Advice On Decorate A Wedding Without Flowers| Shared By Expert Wedding Planners

Imagine stepping into a wedding where everything looks like it’s straight out of a fairy-tale book. But here’s the twist: there are no flowers! You might be wondering how wedding table centerpieces can look beautiful and enchanting without using flowers. Well, don’t worry, because, In 2023, many wedding experts predict that there will be more eco-friendly alternatives to using traditional flowers. 

Mandy Connor, the owner and lead planner of Hummingbird Events & Design in Boston, Massachusetts, says that a big trend will be using fresh vegetation and living tablescapes. What does that mean? It means that instead of flowers, people will use things like plants, herbs, fruits, and vegetables to create beautiful wedding table centerpieces designs.

It would have different kinds of plants, like ferns and succulents, along with colorful fruits and vegetables. These organic elements would add depth, color, and interest to the table design, making it unique and special.

So, get ready to dive into a world of creativity and discover amazing ways to decorate wedding table centerpieces without flowers!

1. Light Pillar Candles

Metal candle holders can be used as special decorations for wedding table centerpieces. They are placed in the middle of the tables and hold beautiful candles.  These holders come in different shapes and sizes. When the candles are lit, they create a warm and cozy glow that makes the wedding look even more magical. It’s like having a little piece of light and love right on the table. 

Metal candle holders are a great choice as wedding table centerpieces for making weddings extra special and pretty.

Greenery wedding table centerpieces

2. Fill Metal Vases with Flower Seeds

Metal vases are fancy containers that can be used as decorations for wedding table centerpieces. They are placed in the middle of the tables and look very shiny and pretty. 

Even without flowers, they still make the wedding tables look elegant and special. Fill your metal flower vases with flower seeds. They will be the perfect gifts for your guests. 

3. Metal Stands for Wedding Table Centerpieces

Metal centerpiece stands are special stands that can be used to make wedding tables look extra beautiful. They are like magical platforms that hold pretty things in the middle of the tables. 

Instead of holding flowers or candles, these stands can hold others like greenery and table numbers. They can make the tables look fancy and full of joy. The metal stands shine and sparkle, making the wedding feel even more special.

4. Iron Figurines

Iron figurines are little metal sculptures that can be used to decorate wedding tables and make them look really cool. 

At a wedding, these figurines are placed in the middle of the tables and come in all sorts of shapes and designs. Some may be shaped like animals, like cute little birds or funny elephants. Others may be shaped like people, like a bride and groom or even fairies.

These figurines don’t move or talk, but they can still make the tables look extra special. They add a touch of magic and create the wedding feel even more fun and exciting.

Iron figurines as wedding table centerpieces can decorate wedding tables and make them look excellent and full of imagination.

5. Incorporate Veggie Delights

You might be amazed to discover the incredible ways vegetables can make weddings even more special and delightful. Wedding experts are getting creative and incorporating veggies into the celebration, making it a unique and exciting experience for everyone involved.

Picture this: tables adorned with vibrant and fresh vegetables, transforming them into an eye-catching wedding table centerpiece. Carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers stand tall, creating a colorful and edible work of art. These veggies not only add a pop of color to the tables but also offer a delicious and healthy treat for guests to enjoy.

Weddings are all about making memories, and what better way to do that than by incorporating veggies into the celebration? You’ll be amazed at how these humble vegetables can add charm and excitement to the special day, leaving everyone with a lasting impression of a wedding that was as delightful as it was unique.

6. Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are like beautiful pretend flowers made out of paper. They are used as decorations for wedding tables. Instead of real flowers, people make these special flowers using colorful paper.

Making flowers out of paper just like you make crafts at school. These paper flowers can be big or small and come in many different colors. They look so pretty and can make the wedding tables look extra special.

At a wedding, these paper flowers are placed in the middle of the tables. They add a touch of beauty and make the tables look like a garden.

Sometimes, these paper flowers can be hung from the ceiling or placed on the table as wedding table centerpieces, making the wedding feel like a magical paper world.

wedding table centerpieces

7. Give Potted Plants a Chance!

Why not consider using potted plants instead of other decorations? Potted plants are like little gardens in pots that you can place on tables. They bring a fresh and natural touch to your wedding table centerpieces.

These pot plants can be of different sizes and types, like tiny succulents or leafy green plants. They bring life and color to the wedding, making it feel like you’re in a cozy garden.

Using potted plants as decorations is a unique idea that adds a special charm to the celebration. It’s like having a mini nature corner right on the wedding table centerpiece. The plants also help create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

So, why not give potted plants a chance for your wedding? They are a wonderful alternative that brings nature’s beauty to the celebration and makes it even more memorable!


In conclusion, if you want to decorate a wedding without using flowers, many other excellent options make the celebration look beautiful. Expert wedding planners suggest using things like metal candle holders, vases without flowers, natural elements like stones and leaves, vintage-inspired centerpieces, balloons, and paper crafts. 

These decorations can make the wedding table centerpieces look special and bring a sense of joy and magic to the celebration. So, even without flowers, you can create a fantastic and memorable wedding by using your imagination and trying out different creative ideas.

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