The 8 Best Wedding Champagne Glasses That Are Fit For You First Toast

It’s time to rejoice when the champagne pops and the bottle crack open! Champagne- the drink linked to joy and celebration- deserves beautiful glasses to make your parties more memorable. From weddings to engagements, there are so many reasons to uncork a bottle of champagne. Whether you are looking for the right set of glasses for your wedding or a friend’s, there are many options for you.

Depending on your preferences, there are several types of champagne glasses. Like how shapes and styles vary with the type of wine, so do they for champagne. Flutes are the most widely used because of their attractive design and lengthy stems. Tulips are a great option for wine connoisseurs. Stemless glasses are simple to carry and have a more casual feel. Coupes are delicate, attractive, and perfect for stacking.

How to Choose the Right Champagne Glasses

Selecting the right champagne glasses that meet all the criteria can be challenging. Here are things you should consider:

  • Your personalities, both as a couple and as individuals.
  • Aesthetics fit with the color palette or wedding theme you’ve chosen.
  • A set that suits the style of your kitchen.
  • High-quality and durable.
  • It isn’t only about finding something pretty.

With this in mind, we’ve listed the best champagne glasses that will be perfect for your first toast!

Best Enamel Champagne Glasses for Mr. and Mrs Embedded With Pearl

Are you looking forward to your first toast with your future spouse? This set of glasses has an embellishment of a sophisticated pearl design. Hand-painted and super durable- making this investment keepsake worthy.

Best Set: Rhinestone Filled Toasting Flutes Set

It might be challenging to tell glass from crystal with the unaided eye. But, this champagne glass is a jewel if you’re looking for something that feels and looks like crystal. It is simple in style and has a subtle rhinestone carving at the base and stem that makes it sparkle.

This set also comes with a rhinestone-filled cake knife and server set, perfect for you!

Best Double Walled: Stemless Champagne Glasses

Double-walled champagne flutes are super cool, they keep things chilled! Made of hand-blown Borosilicate glass, these glasses make sure that your drink will stay cool. Also—they’re dishwasher friendly and durable, making them suitable for weddings and daily use.

Best Style: Dual-Heart Toasting Flute Glasses

These joint-heart champagne glasses would make a bold statement on your wedding day. With a lead-free glass base and metallic stem, this champagne flute is stylish.

Best Stemless: Crystal Tulip Champagne Flute Set

These stemless champagne glasses are simply stylish. Made of borosilicate, the glasses are chip-resistant and sturdy, with a super sleek edge that will not hurt your mouth. Bonus- they are super easy to hold and very suitable for your party.

Best Crystal: Deluxe Rhinestone Rimmed Champagne Flute

Elegant and exquisite, this stylish champagne glass has a modern vibe of a premium glass cup. Its shiny stems showcase rhinestones rimmed with true love hearts. These glasses make drinking champagne more romantic and desirable!

The Sliver Glitter Champagne Flutes

These high-quality, BPA-free food-grade glasses are worth every dime it costs. When the glasses come together, the bottom displays a heart shape, which is ideal for all couples.

Best Lead-Free Champagne Flute

Elegant and beautiful! The beautiful features of these exquisite champagne glasses raise them above all others.

Besides having a lead-free crystal rim, it has a solid metal base that makes it stand out on any occasion.

Final Thoughts

You should raise a stunning set of wedding champagne flutes when toasts are made in your honor. Go for glasses that have sentimental value to both you and your partner as you search for the ideal pair. Whether they match your décor or the set is personalized with your shared monogram, your first toast as newlyweds should be accompanied by glassware befitting the occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which champagne glasses are the most common?

  • Flutes are the most common champagne glasses because of their sophisticated design and comfortable long grip. The elongated form provides for a good serving size and traps the bubbles at the bottom for a slower rise to the surface. When it comes to champagne glasses, flutes are a traditional choice.
  • The champagne tulip is distinctive in and of itself, simply because of its shape. This champagne glass helps keep the aroma inside the bowl by having a narrow top, a broader bowl, and a sharp curved edge that extends down to the stem. It also helps avoid spills outside.
  • Coupe glasses are a classically lovely glass with an unique backstory, however the fragrances and bubbles in champagne don’t last very long in them. They are excellent for weddings, though! They can also be stacked like a pyramid and poured into like a fountain due to their form.
  • Stemless glasses are a stylish and modern option. The bowl’s flute form enhances the champagne’s flavor and aroma, bringing out the finest in each glass. Furthermore, compared to their stemmed counterparts, stemless glasses are simple to grasp and less prone to topple over. The drawback is that while you hold on to the glass, the iced champagne will warm.

Is it necessary to have a set of champagne glasses for the bride and groom (or a set for two grooms and two brides)?

A lovely gift to cherish is a set of toasting flutes with your names or initials and the wedding date engraved on them. It is, however, entirely optional and a matter of personal preference. Since it’s your special day, do it as you want!

How many glasses do you get from a bottle of champagne?

A typical 750ml bottle of champagne fills five to six glasses. But since the pour might not be as full for a toast, you can fill up to seven glasses.

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