. Also, candlelight will illuminate the faces of the bride and groom, giving them the undivided attention of all guests.

Gold Taper Candlestcik Holders
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Vintage Hurricane Candle Holder

If you are too cautious about candle wax mess, then perhaps a vintage candle holder can help. These candle holders have a wax storage tray at the bottom, so there won’t be any wax spillage. Also, they are easy to carry around. So if you feel like moving them around, then use the ring hook. 

Vintage Candlestick Holders
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Silver Tapers for Thick Candles

A pair of thick candles mounted on silver tapers will work best on your head table. These thick candles will illuminate your head table for hours. This way, you won’t be running out of candlelight for a long time. So let your best man give a long wedding speech and collect more laughter. 

Silver Candlestick Holders
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While thinking about who will sit with you at the main table, don’t forget about how to decorate it. Perhaps the friends and family members that will sit with you at the main table will help you decorate better. So maybe having a few people around you at the main wedding table is a good idea. Not only will they help you decorate it, but they will increase your comfort while raising a toast or something.  

Candles and Candlestick holders are an important part of the head table decor. If you want unique and elegant candlestick holders for head table decor, connect with Sziqiqi.

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